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PDEU at forefront of education, research in energy technologies: Mukesh Ambani at institute's 11th convocation

PDEU has launched four landmark initiatives to train its students in cutting-edge energy technologies that will make the world a greener and better place for future generations, said Mukesh Ambani, President, PDEU and Reliance Industries CMD.

India TV Business Desk Edited By: India TV Business Desk Mumbai Updated on: December 02, 2023 19:56 IST
Mukesh Ambani
Image Source : INDIA TV Reliance Industries CMD and PDEU President Mukesh Ambani addresses students, guests at institute's 11 convocation ceremony.

PDEU 11th Convocation Ceremony: Reliance Industries Chairman and Managing Director, Mukesh Ambani, who is also the President of Pandit Deendayal Energy University (PDEU), addressed the students at the 11th convocation ceremony of the institute and said that energy transition has become the most critical factor in ensuring India’s transformation into a global leader in green, sustainable and inclusive development adding PDEU is at the forefront of education and research in this area.

He spoke about four landmark initiatives undertaken by the university to train students, including a 45 MW Solar PV production line to train students in solar energy production. The initiatIves also include a Smart Hybrid Micro-Grid System to teach students the technique of energy storage, an Apple Lab for cutting-edge technology exploration and skill development and a multi-game Sports Arena to produce high-quality sporting talent.

Welcoming the chief guest, ISRO Director S Somanath, Mukesh Ambani said, "You are truly an inspiration not just to the students of PDEU, but also to millions of bright young minds across India. ISRO’s success with Chandrayan 3 has made every Indian’s heart swell with pride. And it has made the world see India as a space superpower. Therefore, there couldn’t have been a better person than you to guide and motivate our graduating students as they step into their professional lives."

Addressing the students and faculty at the university, the Reliance Chairman said, "Whenever I visit PDEU, I am filled with pride, exhilaration, and a sense of profound satisfaction. I can feel the energy of a new generation of Indians that is destined for greatness. And here I also feel the pulse of a nation that is on the cusp of transformative change. This proud university of ours has received 5-star status from the GSIRF. It is the first private university in Gujarat to be granted the prestigious A++ grade by NAAC. PDEU has published over 788 papers in Scopus indexed journals. And it has been granted over 150 patents and copyrights for product design, and process innovations." 

Addressing former Finance Secretary and PDEU's Chairman of Committee, Hasmukh Adhiaji, Mukesh Ambani said, "I must applaud your exceptional leadership in steering PDEU to such great heights. You have guided the institution with unwavering foresight, dedication and determination. Under your leadership, PDEU has not just excelled but has become an inspiration in the realm of Energy Education in India. Our Most Respected Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi, who is also our supreme mentor, has truly given a gem of a leader to our institution. Please accept my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude."

"PDEU is much more than an energy university. It is a crucible where the vision of a clean, green, and sustainable tomorrow is being turned into reality. In the next 25 years, India will witness an unprecedented explosion of economic growth. From a 3.5 trillion-dollar economy today, it will become a 40 trillion-dollar economy by 2047. And to fuel this growth, the country will need enormous amounts of energy – Clean, Green Energy that won’t choke Mother Nature for the sake of human progress. In fact, India’s energy requirement is set to double just by the end of this decade," he further said.

As India races to build a robust energy infrastructure to meet its energy goals, it faces three crucial questions:

  • One: How can it ensure that every citizen and every economic activity in India has access to adequate, most affordable energy?
  • Two: How can it rapidly transition from fossil fuel-based energy to Clean and Green Energy?
  • Three: How can it de-risk the expanding needs of its fast-growing economy from a volatile external environment?

"I call these three questions the Energy Trilemma. I am confident that India is capable of developing smart and sustainable solutions to address this trilemma because it has extremely talented young minds who have vowed to fight the Climate Crisis. They will design breakthrough energy solutions to build not just a strong and Atmanirbhar India, but also a safer and healthier planet," he further said in his speech.

Mukesh Ambani further said, "Each one of you entered this campus as saplings full of potential for greatness. Today, on the threshold of commencing your professional journey, you tower tall like a tree in full bloom. The tree has grown strong wide branches, which symbolise your intellectual prowess and fortitude. I am sure both your parents and the faculty of PDEU will be extremely proud of you today. Because it is they who tendered the young samplings with patience, love, and care. They nurtured your curiosity with knowledge, watered your aspirations with guidance, and provided a fertile ground for your personal and academic growth."

"No matter how tall and wide a tree grows, its true strength lies in its roots. Your parents are the roots that constantly provide you care, nourishment, and support. They have always believed in you more than you yourself ever did. They encouraged you to step out of your perceived limits and explore the vast possibilities of your potential. They stood by you as a pillar of strength through thick and thin. Your success stands tall on the bedrock of their steadfast support, encouragement, and sacrifices. Remember then that every applause you receive is an echo of the love, pride, and admiration your parents have for you. The bond you share with them is the most precious bond of life. Always treasure it, and nurture it. It will take you places," the Reliance CMD added.

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