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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review: All Rounder

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro offer great sound, comfort and a lot of features at a reasonable price. Should you pick them up? Let's find out.

Devesh Arora Devesh Arora @aroradevesh
New Delhi Published on: March 05, 2021 16:53 IST

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro look quite subtle in Black. 

Nowadays the market has been flooded with so many TWS that it has become hard to find the perfect pair for you. Most of them are overpriced and many are straight-up ripoffs. Some TWS are great sounding but aren’t sweatproof for the gym, some are more rugged but offer mediocre sound quality. Others offer all you need but are ridiculously overpriced.

That’s where the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro comes in. Samsung aims to offer reliably good performance, along with a rugged design and all with a price tag, you can get around by. Continue reading to find out more. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review: Design and Build Quality

The first look at Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro tells us that they surely belong to the Galaxy series of TWS. The design is well thought out and resembles its predecessors. The case looks like the case from the Galaxy Buds Live but with fresh new paint jobs. The earphones themselves are somewhere in between the Buds Live and the Buds+. 

Within the first few minutes of usage, you can easily figure out the Buds Pro light and are surprisingly comfortable in-ear. The lack of fins of any sort made me doubt its ability to keep itself in my ears while jogging or in the gym. To my surprise, with the right ear tip size, they hold on pretty well. The unusual contours of the earphones are designed to mimic the shape of the common man’s ear to provide great comfort.

The materials used by the company for the ear tips feels very reassuring of its quality. The three-microphones on the outside along with touch buttons on the earphones offer a great look in one’s ears without compromising on functionality. The earphones contain 11m woofers and 6.5mm tweeters to offer quality sound. The earphones are also IPX7 rated which means they can survive in 30m of water depth for 30 mins. Theoretically, you can even take these for a swim, but we will recommend you to try that at your own risk. 

While heading outside with the pair of truly wireless earphones, you will also need to carry the case around. With bigger earphones comes a bigger case. Thankfully the case is still not so much bigger thanks to better packaging by the company. The case has a soft touch and matter black paint job on our review variant looks real good.

Talking about the case, the case will be needed to charge the earbuds once they run out of battery as is the case with all these TWS earbuds. The earbuds run for around 5 hours on a single full charge with ANC. The case can charge the earbuds completely for around a little over 2 times before giving up. When it runs out of battery, you can charge it back up using a USB-C charger or a Qi-certified wireless charger or even on the back of your smartphone if it supports a reverse wireless charger. 

There are touch controls on the Buds Pro, which for me are a disadvantage. I usually never like the touch controls on an earphone. The touch controls on the Buds Pro work almost all the time, but there is no feedback with a faint sound that you can easily miss.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review: Sound and Performance

As for the sound quality, the Galaxy Buds Pro packs in something that we rarely ever see. Below the shiny plastic housing, there are 2 drivers. An 11m woofer and 6.5mm tweeter to offer deep bass and detailed highs. Most earphones pack only one driver, but these AKG tuned earphones with dual drivers will divide the work offering better sound all over the range. They may be one of the best sounding TWS in their class. 

During movies or phone calls, sound syncing and quality are nice. The Buds Pro can be paired to multiple devices, which helps when you are using your laptop and you get a phone call, the fast switching is really appreciated. The call quality heard on the other end was nice also with people appreciating how clear my voice sounded even when I was driving a two-wheeler. The intelligent switching to the ambient sound mode from ANC and back to ANC when they think you are trying to talk to a physical person is ready impressive. I would like to see a setting to also pause the music when they turn on the ambient sound so as to not miss the favourite part of their song as someone came up to them. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Review: Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is available to buy at Rs 15,990. At this price, they certainly are one great deal, especially if you want wireless charging. If you have experience with high-quality audio products, these do justify their price. Using them with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS they work perfectly fine. Considering it's slightly more expensive than the AirPods with Wireless Charging case, it's not a bad deal. 

When you are spending this much money on a pair of earphones, you want them to do everything well which the Buds Pro certainly achieves. Overall, you wouldn’t regret grabbing yourself a Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. 

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