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Comparing the Tata Tiago and Punch in Terms of Price and Features

Compare features and prices between Punch and Tiago to determine the best fit for your needs. Make an informed decision with this comprehensive comparison.

Edited By: Brand Content New Delhi Updated on: April 25, 2024 9:59 IST
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Image Source : SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT Comparing the Tata Tiago and Punch in Terms of Price and Features

Budget-conscious buyers in India's competitive automotive market always seek good value. The Punch and Tiago are two significant competitors in this sector. These vehicles are a popular option among automobile purchasers since they provide affordability and usability in their class. However, the question remains: which one offers the best value in terms of on-road pricing? In this article, we'll look at the on-road costs of the two popular Tata vehicles, including their variants, specifications, and overall value proposition.  
Punch vs Tiago: Specifications Comparison
Parameter  Tata Tiago  Tata Punch
Engine 1.2L Revotron Engine, 1.2L Revotron CNG Engine 1.2L Revotron Engine, 1.2L Revotron CNG Engine
Maximum Power  86.5 bhp (Petrol)72.4 bhp (CNG) 86.5 bhp (Petrol)72.4 bhp (CNG)
Peak Torque  113 Nm (1.2L P)95 Nm (1.2L CNG) 115 Nm (1.2L P)103 Nm (1.2L CNG)
Transmission  5-Speed Manual (Petrol and CNG)5-Speed AMT (Petrol) 5-Speed Manual (Petrol and CNG)5-Speed AMT (Petrol)
Mileage  20.01 km/l (P MT) 19.43 km/l (P AMT)26.49 km/kg (CNG) 20.09 km/l (P MT) 18.8 km/l (P AMT)26.99 km/kg (CNG)
Fuel Tank 35L (Petrol)60L (CNG) 37L (Petrol)60L (CNG)

These vehicles have comparable powertrain options, such as the 1.2L Bi-Fuel CNG engine. However, the Tiago is known for its agile handling, perfect for city driving and congested areas. The balanced suspension design guarantees a comfortable and smooth ride for daily travel. 

On the other hand, the Tata Punch is designed to deliver an SUV-like experience because of its higher ground clearance and rugged build. It translates into better performance on rough roads and a commanding road view. The Punch is substantially firmer yet offers greater off-road performance and impact absorption. 

Price of the Tiago
Since its inception, the Tiago car has been a popular choice in the Indian market. Potential automobile fans looking for an economical hatchback will find this model an excellent option for daily commuting. This vehicle boasts a spacious interior and outstanding fuel economy. It has fulfilled its promise of practical and inexpensive transportation.
  • Tiago XE MT: ₹6.60 lakh
  • Tiago XT MT: ₹7.05 lakh
  • Tiago XT AMT: ₹7.65 lakh
  • Tiago XZ MT: ₹7.71 lakh
  • Tiago XZ AMT: ₹8.31 lakh
  • Tiago XZ+ CNG: ₹9.06 lakh
  • Tiago XZ+ AMT: ₹8.64 lakh
(Note: Prices mentioned are as per the On-road price in Delhi)
Price of the Punch
This compact sports utility vehicle has captured many hearts with its attractive and durable design. Despite its compact size, it provides plenty of space and sophisticated features. The Punch car stands out in the budget hatchback market with its appealing build and SUV-inspired design.
  • Punch Pure MT: ₹6.63 lakh
  • Punch Adventure MT: ₹7.91 lakh
  • Punch Accomplished MT: ₹8.84 lakh
  • Punch Accomplished AMT: ₹9.50 lakh
(Note: Prices mentioned are as per the On-road price in Delhi)
Variant Comparison
Regarding on-road price, the Tiago's entry-level variants somewhat outperform the Punch. The Tata Tiago pricing ranges from ₹ 6.06 L to ₹ 9.73 L. The Tiago basic model is the least costly of the two options. As you advance up the variety ladder, the Punch becomes a more enticing choice regarding value for money.
Compared to similar Tiago variants, the Punch's mid-range versions, such as the Adventure MT and Accomplished MT, provide a more extensive feature list and a unique SUV-like appearance for a lower on-road cost. The Punch is an excellent choice for a durable yet affordable urban crossover. The Tata punch on-road pricing ranges from ₹ 6.53 L to ₹ 11.73 L. 
The Tiago automatic and Punch automatic have similar on-road prices. The former is somewhat more expensive than the latter.  
Features and Specifications
While on-road expenditures are significant, it is also critical to examine the features and specifications provided by each model. The Punch features a more contemporary and technologically equipped cabin. It has a freestanding touchscreen infotainment system and a digital instrument cluster. It also has a more muscular and SUV-like road presence, appealing to those searching for a distinctive urban runabout. 
On the other hand, the Tata Tiago continues to excel in utility and fuel efficiency. Its spacious interior, ample load space, and cost-effective engine options make it ideal for those prioritising affordability and functionality above extravagant looks. 
Engine And Performance
Moving on to the engine, which is the lifeblood of every automobile, the Tiago is powered by a 1.2L petrol engine that produces 85 horsepower and 113 Nm of torque. CNG fuel is also an option. 
However, the Punch boasts a more powerful 1.2L petrol engine that produces 86.5 bhp and 115 Nm of torque. Optional features include a 1.2L CNG engine with 72.4 bhp and 103 Nm of torque. The New Punch has increased power and performance, making it ideal for drivers looking for a more thrilling ride. In addition, both automobiles have manual and automatic transmissions. 
Finally, the choice between the Punch and the Tiago comes down to personal tastes and priorities. The Tiago remains a tempting choice for budget-conscious buyers searching for an aesthetically pleasant, practical, and fuel-efficient hatchback. This is particularly true for its cheaper and mid-range versions.
However, you may be willing to stretch your budget and choose a more contemporary, feature-rich, SUV-inspired design. The Punch appears as a realistic alternative. This is especially true in its mid-range and high-end versions. It has a distinctive design and a tech-laden interior, all at a cheap on-road price. It makes it an enticing alternative for city dwellers seeking a unique and competent urban crossover.
Finally, the Punch and Tiago provide excellent value for money in their respective segments. They cater to a wide range of customer tastes and budgets. Carefully consider your needs, desired features, and on-road expenses. You can make an informed decision and pick the best automobile for your lifestyle and budget.
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