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Want to stay away from dehydration? Follow these Ayurvedic remedies to keep your body cool

External heat causes sweating, but increasing heat inside the body can worsen your health. Therefore, it is important to cool the body internally. To maintain the temperature inside the body, you must adopt these measures.

Written By: Kristina Das @ New Delhi Published on: May 23, 2024 15:34 IST
Follow these Ayurvedic remedies to keep your body cool
Image Source : FREEPIK Follow these Ayurvedic remedies to keep your body cool.

Due to heat and rising temperature, the body faces a lot of difficulties. Dehydration occurs due to rapid sweating. In such a situation, some people like to sit only under a fan or AC. This can reduce the body temperature and help in cooling from the inside. However, you can also adopt some Ayurvedic remedies to reduce the temperature inside the body. If the heat inside the body increases too much, then there may be problems of dehydration, heat stroke, dizziness, vomiting and diarrhoea. In such a situation, some Ayurvedic methods can bring cooling effects to the body. 

Follow these Ayurvedic remedies to keep your body cool and get rid of dehydration

Change your diet – When bile increases too much in the body, the temperature also increases. Due to this, you start feeling more heat. In such a situation, to keep the body cool and get rid of heat, it is important to include less oil and spicy food items in your diet. Include as many fruits and vegetables as possible in your diet. It will be better if you eat watermelon, melon, pear, apple, blackberries, and cucumber which will keep the body cool from the inside.

Coconut oil massage before bathing- Many types of cooling oils are also used to keep the body naturally cool. This helps in keeping the body cool. It is beneficial to massage with khus, sandalwood and jasmine oil before bathing in summer. You can also use coconut oil. Massaging with coconut oil before bathing will give a cooling feeling to the body.

Drink water from a pitcher - In summer, refrigerator water, ice cream and things made of ice provide instant coolness to the body, but its effect does not last long. After some time the body temperature increases again. When you drink water from a pitcher, it keeps the body cool for a long time. Water from the pot does not appear to affect the body negatively. This cools down the body. 

Eat food on time - In summer people complain of a lack of appetite, and many times people eat food untimely causing serious problems. Staying hungry for a long time causes a burning sensation in the chest and the temperature in the body increases. In such a situation, eat light food to keep the body cool, but do not skip meals.

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