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Highlights IPL 2020: Padikkal, De Villiers shine in Royal Challengers Bangalore's win over SunRisers Hyderabad

Sunrisers batting collapsed miserably in the middle overs while chasing 164 as Royal Challengers Bangalore registered a 10-run win over Hyderabad.

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New Delhi Updated on: September 21, 2020 23:49 IST
IPL 2020: Padikkal, De Villiers shine in Royal Challengers Bangalore's win over SunRisers Hyderabad
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IPL 2020: Padikkal, De Villiers shine in Royal Challengers Bangalore's win over SunRisers Hyderabad

SRH vs RCB IPL 2020: Hello and welcome to our coverage of SRH vs RCB live IPL match from Dubai International Stadium. Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by 10 runs in their IPL match here on Monday Chasing a target of 164, the SRH were all out for 153 in 19.4 overs, despite a 43-ball 61 from in-form England wicketkeeper-batsman Jonny Bairstow. Earlier, Devdutt Padikkal's impressive 56 on debut and a typical explosive half century by AB de Villiers (51) helped Royal Challengers Bangalore post 163 for 5 after they were sent in to bat. Here you can follow all the updates of SRH vs RCB IPL 2020 match. (Scorecard) (When and Where to Watch SRH vs RCB)

RCB beat SRH by 10 runs

23.30 IST: Steyn to Sandeep, OUT! And it's over RCB beat SRH by 10 runs

23.28 IST: Steyn to Sandeep, FOUR! EDGED and races away for a boundary. 11 needed off 3 now.

23.17 IST: Dube to Marsh, OUT! Slower one does the trick, Marsh doesn't have a choice with his limping leg. 

23.16 IST: Saini to Rashid, OUT! CASTLED! Excellent deliver from Saini and Rashid tries to cut it but missed it completely and SRH lose eight wicket.

23.13 IST: Saini to Bhuvneshwar, OUT! BOWLED! Raw pace from Saini and Bhuvi couldn't control it and SRH lose seventh.

* SRH need 29 runs in 18 balls, get ready for another nail-biting finisher

23.05 IST: Dube to Abhishek, RUNOUT! NASTY collision as Rashid Khan is down on the ground, he is hurt and Abhishek departs.

23.03 IST: Dube to Rashid, FOUR! Off the mark with a boundary on the first ball, little bit of room and Rashid cuts it hard for a boundary.

23.01 IST: Dube to Priyam, OUT! BOWLED! Panic shot and SRH are in trouble now with Mitchell Marsh being injured.

22.58 IST: Chahal to Abhishek, FOUR! The batsman charges down the ground and slams it over the bowler's head for a boundary.

22.54 IST: Chahal to Shankar, OUT! BOWLED! Superb from Chahal, Two in Two for him, on hat-trick now. 

22.51 IST: Chahal to Bairstow, OUT! BOWLED! Not a good choice of shot by Jonny as he tries to slogs it and misses the ball completely.

22.47 IST: Steyn to Priyam, FOUR! The young man joins the party and smacked it over deep mid-wicket for a boundary.

22.45 IST: Steyn to Bairstow, FOUR! Cheeky from the Englishman as he just opens the face of the bat and guide it through third man for a boundary.

22.43 IST: Umesh to Bairstow, FOUR! On the front foot and Bairstow drives it through covers for another boundary. Umesh ended his four over quota wicketless with 48 runs.

22.39 IST: Umesh to Bairstow, FOUR! HAMMERED it towards deep square leg to reach his fifty.

22:29 IST: Chahal to Manish. OUT! Finally, he gets the wicket. A little bit of turn and Manish sends the ball to the fielder at long-off. 

22:27 IST: RCB take a review. The original decision is not out. Chahal to Manish. Well down off side and Pandey swings hard but fails to make a contact. But Kohli feels he heard something. Well, UltraEdge showed no spike. So NOT OUT!

