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Buddha Purnima 2024: Why is Buddha considered an avatar of Lord Vishnu? Know details

With Buddha Purnima around the corner, many stories about Buddha and Lord Vishnu's connection are revisited. Is Buddha an incarnation of Lord Vishnu? Read to find out more.

Edited By: Kristina Das @ New Delhi Published on: May 22, 2024 14:06 IST
Why is Buddha considered an avatar of Lord Vishnu? Know details
Image Source : PEXELS Why is Buddha considered an avatar of Lord Vishnu? Know details

Lord Buddha is the founder and icon of Buddhism, one of the most respected and popular religions in the world. Even in India, a dominantly Hindu country, the teachings of the lord influence our lifestyle and are taught in addition to Hindu teachings. Learn more about the Buddha and his relationship with Lord Vishnu below.

Significance of Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama, popularly known as the Buddha, the founder of Buddhism rejected a life of wealth and comfort and chose to pursue a path of spiritual and intellectual improvement. In his pursuit of enlightenment, he rejected notions of caste, privilege, and riches and entered 49 days of meditation. Gautama’s enlightenment made him popular among monks and began to spread his teachings. 

Buddha’s teachings convey the idea that each individual is responsible for their happiness in life. He believed that suffering and desire are connected and it is only by letting go of desire that one can end suffering. He explains that to do this, one must change their lifestyle to one which does not encourage the indulgence of desires. Following his prescribed lifestyle changes throughout one’s life will ultimately free them from the cycle of rebirth and suffering, also known as Samsara.

Lord Vishnu and Buddha: What is their connection?

While Buddhism co-existed alongside other religions in India, it eventually faced a decline. However, not for the reasons you may think. Instead of discarding Buddhism, the values and teachings of Buddha were absorbed within Hinduism and Buddha was adopted into the Hindu assembly of gods. In Southern traditions, Buddha was presented in several incarnations such as Matsya (fish), Vamana (the dwarf) and Balarama. In Northern tradition, Buddha appears as the ninth avatar of Lord Vishnu after Krishna, carrying the duty of purification. There are many variations in religious texts which accept or argue against the Buddha being adopted as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu which has led to many different stories of origin. However, despite the discourse, believers continue to celebrate the legacy he left behind.

What is Buddha Purnima?

To celebrate his teachings and legacy, Buddha Purnima is a festival to embrace and worship the god as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is considered to be a celebration of life and enlightenment, inviting devotees and monks from all over the nation to the monasteries dedicated to the god and revel in his teachings of patience, knowledge and simple life.

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