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Snapchat brings 2 new AR lenses for Indian users

Snapchat introduces AR lenses for Indian users to showcase and share their nicknames, based on research revealing the popularity of nicknames among Indian Gen Zs and Millennials. Over 96% of Indians have had at least one nickname in their lives.

Edited By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: June 21, 2023 14:46 IST
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Image Source : PIXABAY Snapchat introduces 2 new AR lenses for Indian users

Snapchat has introduced two new augmented reality (AR) lenses specifically designed for its Indian user base. The lenses, named 'India's Top Nicknames' and 'My Nickname,' aim to celebrate the nickname culture prevalent in the country.

'India's Top Nicknames' lens offers five unique designs featuring popular nicknames used in India. These designs are customized to represent the favorite nicknames commonly used by Indians. In addition, Snapchat users in India now have the opportunity to personalize the 'My Nickname' lens, allowing them to create their own unique nickname.

Snapchat's latest feature is designed to enable users to proudly showcase their nicknames and share them with their loved ones. Recognizing the significance of nicknames in Indian society, the company collaborated with YouGov to conduct research on Indian nickname culture. The study revealed that a vast majority of Indian Gen Zs and young Millennials prefer using their nicknames online. Furthermore, it unveiled that over 96 percent of Indians have had at least one nickname throughout their lives.

Snap's Director of Media Partnerships-APAC, Kanishk Khanna, emphasized the importance of nicknames in Indian culture, highlighting that they are given by real connections such as friends and family. The company aims to provide users with a platform to embrace their nicknames and foster a sense of pride associated with these unique identifiers.


Snapchat's research also identified popular nicknames in India, with names such as Sonu, Babu, Macha, Shona, and Pinky standing out as widely used terms of endearment.

To access the new lenses, Snapchat users simply need to search for 'IN's Top Nicknames' and 'My Nickname IN' in the lens carousel. This allows users to easily explore and utilize the newly introduced AR lenses, fostering engagement and enhancing the overall Snapchat experience for Indian users.


Snapchat's introduction of these India-focused AR lenses demonstrates its commitment to tailoring its platform to diverse cultural contexts and engaging with local user bases. By embracing and celebrating India's nickname culture, Snapchat aims to strengthen its presence in the Indian market and provide a more personalized experience for its Indian users.\

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