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Winter Hacks: How to take care of your leather jacket so that it lasts long

The perfect winter look cannot be without a leather jacket. But you must know how to take care of it so that it lasts at least a few years without damage.

Devasheesh Pandey Written By: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Published on: December 02, 2022 17:49 IST
leather jacket
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/LEATHER_JACKETS_INDIA Know easy steps to take care of your leather jacket

The winter season is here and so is the leather jacket. The stylish leather jacket is a favourite winter accessory for both men and women. Not only do they up the fashion game but a nice leather jacket gives all the warm comfort one can look for during the cold weather. However, leather jackets are expensive and require care so that they last long. Investing in a leather jacket may end up being the best choice this winter but one needs to make sure that they are properly looked after while wearing and storing so that they last at least some years and the look is preserved.

Below are some tips to take care of your leather jacket. Remember, just putting in money to buy a leather jacket is not enough. You must also know these hacks to make them appear as nice and comfy as they were when store-bought. 

Keep it dry 

Avoid wearing a leather jacket during rainfall or snowfall as it is sure to damage the look and feel of it. If it gets wet by chance, make sure you dry it well before storing it away. Never dry the leather jacket in the sunlight as the color may fade away. Rather, let it dry naturally in a properly ventilated room.

Don't put the leather jacket in a washing machine

The leather jacket must not be washed in a washing machine at any cost. If put in a washing machine, even with a gentle cleaning mode, it will develop cracks and the look will be ruined. 

Use sturdy hangers

First and foremost, do not fold and store your leather jacket. Lines and cracks may be formed in it. Do not use a lightweight or wire hanger for hanging your leather jacket. If you do so, folds can develop in the shoulder area as the leather jacket will not stay upright due to its heavy weight. Always use a sturdy hanger for hanging your leather jacket. 

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Don't iron to remove wrinkles

Ironing clothes is our go-to way to remove wrinkles from all clothing. However, a leather jacket should never be ironed to remove wrinkles. Using a hot iron on a leather jacket will ruin it forever and the wrinkles too will never go away.

Use leather conditioner

A good leather conditioner will not only prolong the life of your leather jacket but will also give it a shiny look like when it was when purchased new.  

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