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'Politicizing crime has almost become habit these days...': Delhi LG responds to Kejriwal's letter

Delhi LG responded to the letter by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal over the murder incidents in the national capital and said that it has 'become a habit these days' to 'politicise crime'.

Reported By : Bhaskar Mishra Edited By : Ashesh Mallick
New Delhi
Published on: June 21, 2023 11:38 IST
VK Saxena, Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi LG
Image Source : PTI Delhi LG responds to Arvind Kejriwal's letter

Delhi LG responds to Kejriwal's letter: Delhi LG VK Saxena and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal have once again fallen into a war of words with the latter pointing out to the law and order situation arising post the recent murder incidents in the national capital. The LG in his response to the letter by Kejriwal accused him of 'politicizing crime' while stressing that he and the Ministry of Home Affairs are not leaving any stone unturned in providing 'proper policing' in the city.

The letter to the Delhi Chief Minister came in response to the one written by Kejriwal dated June 19 stating that the MHA and LG are responsible for the maintenance of law and order in the national capital and alleged that they have not delivered on this front.

What LG's letter says

"I take this opportunity to highlight that politicizing crime has almost become a habit these days and you would appreciate, while this provides no solution at all, it does subject the victim and their family to avoidable agony, apart from encouraging crime. In this regard, I am sure, that the issue of an unfortunate rape in 2012 raised by you to politically target the then Chief Minister, will serve as an eye opener and conscience knocker for you," the LG wrote.

He said that he conducts meetings with the higher officials of the police department on a weekly basis and gives necessary instructions.

"You may not be aware, since you and your colleagues often make public statements on the contrary, I have been reviewing and monitoring the Delhi Police on a regular basis. Bi-weekly meetings with the Commissioner of Police, weekly meetings with the Special CPs, and periodic meetings aimed at the direct interface with the DCPs is a regular part of my schedule," he said.

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The LG indicted towards the changing 'nature of crime' and cited recent incidents including the Shraddha murder case, Kanjhawala dragging incident in which a girl was dragged to death.

"Gruesome recent incidents like those where a girl was killed. dismembered and buried by her live-in partner, a girl being stabbed to death by a man in public view with no one attempting to save her and a girl being dragged for kilometres under the wheels of a car, indicate towards a sea-change in not only nature of the crime but also the approach of the society towards crime, as a whole," he said.

On Kejriwal proposing to give 'all possible cooperation' to maintain rule of law in Delhi

Saxena said that the biggest role that the Delhi government can play is to 'shape our youth and youngsters by way of education'.

"I am indeed happy that you have offered to "provide all possible cooperation to ensure rule of law in Delhi". The biggest role that you and your Government can play in this regard will be to shape our youth and youngsters by way of education as also targeted counselling and interventions at all levels, where Citizen-Govemment interface takes place. Departments like Education, Social Welfare, Transport and Health are some areas fully under your control where a positive step forward in this direction would augment policing efforts like none else," he said.

Murder incidents in Delhi

Two sisters in the RK Puram area of the national capital were shot dead on June 18 over a money settlement dispute.

In a separate incident, a Delhi University student was stabbed to death after he objected to the harassment of his girlfriend.

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