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My show is for the entire family: Comedian Kapil Sharma (Interview see pics)

New Delhi: The concept is fresh, the content is clean and the laughs on "Comedy Nights With Kapil" are exceedingly entertaining for the "entire family". It even gets tweets from Afghanistan. Its popularity and high

IANS IANS Updated on: August 16, 2013 9:51 IST

"Comedy Nights with Kapil" is the result of year-long planning and ideating.

"It feels great when your show is tagged as one of the highest rated on TV. Our show is Number one in the non-fiction category. I usually say that the show happened out of fun, but in reality it took us a year to come up with 'Comedy Nights...'," he said.

The initial plan was for just 26 episodes but after receiving a positive response, the crew shot another 10 episodes. Now the channel has asked him to continue the show.

"We get tweets from Afghanistan saying that people love my show there. I also feel good when audiences say that after a long time, there is show that they can watch with their entire family. From the last few weeks, our show is getting the highest TRPs, but despite that every Thursday, the pressure of maintaining the same TRPs gives me sleepless night," he said.

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