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  • raising of isis flag in kashmir is a serious issue shiv sena

    Raising of ISIS flag in Kashmir is a serious issue: Shiv Sena

    Politics | November 16, 2015 11:41 IST

    Mumbai: In the wake of Paris terror attacks that claimed at least 129 lives, the Shiv Sena today said that it was time India dealt with periodic incidents of waiving of ISIS flags in Kashmir

  • sensex slides 118 pts in early trade on paris attack

    Sensex slides 118 pts in early trade on Paris attack

    November 16, 2015 10:52 IST

    Mumbai: Domestic shares opened on a weaker note today, tracking heavy selling in other Asian markets, where sentiment remained bearish in the wake of last week's deadly attacks in Paris and downbeat data from Japan.

  • some countries still use terror as state policy instrument

    Some countries still use terror as state policy instrument: PM Modi

    World | November 16, 2015 11:35 IST

    Antalya: Pressing for the need to delink terror from religion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said some countries still use terrorism as "an instrument of state policy" and the world must act against radicalisation without

  • paris attacks planned in belgium

    Paris attacks planned in Belgium?

    World | November 16, 2015 9:10 IST

    Brussels:The Paris terror attacks that killed 129 people and injured 349 others were "planned in Belgium", local media reported on Sunday quoting France's interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve.The confirmed connection with Belgium came as more police

  • paris attacks signal move toward more global is strategy

    Paris attacks signal move toward more global IS strategy

    World | November 16, 2015 8:08 IST

    Baghdad: As the deadly attacks in Paris made horrifically clear, the Islamic State group is determined to establish itself as the dominant jihadist movement capable of operating far beyond the limits of its self-declared "caliphate."Doing

  • hell famous paris venue becomes scene of terror bloodbath

    Hell: Famous Paris venue becomes scene of terror bloodbath

    World | November 16, 2015 7:32 IST

    Paris: There was a moment — just a moment — when the concert hall was eerily quiet. The rock band had stopped playing, and people had dived to the floor after realizing the sudden explosions

  • france bombs isis hq in retaliation of paris attack

    France bombs ISIS HQ in retaliation of Paris attack

    World | November 16, 2015 11:46 IST

    Paris: France launched "massive" air strikes on the Islamic State group's de-facto capital in Syria Sunday night, destroying a jihadi training camp and a munitions dump in the city of Raqqa, where Iraqi intelligence officials

  • iraq warned of attacks before paris assault

    Iraq warned of attacks before Paris assault

    World | November 16, 2015 8:07 IST

    Baghdad: Senior Iraqi intelligence officials warned members of the U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State group of imminent assaults by the militant organization just one day before last week's deadly attacks in Paris killed 129

  • mumbai s iconic cst lit up in colours of french tricolour

    Mumbai's iconic CST lit up in colours of French tricolour

    India | November 15, 2015 23:42 IST

    New Delhi:   The iconic Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus(CST) in Mumbai was today illuminated in colours of the French flag in solidarity with the victims of Paris terror attacks.The deadly attacks in Paris on Friday night claimed

  • barack obama vows to redouble islamic state fight after

    Barack Obama vows to 'redouble' Islamic State fight after Paris

    World | November 15, 2015 21:58 IST

    Antalya, Turkey:  President Barack Obama pledged Sunday to redouble U.S. efforts to eliminate the Islamic State group and end the Syrian civil war that has fueled its rise, as world leaders struggled to offer concrete

  • paris like attacks may occur again expert says

    Paris-like attacks may occur again, expert says

    World | November 16, 2015 0:11 IST

    Paris: The terror attacks in Paris that left 129 people dead and over 300 injured aren't "one off" and similar deadly attacks are likely to occur again, an expert on terrorism has said.Magnus Ranstorp told

  • narendra modi joins barack obama others to seek global

    Narendra Modi joins Barack Obama, others to seek global action against terror

    World | November 15, 2015 17:32 IST

    Antalya: Joining a clarion call for action against terror, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today sought a united global effort to combat terrorism while US President Barack Obama vowed to "redouble" efforts to wipe out ISIS.Obama

  • barack obama says twisted ideology behind attack on

    Barack Obama says twisted ideology behind attack on civilized world

    World | November 15, 2015 20:48 IST

    Antalya, Turkey: President Barack Obama pledged Sunday to redouble U.S. efforts eliminate the Islamic State and end the Syrian civil war that has fueled its rise, denouncing the extremist group's horrifying terror spree in Paris

  • how a half hour of horror washes paris in blood 129 dead

    How a half-hour of horror washes Paris in blood 129 dead

    World | November 15, 2015 16:13 IST

    Paris:  The attackers worked in three synchronized teams, wearing matching suicide vests and carrying the same weapons. In an excruciating half-hour, they unleashed their terror. One suicide bombing after another at the national stadium, sprays

  • paris attack would have been different with more guns

    Paris attack would have been different with more guns: Donald Trump

    World | November 15, 2015 12:47 IST

    Beaumont: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says the terror attacks in Paris would have been "a much, much different situation" had the victims been armed with guns.And he says the United States is "insane" to

  • a stunned europe steps up security following paris carnage

    A stunned Europe steps up security following Paris carnage

    World | November 15, 2015 21:34 IST

    Rome: Soldiers and paramilitary troops toting semi-automatic rifles patrolled outside the Colosseum and inside St. Peter's Square, as Italy joined the rest of Europe in beefing up security a day after terrorist attacks killed 129

  • authorities say arrests made in belgium tied to paris

    Authorities say arrests made in Belgium tied to Paris attacks

    World | November 14, 2015 23:59 IST

    Brussels: Belgium's justice minister on Saturday said that authorities have made several arrests linked to the deadly attacks in Paris.Minister Koen Geens told the VRT network that the arrests came after a car with Belgian

  • poland backs away from agreement on refugees after paris

    Poland backs away from agreement on refugees after Paris attacks

    World | November 14, 2015 23:00 IST

    Sentilj (Slovenia): Poland's prospective minister for European affairs today said that in view of the terror attacks in Paris, Poland cannot go ahead with an EU agreement to accept some 7,000 refugees without guarantees of

  • paris attacks one terrorist identified as french national

    Paris attacks: One terrorist identified as French national

    World | November 14, 2015 23:56 IST

    Paris: One attacker involved in the Bataclan theatre shooting and hostage-taking on Friday night has been identified as a French national through finger prints, French TV BFMTV reported Saturday, citing a police source.The suspected attacker

  • eiffel tower closed indefinitely following paris attacks

    Eiffel Tower closed indefinitely following Paris attacks

    World | November 14, 2015 21:25 IST

    Paris: The iconic Eiffel Tower of Paris has been closed indefinitely after a series of deadly attacks in French Capital on Friday, the landmark's operator said on Saturday.The company operating the 19th Century tower decided