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Google I/O '23 Event Developer Keynote: Pixel 7a, Pixel Tablet, Pixel Fold launched - Highlights

Google I/O '23 Event Developer Keynote: Here are the highlight from the Google I/O Developer Keynote event which took place on 10 May, and broadcasted from California (the USA).

Written By : India TV Tech Desk Edited By : Saumya Nigam
New Delhi
Updated on: May 11, 2023 12:53 IST
Pixel fold
Image Source : GOOGLE Pixel fold

Google I/O has streamed its Keynote event (at 10:30 PM IST), where the tech giant highlighted the most anticipated Pixel Pixel Tablet, Pixel 7a and Pixel Fold devices. All the smartphones and tablet launched today highlights the camera muscles (claimed by Google).

The event took place in the US with a limited live audience at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View (California). Here are the highlights from the Developer's Keynote:

India Tv - Pixel Fold

Image Source : GOOGLEPixel fold

12:34 AM: Ordering Pixel Fold, Google will gift a Pixel watch to the customers who book the device today. 

12:32 AM:  Google Pixel Fold highlights the camera which will help the device deliver the best-quality pictures

12:25 AM: India Tv - Google Pixel

Image Source : GOOGLEGoogle Pixel Fold

12:25 AM: Google brings foldable technology- Google Pixel Fold- The thinnest tablet turned to the phone. The foldable device comes with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus and it comes with the best Pixel camera, claims Google. 

12:20 AM: Pixel Tablet- first look and price

Pixel Tablet - India Tv
Pixel Tablet
Pixel Tablet - India Tv
Pixel Tablet
Pixel Tablet - India Tv
Pixel Tablet

12:18 AM: Google unleashed its first tablet ever- Pixel Tablet with features like a great camera, blur remover, fingerprint sensor, best for OTT and comes with a Google TV app. 

India Tv - Pixel Tablet

Image Source : GOOGLEPixel Tablet

12:15 AM: Google unleashes Pixel Tablet- the only tablet designed by Google 

12:13 AM: Pixel 7a comes with the highest camera 72 per cent bigger than the Pixel 6a's camera (main camera sensor)

Pixel 7a is available from today at $499, with great camera muscles. It is available in the Google store in exclusive Coral colour 

12:10 AM: Pixel phones got multiple awards last year 

12: 05 AM: You can create a wallpaper in a much more creative way with the AI's help

12: 02 AM: Android customisation has been the core of Android. This year Google's Generative Ai is combined with Android Customisation

India Tv - Google

Image Source : GOOGLEDave Burke

11:59 PM: Unknown tracker alerts will help know if the unrecognised tracking tag is moving with you 

11:5 PM: Find My Device Update: Now you can pair a number of devices at a go- from gadgets to vehicles (along with the tracker placed on them)

India Tv - WhatsApp

Image Source : GOOGLEWhatsApp

11: 54 PM: Sameer Samat spoke about the new system of multi-tasking on Tablets and smartwatches. He shared how the company worked on huge customisation for beautiful experiences. People are falling in love with Android tablets and the company will be unleashing some details soon. 

11:51 PM: Google's AI principle will let the company choose the dos and don't accordingly for the betterment of the users.

Google will also be working with the Web community on the way to give publishers choice and control over their Web content

11:46 PM: In the future, there will be two new ways which will be added to evaluate images:

  • One can see imp information like- where the images were earlier seen when were taken 
  • You can use screenshots or use google lens to know the details of the images and metadata

India Tv - Google

Image Source : GOOGLEJames talking on AI

11:42 PM: We must acknowledge that AI is an emerging technology and there is so much to do- said James 

India Tv - Google

Image Source : GOOGLEJames

11:39 PM: Google unleashed the new 'Project Tailwind'- and people can sign up for the new feature. Generative AI is changing what it means for the new product. APIs and tools will create their own application with the new AI tech.  

