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Tamil Nadu Assembly opposes 'One Nation, One Election' and delimitation exercise

The Tamil Nadu Assembly voiced its opposition to the 'One Nation, One Election' proposal and the upcoming delimitation exercise. Led by Chief Minister MK Stalin, the Assembly passed resolutions highlighting concerns about the impact on democratic principles and the state's interests.

Nitin Kumar Edited By: Nitin Kumar @Niitz1 Chennai Published on: February 14, 2024 14:51 IST
Tamil Nadu Assembly
Image Source : PTI Chennai: Tamil Nadu Assembly Speaker M. Appavu addresses during the first day of the TN Assembly session in Chennai.

The Tamil Nadu Assembly passed a resolution denouncing the Union government's proposed 'One Nation, One Election' initiative on Wednesday. Chief Minister MK Stalin spearheaded the resolution, highlighting concerns about its compatibility with democratic principles.

Basis of democracy

The resolution argued that the concept of simultaneous elections undermines the essence of democracy and is impractical. It emphasised that India's diverse landscape necessitates staggered elections at various levels to address region-specific issues effectively.

Call to halt delimitation exercise

In addition to opposing 'One Nation, One Election', the Assembly put forth another resolution urging the Union government to refrain from conducting the delimitation exercise scheduled for after 2026. Chief Minister Stalin emphasised the need to maintain the existing ratio of constituencies in state assemblies and parliament based on population data from 1971.

Protecting state interests

The resolution emphasised that states like Tamil Nadu should not be disadvantaged for their proactive implementation of socio-economic development programs and welfare schemes over the past five decades. It urged the Union government to acknowledge and preserve the state's contributions to national development.

Asserting regional autonomy

The resolutions underscored Tamil Nadu's commitment to preserving its autonomy and protecting its interests within the framework of Indian democracy. They reflect the state's determination to uphold its unique socio-political identity and advocate for policies aligned with its citizens' welfare.

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