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Swami Ramdev shares yogasanas, pranayam for depression and anxiety

Depression is a silent killer but a person can win the fight against the disease. Learn about this from yoga guru Swami Ramdev on how you can conquer depression with the help of yoga.

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New Delhi Updated on: November 09, 2020 8:12 IST
Swami Ramdev shares tips on how you can stay away from depression
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Swami Ramdev shares tips on how you can stay away from depression

Depression is a silent killer so how can you win from disease? Learn about this from yoga guru Swami Ramdev how you can conquer depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder with the help of yoga. According to Swami Ramdev, if a man wants to get out of depression, then he should practice yoga. Apart from this, people often go into depression due to the lack of support from their loved ones. The small matter of loved ones bumps into despair. Therefore, never talk to your loved ones in a way that would hurt them deep in their heart. With this, if you have any kind of problem, then definitely share it with someone.

Symptoms of depression:

  • Feeling of sadness
  • Loneliness
  • Don't remember when you were happy last time
  • Daily activities like bathing seem like a task
  • Headaches
  • Health decline
  • Exhaustion
  • Overproduction of negative thinking.
  • Remains angry
  • Getting up from bed seems like a big job.
  • Stay away from people.
  • Feeling that nothing good is going on.

Yogasana to get rid of depression

Vakrasana- By doing this asana, you will get rid of every problem related to kidney and liver. Do this half to 1 minute daily. This will also keep your skin healthy.

Sheershasana- By doing this asana, the whole body becomes active. All the chemicals and hormones will flow. Help reduce stress hormones.

Sarvangasana- If you are unable to do the head, then do the Sarvangasana. It will also benefit.

Sookshma Vyayam- You can get rid of stress by doing subtle exercises. In this, you can do konasana, butterfly posture etc.

Halasan - helpful in improving the skin, reduce stress and fatigue.

Mandukasana - Control blood pressure, relieve stress and fatigue, remove body irritation.

Matsyasana- By doing this asana, blood circulation is fine in the body. Help keep the lungs healthy. Many skin diseases get rid of. Strengthens the body.

Gaumukh Asana - Increases lung function. Fix breathing system. Give power to fight against diseases. Keep liver and kidney healthy Strengthen the spine

Bhujgansana - This makes your body beautiful and shapely. Many types of skin diseases get rid of it. Oxygen is properly supplied in the lungs, along with it, the kidney remains healthy.

Shashakasana- Keeping the liver and kidney healthy as well as keeps hands and shoulders strong. Due to which you will not have to face any skin problems. Apart from this, keep the digestion process right.

Markatasana- relieve joints and back pain. Reduce the pen of the hips. Abdominal pain, beneficial in cervical. Stress, help reduce stress.

Pawanmuktasan - Detoxes the body, makes the lungs healthy and strong. Healthy kidneys, normalize blood pressure.

Naukasana - Removes indigestion. The waist and abdomen shape up. In addition, it keeps kidney and liver healthy. Which also improves your skin.

Balasana - Stiffness of back and body is removed. Control blood pressure, eliminate stress and tension, give comfort to shoulders and back and neck.

Ayurveda remedies to get rid of stress:

  • Consume medhawati.
  • Take Ashwagandha.
  • Soak almonds and walnuts and eat them.
  • Take Amrit Rasayana.
  • Keep cold water on your forehead.
  • Go among nature. This will give peace to your mind and mind.
  • Light a lamp of ghee in the temple


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