India Tv - Google

Image Source : GOOGLEPaLM API

11:36 PM: Google unleashes PaLM API 

11:35 PM: India Tv - Google

Image Source : GOOGLEDuet AI on Google Cloud

India Tv - AI Virtual Machine

Image Source : GOOGLEAI Virtual Machine

India Tv - AI

Image Source : GOOGLEAI

11:30 PM: Google has collaborated with AI-infused CRM assistant. Along with that, the tech giant has collaborated with a number of software companies to update the tech offering 

11:28 PM: Many companies are using our generative AI technologies to build super cool applications. And Google has been blown away by what they are doing with the technology

India Tv - Google

Image Source : GOOGLEThomas on enterprise seach

11:20 PM: Generative AI for Google Search will be faster than earlier. The new Seach experience will be available in Labs and will be rolling in the coming weeks. The US customers can experience the feature from today itself.

India Tv - Google Seach

Image Source : GOOGLE Google Seach

11:17 PM: Google showcased the live demo, and showcased how Generative AI could help to find the reason for points  

India Tv - Google

Image Source : GOOGLEGoogle Search- Generative AI

11:15 PM: These new generative capabilities search smarter and searcher simpler.

So, if you are searching for something specific. In the Generative AI suggestion, you will get products and descriptions (under the Google Shopping section on google search)

You will also have a conversational mode in Google Search.

India Tv - Google Seach

Image Source : FILEGoogle Seach

11:11 PM: Sundar Pichai unleashes the Labs feature at the event 

India Tv - Lab

Image Source : GOOGLELab

11:09 PM: AI will help users to write content in the Presentation via notes. 

11:07 PM: Duet AI for Workspace will be released later this year for ease of work

6 more generative AI features will be launched later this year 

11:04 PM: Google Sheet updation will not be a trouble as the updated feature will let you organise the table as per the requirement and structured format

India Tv - Google sheet

Image Source : GOOGLE Google Sheet- dog walking business example

11:00 PM: AI can help you write a good job description and save you a ton of time and effort

India Tv - Google

Image Source : GOOGLEGoogle

10:58 PM: Bard will be able to tap all kinds of services n the extension. 

Adobe Firefly (with Bard): when you give voice command (Bard will be working to create the image) and it will bring creativity further and faster.

Bard is opening in 180+ countries and territories in English with more coming soon 

Bard is coming in Japanese and Korean too, besides English. All will add 40 languages soon

10:54 PM: Bard + tools: Google introducing a number of tools to Bard. 

10:50 PM: India Tv - Bard

Image Source : YOUTUBEBard

10:48 PM: Bard has learned 20+ programming languages and is going to help the coders with more support

10:47 PM: Pichai unleashed Metadata

India Tv - Metadata

Image Source : YOUTUBEMetadata

10: 45 PM: Med-PaLM 2 comes with an AI collaborator to help in healthcare. It is available for preview 

PaLM 2 is built on progress with the brain team and deep mind

India Tv - Google

Image Source : YOUTUBESundar Pichai

10:43 PM: Sundar Pichai unleashed PaLM 2 which comes with much of the coding capabilities. It comes in models named Gecko, otter, Bison and more

Pichai said Google is very excited about AI and its opportunity ahead.

10:40 PM: Magic editor feature in Google Photos will let you edit the image according to the pattern of the image, said Pichai. The magic editor feature will help you recreate the image and will be added in Google Photos later this year

10:38 PM: Pichai shared the details about Immersive View for routes Feature and how it works. The feature will be live in a few regions like - London, New York, Tokyo and San Francisco


10:34: India Tv - Google

Image Source : INDIA TV3

10:33 PM: Sundar Pichai opened the even and shared how AI is going to help the the world.

India Tv - Google

Image Source : FILESundar Pichai

10:19 PM: Looks like the event venue is Housefull

India Tv - Google

Image Source : GOOGLE- YOUTUBE2

10:14 PM: The event opens with some music at Shoreline Amphitheater. 

India Tv - google io

Image Source : GOOGLE1

9:48 PM: Stay tuned for the live update which will resume from 10:30 PM onwards.



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