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Samsung set to launch the new Galaxy Ring in 2024: Details

The upcoming Samsung Smart Ring will feature its ability to collect detailed body and health data through the built-in sensors, which could be seen on a connected smartphone.

Reported By : IANS Edited By : Saumya Nigam
New Delhi
Updated on: July 31, 2023 18:01 IST
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Image Source : UNSPLASH Samsung Galaxy Ring set to launch in 2024: Expected features


Samsung is reportedly gearing up to launch its smart ring, named 'Galaxy Ring,' in 2024. The company is collaborating with domestic and international component manufacturers to ensure its success before potential mass production, which might be decided as early as next month. The smart ring boasts built-in sensors that collect detailed body and health data, which can be accessed on a connected smartphone. To improve accuracy, the ring can be adjusted to fit the user's finger size, reducing potential data errors due to loose fittings.

However, Samsung faces challenges during development, such as dealing with weak blood flow or excessively tight fitting that could affect data accuracy. Additionally, if mass production is approved, obtaining medical device status certification could take 10 to 12 months, potentially delaying the product's availability.

Moreover, Samsung is considering integrating the 'Galaxy Ring' with XR (mixed reality) devices, leveraging XR technology to track users' head and hand movements using cameras and sensors, according to patent applications.

Recently, a Reddit user discovered that the Samsung Health beta app includes a "Feature List" mentioning "Ring Support." This could indicate that Samsung may plan to add support for smart rings made by other companies or release the Galaxy Ring and enable compatibility with third-party rings on the Health platform.

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Overall, the 'Galaxy Ring' could mark Samsung's foray into wearable health tech, providing users with valuable insights into their health and fitness metrics through an innovative smart ring device. However, the company needs to overcome technical hurdles and navigate the certification process to bring the product to the market successfully.

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