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4 easy steps to healthy skin after 50, beauty hacks you should know

Beauty tips and trends: As you get older, your diet and changed lifestyle become evident on your skin. So, take a note of these useful tips to ensure a glowing, vibrant and beautiful skin after 50.

Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk, New Delhi [ Published on: September 26, 2018 17:05 IST ]

4 easy steps to healthy skin after 50, beauty hacks you should know

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn't that difficult as we assume it to be. And based on these assumptions, we hardly take care of ourselves with every passing day.

As you get older, your diet, changed lifestyle and hormones become evident on your skin. The wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dark circles and blemishes can be a shock when we loom in the mirror therefore, you need to give your skin a little more care in the 50s than you probably do in your 20s or 30s.

So today, take a note of these useful tips that we share to ensure a glowing, vibrant and beautiful skin after 50.

Balance hormones with superfoods

The hormones in our body act like a messenger. With aging, these hormones become unbalanced and we can see the changes following the menopause. Due to this, the women experience dry skin, sometimes oily skin and even adult acne. When these hormones are well-balanced, we feel and look energetic, healthy and vibrant. This is why, there are some super foods like berries, walnut, avocado, turmeric, etc. when combined with proper diet and a healthy regime can give us a glowing skin inside out.

Different kinds of cheese may help

Reach out for foods that are high in antioxidants as well as probiotics which are good for your gut bacteria. Consuming probiotics will promote better moisture absorption and help in delaying the signs of aging. Eat food products like yogurt, buttermilk, pickles, mozzarella or cheddar cheese. Include these items in your daily diet for healthy skin.

Ditch the sugary products

High levels of insulin can increase the wrinkling of the skin. Our body gets an excess of insulin when we indulge in high sugary foods like bakery items, packed juices, and other sweet items. If you go for sugar-laden eats, it's not only bad for the waistline but also you will likely have a duller complexion that's also more prone to damaged skin. The high level of insulin manifest excess hair growth and dark patches on the neck and in body folds. Try to avoid sugar in your diet.

Inhale more oxygen than usual

Have you ever thought of having indoor plants to enhance your skin and rejuvenate it? The air you breathe affects your complexion. Not just this, but there are plants that act as a natural humidifier, keeping them on your office desk or indoors will keep your skin moisturized. Having said all this, there is one more benefits of indoor plants, an increase in oxygen level.

Tick these four easy steps on the list and say yes to the healthy and glowing skin at the age of 50.

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