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Denied entry to Sri Ram Dhaba for being transgender: Roadies star makes big revelation

Neerja Punia broke down traditional barriers on Roadies 19. She stood out during the auditions, impressing Sonu Sood, with her unwavering dedication, strong determination, and ability to bounce back from challenges.

Written By : India TV Entertainment Desk Edited By : Surabhi Shaurya
New Delhi
Updated on: November 13, 2023 14:01 IST
Neerja Punia
Image Source : INSTAGRAM Not allowed at Sri Ram Dhaba because I am a transgender: Actress makes big revelation

Neerja Punia, a transgender woman and a trailblazing contestant on reality show Roadies, recently had a horrific experience of harassment as she was denied entry at a restaurant, that she used to visit often. The incident happened on November 6 at Shri Ram Dhaba. 

 “Shri Ram Dhaba is supposed to be my go-to place. It’s where I seek solace and enjoy my chai. However, on that night, the manager stopped me from entering. I asked them what this was about and the owner’s wording was, ‘Aap yahan aakar dhande mat chalaao, aur yahan aana band kardo’. It has been a while since I am going there and I am a person who sits in a corner just to have my tea,” the actress narrated her ordeal while speaking to Hindustan times. 

Elaborating on the owner's weird behaviour, Punia told Hindustan Times, “The owner assumed I was engaged in sex work, a misconception that is not only problematic but deeply hurtful.” Despite her attempts to reason and clarify, “he just kept saying ‘Jaao jaao yahan se’, and leaning me towards the door, started harassing me in a way. It is really sad. I told him that I am a frequent visitor and I get respect everywhere for who I am or for the work I do, and this is the treatment you are giving me. Assassinating my character and considering me as a sex worker. Every worker who knows me there didn’t say anything against him because it would have cost their jobs.”

About Neerja Punia

During 2019 Roadies' audition, Neerja Punia left a strong impression on the gang leaders and host Sonu Sood owing to her remarkable passion, determination, and perseverance. She had talked about the lack of awareness and educational opportunities in Haryana and how these challenges affect the people there.

Neerja also underlined the unfair treatment of transgender individuals in Haryana, who are often treated poorly and marginalized as if they are beggars. She emphasized that there is very little information and support available for them. To make a difference, she uses social media to raise awareness and advocate for transgender rights.

Despite facing significant discrimination and obstacles, Neerja successfully passed all the in-person audition rounds. She had said she wanted to become a model at the prestigious Lakme Fashion Week, and she's determined to turn the world into a ramp to achieve that dream.


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