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Cautionary alert from Google: "Don't share confidential data with Gemini AI"

Google improved its AI chatbot, now called Gemini, but warns users against sharing personal info, while offering options to manage privacy.

Written By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Published on: February 14, 2024 6:34 IST
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Google recently made some upgrades to its generative AI chatbot, changing its name from Bard to Gemini. They also launched a new Android app and introduced a new Ultra 1.0 language model. However, following the announcement, Google issued a serious warning to all Gemini users, advising them not to share any private information with the chatbot.

Human review of conversations

According to a support document by Google, some conversations with Gemini are reviewed by humans to ensure quality and improve the chatbot. Google assures users that only a portion of conversations are reviewed, and any personal details like email addresses or phone numbers are removed before review.

Caution against sharing confidential information

Google urges users not to share confidential information during conversations with Gemini. They highlight that any data shared could be seen by reviewers and used by Google to enhance its products and services.

Managing Gemini app activity

To maintain privacy, users can turn off their Gemini Apps activity. Additionally, they can review their prompts or delete conversations from their Gemini Apps Activity at

Data collection and purpose

Google collects various data when users interact with Gemini, including conversations, location, feedback, and usage information. When Gemini is set up as a mobile assistant, additional data may be collected to better understand and respond to user queries.

Google explains that collecting user data helps improve and develop its products, services, and machine-learning technologies, particularly those that power Gemini Apps.

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