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Yoga for beginners: Swami Ramdev shares 12 yogasanas, pranayams to keep you fit

If you are one of those who's planning to start exercising, then learn from Swami Ramdev about yogasanas and Pranayam which the beginners can easily do at home. Also, know about their great benefits.

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New Delhi Updated on: May 28, 2020 10:31 IST

Ever since the beginning of lockdown, many people have been trying to stay healthy at their homes but are unable to do so because of the lack of knowledge about effective yogasanas. If you are one of those, then Swami Ramdev has a solution for you. In a special segment on IndiaTV, the Yoga guru suggested twelve easy asanas for those who are looking to start their lives with yoga. Not only this, he even shared a list of pranayams which will be beneficial to you. He says that the beginners should begin with Sookshma vyayam which keeps the body fit and remove the toxins deposited in the body. In this posture, you can do Chakki Asanas, Stith Konasana, Butterfly Asanas, etc.

12 Yogasanas for beginners:

Tadasana- This causes stretching of the entire body. Legs, thighs, and knees become strong. Along with this, it helps in increasing height and reducing weight.

Konasana - Stretching of the entire body is done by doing this asana. If there is a backache, do not bend forward much, while if there is a hernia, avoid bending over backward.

Padahastasana- Beneficial in heart disease, abdominal fat, increasing length, increasing circulation of blood to the brain.

Mandukasana - Beneficial for diabetics. It helps to increase immunity as well as release insulin in the pancreas.

Ushtrasana- By doing this yoga, the digestive and reproductive system works properly. Relieves back pain, thyroid etc.

Ardh Matsyendrasana - Get relief from diabetes, stomach, back pain. Increase blood circulation in the spinal cord. Makes the spine flexible.

Vakrasan- If you are unable to do half Matsyendrasana, then you can do this asana. It also provides the same benefits.

Gaumukh Asana - This asana can be done for 5 minutes. Spinal cord strong, useful in hemorrhoids, beneficial for liver-kidney.

Bhujnagasan- By doing this asana, height increases. With this, the tiredness of the body is reduced. Get rid of stomach fat too.

Markatasan - Get rid of back pain, get rid of every spinal problem, beneficial for cervical, gastric, kidney.

Shalabhasana- By doing this asana, the entire body remains fit.

Uttanapadasana- Stretching in the chest and muscles, relieving back pain as well as every problem related to the spinal cord. Along with this, there is a stretch in the neck and muscles with diabetes control.

Pranayams for beginners:


This pranayama is done in 3 ways. First, breathe in 5 seconds and exhale in 5 seconds. In the second, breathe two and a half seconds and release in two and a half seconds. Third, breathe fast and release. Do this pranayama continuously for 5 minutes. Performing this pranayama daily is considered good for hypertension, asthma, heart disease, TV, tumors, BP, liver cirrhosis, sinus, any kind of energy, and lungs. By doing bhastrika, the level of oxygen in the body increases. Due to which cancer cells die.


Do this pranayama for 5 to 10 minutes. Take 1 minute rest after every 5 minutes. Normal person should do 5 to 5 minutes 3 times. People with hypertension, asthma, anemia, BP, heart blockage should do this stroke in 2 seconds. People with BP, thyroid, psoriasis, cancer, heart problem gradually increase it to at least 1-1 hour.

Who should not do Kapalbhati

  • If you have stomach or heart surgery, then after 3 months do Kapalbhati.
  • Pregnant women should avoid doing this asana.

Anulom Vilom:

First of all sit in the posture of Padmasana. Now put the ring finger of the right hand and the shortest finger on the left nose and put the thumb on the right nose. Fold the index finger and middle finger together. Now fill the breath from the left nostril and close it by mixing the ring finger and the smallest finger. After this, remove the thumb from the right nose and exhale.

This posture can be done from 5 minutes to half an hour. By doing this asana, every skin related, glowing skin, diabetes, brain problems, stress, keep the mind calm, helps in keeping the blood circulation fit and keeping the digestive system fit.

Ujjayi Pranayama

Breathe in and out for as long as possible. After this, close the right nostril and release it from the left nostril. By doing this asana, the mind remains calm, gets rid of problems like asthma, TB, migraine, insomnia, etc.

Bhramari pranayama

To perform this pranayama, first sit in the state of Sukhasana or Padmasana. Now let's take a deep breath inside. Breathing first, keep your fingers in the frontal. In which 3 fingers close the eyes. The ears are closed with the thumb. They close their mouths and sing 'Oom'. This pranayama can be done 3-21 times. By doing this asana, the mind will remain calm along with relieving stress. In the same way, there are many of them.

Udgith Pranayama

To do this pranayama, sit down in Padmasana or Sukhasana and chant 'Oom' with a calm mind. By doing this pranayama, one gets relief from diseases like gall disease, metallic disease, high blood pressure.

Surya Namaskar

There are 12 full poses of this day. By doing this in front of the sun every morning in the morning, the body gets plenty of vitamin D, which helps to keep the body strong and healthy as well. Only seven of its days are full of energy.














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