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Chunav Flashback: When Indira Gandhi continued campaigning in 1976 despite nose injury

Indira Gandhi was injured after a stone pelting incident occurred during the Lok Sabha election campaign in 1976. The Congress stalwart continued the campaign with a bleeding nose.

Edited By: Nivedita Dash @Nivedita0503 New Delhi Updated on: May 17, 2024 21:09 IST
Indira Gandhi
Image Source : INDIA TV In 1976, an injured Indira Gandhi campaigned for Lok Sabha elections.

Leaders give their sweat and blood for elections — sometimes literally during the gruelling campaigning. Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is often known for her. 

It was the month of February 1976. The campaign war for Lok Sabha elections was at its peak. The then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had gone to campaign in Odisha. It had been only one year since she became PM. 

It so happened that when Indira was targeting her opponents in a public meeting, some miscreants started pelting stones. A piece of brick hit Indira's nose and she started bleeding. The security personnel wanted to take Indira away from the stage, the party leaders also asked to end the meeting, but Indira refused. The former PM tied her bloody nose with a handkerchief and stood on the stage.

According to reports, pointing towards the miscreants, she said that this is not an insult to me but to the entire country. As the Prime Minister, I represent the country. 

After this, the security officials again requested her to return to Delhi, but Indira did not agree. She went to a rally in Kolkata with a bandage on her nose. When Indira returned to Delhi, her nose was operated upon.

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