22:25 IST: Chahal to Bairstow, FOUR! BYE runs. Through the gates and the keeper was a mere spectator as the ball danced its way to the ropes behind. 

22:16 IST: WOOOOAAAH!!! DROPPED! Saini to Bairstow. Fuller and smacked towards cover with power. Finch waited to grab, but the ball burst through his fingers. 

22:16 IST: Another good over from Chahal. Concedes six runs off the over. But he needs to provide the breakthrough as SRH will look to milk runs from the other end.

22.08 IST: Umesh to Bairstow, SIX! The T20 special shot - SCOOP, Jonny uses the pace and slams it fine for a six

* Good first over from Chahal as Jonny looks uncomfortable against the spin. Only four runs from it.

22.00 IST: Sundar to Manish, SIX! In the slot and Manish just hammered it over deep-mid wicket for a biggie. The pressure is on Sundar

21.56 IST: Saini to Bairstow, FOUR! Short ball and Jonny connects it well over mid-wicket for a boundary.

21.50 IST: Umesh to Pandey, FOUR! Back to Back boundaries for Pandey, poor line and length from Umesh, he is struggling to get it right.

21.48 IST: Saini to Bairstow, DOUBLE! Excellent first over from Saini, only fiveruns from it and Jonny looky uncomfortable against his pace.

21.41 IST: Steyn to Pandey, FOUR! Overpitched and Pandey lofts it over long-on for a boundary.

21.37 IST IST: Umesh to Bairstow, RUN OUT! WARNER! Unlucky as Bairstow hits it straight and Umesh just gets his fingers on the ball and it hits the stumps

21.36 IST: Umesh to Bairstow, SIX! Umesh is not getting his line right and gets punished again this time for a biggie.

21.34 IST: Umesh to Bairstow, FOUR! Poor bowling, on the pads and Bairstow gets an easy boundary.

21.29 IST: Steyn to Warner, FOUR! ROCKET! The southpaw gets in full control of it and drives the ball through covers for a boundary.

* Dale Steyn to bowl the first over

* David Warner and Jonny Bairstow are back for the chase.

21.12 IST: Bhuvneshwar to Dube, RUN OUT! Poor batting from Dube as he misses the ball completely and Bairstow runs quickly to destroy his stumps.

21.10 IST: Bhuvneshwar to ABD, RUN OUT! He wants to keep the strike and runs for a risky second run but was short of crease.

21.08 IST: Bhuvneshwar to ABD, FOUR! Straight as Arrow, excellent from ABD as he stands deep in the creases and slams it for a boundary.

21.05 IST: Sandeep to ABD, SIX! Back to back sixes and in the same region, ABD is in his zone now.

21.04 IST: Sandeep to ABD, SIX! It's no. 200 from ABD for RCB, What a shot from the special player, over extra cover for a 89m biggie. 

20.58 IST: Natarajan to ABD, FOUR! Stand and deliver, in the slot and ABD slams it straight down the ground for a boundary.

20.55 IST: Bhuvneshwar to ABD, FOUR! In the gap, one bounce and boundary ABD finds the gap beautifully and launches the ball in it to break the deadlock.

20.47 IST: Natarajan to Kohli, OUT! Slower one and Kohli decides to take charge and caught at long-on by Rashid Khan.

20.46 IST: Natarajan to ABD, FOUR! As predicted ABD starts the onslaught with a boundary over deep extra cover.

20.42 IST: Rashid to ABD, SINGLE! And Rashid ends his quota of overs wicketless. The onslaught from the duo on the way.

20.35 IST: Rashid to Kohli, DOUBLE! Through covers and the duo runs the double quickly.

* Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers are on the crease now

20.29 IST: Abhishek to Finch, OUT! Back to Back wickets for SRH and this time Finch tries to sweep it but misses it completely and gets plumbed.

20.27 IST: Shankar to Padikkal, OUT! The young man tries to swing the bat again but misses by a mile as the ball destroyed the stumps.

