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Samantha does chin ups like a pro. Know benefits of this upper body exercise

Samantha was seen doing chin-ups, a variation of pull-ups, in a video on Instagram. Know how this single exercise can target your entire upper body, especially your biceps.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: January 26, 2023 22:40 IST
pull ups
Image Source : FREEPIK Pull-ups and chin-ups are great for upper body

Samantha revealed her myositis diagnosis last year. Slowly and steadily, the Telugu actress has been getting back. Her upcoming film Shaakuntalam is all set to hit the cinema halls on February 17. She recently posted a video on her Instagram handle in which she did chin-ups on a smith machine. Chin-ups are a great way to work out your entire upper body and increase strength and build stamina. They are a great no-equipment exercise and help in building muscle if you are a beginner.  

The main benefits of chin-ups include size, strength and variety. Chin-ups target the biceps more than pull-ups making them easier for beginners. By using alternative grips such as pronated, supinated and neutral grip chin-ups you can target various muscles. By adding weights during chin-ups you can increase strength and add more muscles. 

Mentioned below are benefits of chin-ups. 

-- Since chin-ups use supinated grips, they are a great exercise for the biceps. This is a basic bodyweight exercise and must be included in your workout routine if you are a beginner looking to increase the size of your arms. 

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-- Chin-ups can increase the strength of the arms and the definition of the muscles in the biceps and upper body. 

-- Chin-ups help in developing grip strength. This will help you in doing weight exercises like bench presses, barbells and dumbell curls and many more.  

-- The key to safe and effective chin-ups is going slowly, pausing briefly at the top. This will benefit not only strength but definition, too.

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