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  4. Lion rips off man's finger at Jamaica zoo who got too close to the cage | WATCH

Lion rips off man's finger at Jamaica zoo who got too close to the cage | WATCH

A video shows a man confidently touching the lion's mane and petting him before his finger is ripped off from his hand in the animal's death grip. 

Devasheesh Pandey Written by: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Published on: May 24, 2022 18:04 IST
Twitter video

Stills from a Twitter video showing lion and man encounter

It is advised that the sight of caged animals in a zoo must be enjoyed from a distance. A man in Jamaica learnt this lesson the hard way when he got too close to the lion's cage and as a result, the animal ripped off his finger leaving him writhing in pain and bloodied. 

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In the video, an iron cage separates the lion and the public. A man in a red T-shirt, denim and baseball cap seems very confident as he touches the lion's mane and pets it around his face, even to the extent of putting his finger inside its mouth. However, things go south when the lion grabs the man's finger by his teeth and does not let it go. 

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The lion is famous for its jaw strength and death-like hold and there was no way the man could have got his finger back once it was in its mouth. However, a struggle did ensue but the man gets hurt and his finger is seemingly ripped off by the time he manages to escape the lion's death grip. 

The video is not just a horrific sight but a reminder to not mess around with animals for fun. 

"The man was lucky the lion didn’t pull his arm through the fence," a social media user wrote. Another netizen said, "People need to be ashamed of their actions and behaviours sometimes. We are losing an important self-regulation tool (sic)."