Monday, July 15, 2024
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Ancient Tales, New Medium: 'Vikram Vetaal' comic revitalises Indian folklore for youth

The comic series is notable for its stunning artwork and detailed illustrations, blending traditional Indian art styles with a modern touch. The series also leverages social media to reach a global audience, showcasing the potential of Indian folklore on the world stage.

Edited By: Brand Content Noida Published on: January 15, 2024 18:43 IST
'Vikram Vetaal' comic revitalises Indian folklore for youth
Image Source : INDIA TV 'Vikram Vetaal' comic revitalises Indian folklore for youth

The legendary Indian saga "Vikram and Vetaal" finds new life in a captivating ten-part comic book series by Vrindkavi, led by the visionary Arnav Anand. This series reimagines ancient folklore for a modern audience, especially targeting youth between 18 and 30 years old.

The narrative centres around King Vikramaditya of Pratishthanapur, who, upon the request of the mystic Kshantishila, embarks on a series of adventures to capture the enigmatic Vetaal. Each story in the series is an intricate tapestry of myth and morals, where Vetaal challenges the king with questions testing his wisdom.

Arnav Anand, inspired by the tales his mother read to him, aims to make these culturally rich stories accessible to today's generation. "These tales are more than entertainment; they're a part of our heritage, and we wanted to introduce them to a new generation in a format they love," Anand says.

"Vikram Vetaal" represents a cultural revival, bridging the gap between ancient storytelling and contemporary graphic novels. It's an invitation to explore Indian mythology, offering entertainment and insight into India's rich cultural heritage.

This initiative is significant in bringing Indian stories to the global comics scene, demonstrating the timeless appeal of folklore and the power of storytelling to transcend generations. "Vikram Vetaal" is not just a comic series; it's a journey through India's storytelling legacy, engaging a new generation with the tales that have shaped Indian society for centuries.

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