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Horoscope Today, August 2: Taurus to spend happy moments with children; know about other zodiac signs

Horoscope Today, August 2: Taurus to spend happy moments with children; know about other zodiac signs

Written By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: August 02, 2023 5:15 IST
horoscope august 2
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Horoscope Today, August 2: Today is the Pratipada date of Adhik Shravan Krishna Paksha and Wednesday. Ayushman Yoga will be there till 2:33 pm today. Along with this, Shravan Nakshatra will remain till 12.58 pm today. Apart from this, Panchak will start at 11:26 pm tonight. Know from Acharya Indu Prakash how the day of 2nd August will be for you and by what measures you can make this day better. Also, know what will be your lucky number and lucky color.


Today you should avoid making haste regarding any work. Your relationship with your parents will be better. There will be more profit than expected in business today. Your money may get stuck somewhere, as well as try to control the rising expenditure. Relationship with spouse will be good. People of this amount who are looking for a job may have to wait a little longer. Today is going to be a good day for love mates.


Today your generous gesture will impress people a lot. The economic condition will be better than before. You will get help from a friend in some of your work. You should avoid doing credit transactions. You will try to understand the seriousness of relationships. You will spend happy moments with children. You will be able to complete the office work on time. There will be some special good news from the child side. You should avoid being stubborn.


Today you will be able to complete the work that has been stalled for many days. Your positive behavior in the family will impress people. You will feel refreshed. The sum of money and profit is being made. Married people will get child happiness. It would be better to take the opinion of family members before taking any family decision. Will get the support of parents. You will get a chance to speak, people will be impressed by you. There will be strength in the married relationship.


Today your day will be full of confidence. Your status will increase at the social level. The mind will be happy for the whole day after getting good news from the life partner. Along with this, everyone in the family will be happy. A special friend will ask you for financial help. There will be happiness from the children side. The mind of the students will be engaged in studies. Are you able to meet the needs of the family?

Will be Overall today is going to be a good day for you.


Today your financial condition will be strong. With the help of mutual trust, there will be strength in family relationships. You will get the results of hard work soon. Women of this zodiac will get some special good news on this day. Today will prove to be a milestone for your career. Today will bring happiness for love mates. Students will get good results in the examination. Your work will be completed in time. There will be an increase in your material comforts.


Today your day is going to be better. You will make changes in your routine, which will also benefit you. Students of this zodiac will get success in their careers. Today will be a good day for the people associated with the media. Married life will remain pleasant. Will make up his mind to start a new job. Today will be a good day for employed people. Family atmosphere will remain happy. You will think about your financial condition.


Today you will be busy with some domestic work. You will be successful in building a better rapport with your family members. Will get support from the spouse in the matter of money. There is a possibility of increment and promotion of people in job profession. You will make some new friends on social sites. Your responsibilities may increase. Have a wonderful day for the students Going to do. There will be a trend in the field of art and literature. Friends will help with some special tasks.


Today is going to be a great day for you. You should be careful in the matter of investment, if you are investing somewhere, then first take advice from the people associated with that work. Today will be a successful day for the students of this zodiac. There will be an increase in your material comforts. There will be happiness in married life. The day is going to be great for love mates. You will get success in the work done together. Reasonable profit can be achieved in business.



Today your attention will be more on spirituality. Students of this amount will get good career-related opportunities. Today is an auspicious day to set new goals. Take care of your father's health. There will be harmony with the spouse. You will get the support of your elder brother in the works. Love mates will respect each other, which will bring newness to your relationship. You will establish new dimensions in your career. Spouse's advice will be beneficial in some work.


Today your health will remain better. Your stalled work will be completed with the help of family members. Today will be a good day for the students of this zodiac. The day is very good for those doing government jobs. You should speak thoughtfully in front of others. With the support of luck, you will be able to complete your tasks on time. You need to control your anger. You will get a chance to learn something new.



Today you will be successful in completing your own tasks. There will be a talk on the phone with a special person, which will prove to be very beneficial for you in the future. There will be harmony in your married relationship. You will get new career-related opportunities. In connection with money, it would be better to take a decision after thinking a little. You will make changes in your work plans. Spouse will try to understand everything about you. Along with this, they can also take advice from you in some work.


Today your mind will be toward social work. Students will get better results. Will get rid of old problems. You will feel full of energy throughout the day. Avoid eating fried things. Sweetness will increase in married life. Will make some new plans to increase the business, which will also benefit you in the future. You will be ready to help others. Suddenly there is a possibility of getting money.




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