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Android users can now react with emojis in Gmail: Here's how

Additionally, users can discover who reacted to an email by holding the emoji reaction they wish to check. They can also reuse a reaction that someone else has added by tapping the existing reaction chip.

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Image Source : FILE Google rolls out emoji reactions in Gmail for Android

In a recent update, Google has unveiled a new feature allowing Android users to react to emails with emojis. This functionality will be gradually rolled out, commencing with Android users and extending to web and iOS users over the next few months.

Google detailed the process of using this feature. Users can now express themselves and promptly respond to emails with emojis directly within the Gmail app on their Android phones or tablets. To add an emoji reaction, open a message, tap "Add emoji reaction," and select an emoji from the picker. The chosen emoji will be displayed at the bottom of the email.

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The company has incorporated a feature called "Undo Send," allowing users a window of 5 to 30 seconds to remove an emoji reaction after it has been added, contingent on their Gmail settings. However, this setting can only be adjusted on a computer.

Despite this new development, there are some limitations to using emoji reactions. They cannot be employed with school or work accounts. Furthermore, emoji reactions will not be available if a message is sent to more than 20 people, in group emails, if the user has been bcc'd, and in a few other specific situations. It's also worth noting that users are restricted to sending a maximum of 20 reactions to a single message.

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This new feature promises to enhance communication and expression in email exchanges for Android users, providing a fun and efficient way to interact with messages.

Furthermore, the company's upcoming generative AI chatbot, Bard, is set to receive a new "Memory" feature, allowing it to retain important details about users and their preferences. With this addition, users won't have to repeatedly inform Bard about their dietary preferences or personal details like family size when seeking recommendations or advice. 


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