20.21 IST: Abhishek to Padikkal, FOUR! The young man gets his maiden fifty with a super shot, Rashid had a chance to take a catch but he was not in the right position.

20.15 IST: Rashid to FINCH, SIX! In the air and it's over the rope, this time Finch sweeps it behind square and gets the maximum.

20.14 IST: Rashid to Finch, FOUR! The Aussie finally breaks the deadlock and slams it for a boundary.

20.07 IST: Rashid to Padikkal, SINGLE! Good over from the leggie, only six from it as both the batsmen look cautious against him.

19.58 IST: Shankar to Finch, FREE-HIT! Single, this time it lands into fielders hand and only one from it.

19.57 IST: Shankar to Finch, FREE-HIT! SIX! The Aussies shifts a bit and smashed it over deep-mid wicket for a crackling six. And it's another no ball.

19.53 IST: Marsh to Padikkal, FOUR! In the slot and Padikkal plays it straight down the ground for a boundary.

19.47 IST: Natarajan to Padikkal, FOUR! Third of the over and Padikkal is in his zone and smashing everything that is coming in his way.

19.47 IST: Natarajan to Padikkal, FOUR! Back to Back boundaries for the young man, he looks calm and confident.

19.46 IST: Natarajan to Padikkal, FOUR! BEAUTY! On the pads and he just smashed it over deep mid wicket for a boundary.

19.42 IST: Bhuvneshwar to Padikkal, FOUR! The young man picks the slower one and guides it into the gap for a boundary.

19.36 IST: Sandeep to Padikkal, FOUR! On the pads and in the gap for the second boundary of the over. Good start from Padikkal.

19.35 IST: Sandeep to Padikkal, FOUR! Great contact, the youngster looks confident as he launches the ball over mid-wicket for a boundary.

* Excellent first over from Bhuvneshwar, he looks in a great rhythm and is getting the swing. Only 2 runs from the over

19.32 IST: Bhuvneshwar to Padikkal, WIDE! It was down the leg side and the young batsman tries to flick it but misses with a big margin.

* Bhuvneshwar Kumar to start with the new ball

* Aaron Finch and Devdutt Padikkal to open the innings for RCB

19.12 IST: Playing XIs of both teams are out

Sunrisers Hyderabad (Playing XI): David Warner(c), Jonny Bairstow(w), Manish Pandey, Vijay Shankar, Mitchell Marsh, Priyam Garg, Abhishek Sharma, Rashid Khan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Sandeep Sharma, T Natarajan

Royal Challengers Bangalore (Playing XI): Aaron Finch, Devdutt Padikkal, Virat Kohli(c), AB de Villiers, Josh Philippe(w), Shivam Dube, Washington Sundar, Umesh Yadav, Navdeep Saini, Dale Steyn, Yuzvendra Chahal

19.07 IST: SRH pick Mitchell Marsh over Kane Williamson and Mohammad Nabi.

19.05 IST: No Chris Morris in RCB XI as young Josh Philippe to make his IPL debut.

19.01 IST: SunRisers Hyderabad David Warner wins the toss and opts to bowl against Royal Challengers Bangalore.

18.50 IST: The Orange Army looks all set for the epic clash!

18.45 IST: KING KOHLI in the house!

18.21 IST: Will Dubai witness a ABD special today?

18.10 IST: Tennis ace Sania Mirza sends wishes to SunRisers Hyderabad for their first game of IPL 2020.

18.05 IST: The two superstars are ready to clash against each other in the mega encounter of IPL 2020.

18.01 IST: It seems like SRH are the favourite opponents of Virat Kohli.

17:55 IST: Name a better duo than Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers! The RCB duo is all set to rock the big stage once again.

17.50 IST: Hello and welcome to our coverage of SunRisers Hyderabad vs Royal Challengers Bangalore live cricket match.

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