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Google announces built-in Lens support for Chrome on iOS devices

Google is introducing built-in Lens support to Chrome on iOS, along with new integrations for Maps and Calendar, allowing users to utilize visual search capabilities, access maps directly within the browser, and create calendar events seamlessly.

Written By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Updated on: June 21, 2023 17:14 IST
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Image Source : GOOGLE Google announces built-in Lens support for Chrome on iOS devices

Google has unveiled new features for its Chrome browser on iOS which includes integrated Lens support. In an official blog post, the tech giant announced that users will soon be able to use their device's camera to search for images, both newly captured and existing ones in their camera roll. 

Additionally, the tech giant highlighted that Lens functionality is already available in Chrome on iOS, allowing users to long-press on images while browsing to access Lens.

"With Google Lens, you can search with images to do things like identify plants, get homework help, and translate languages in real-time." the company mentioned in a blog post

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Enhancing the translation capabilities of Chrome on iOS, the company has introduced improved translation options. Users can now translate specific sections of a webpage directly within Chrome using Google Translate. 

"Let’s say you’re planning to visit a museum in Italy, but the site’s in Italian and you don’t speak the language. Chrome will automatically offer to translate the museum’s website into your preferred language." the tech giant added in a blog post. 

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Including artificial intelligence (AI), Chrome can now detect addresses on web pages. When users press and hold on an address, they will be presented with the option to view the detected address on a mini Google Maps display within Chrome, facilitating quick access to location information.

Furthermore, Google has introduced the capability to create Calendar events directly within the Chrome browser on iOS, eliminating the need to switch apps or manually copy information. The announcement follows Chrome's recent achievement of becoming the world's most popular desktop browser, surpassing competitors. Apple's Safari browser secured the second position in terms of popularity.


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