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Google Play Store warns users of battery-draining apps, 43 malicious apps removed

McAfee's Mobile Research Team identified these apps, which were then reported to Google for violating Play Store policies. Most of the apps have been removed or updated by developers since. Users are urged to promptly delete any of these identified apps from their devices to prevent potential harm.

Edited By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Published on: August 21, 2023 16:37 IST
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Image Source : PIXABAY Google's battle against sneaky apps: 43 bad apps taken down

Recently, Android users have been cautioned to stay vigilant and remove certain questionable apps from their devices due to their potential to drain battery life and consume mobile data, even when the screen is turned off. The alert comes after McAfee's security team uncovered a cluster of 43 apps that could display advertisements while the device remains idle.

This alarming discovery directly violates Google's rules and contradicts the Google Play Developer policy. Despite these regulations, some developers sought to exploit this loophole to generate ad clicks without user consent.

Although Google has removed many of these apps from the Play Store, around 2.5 million users had already downloaded them prior to their removal. Notable apps identified by McAfee include TV/DMB Player, Music Downloader, News, and Calendar applications. These ads often remain dormant for several weeks after the initial app installation, making detection more challenging.

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McAfee has advised caution when downloading new apps and recommends reviewing the permissions requested by the software before installation. In addition, users are urged to monitor their device's performance for any sudden battery life drops that may indicate malicious activity.

For users experiencing battery drain, it's essential to consider possible app-related issues. However, one should also acknowledge that the cause could be an aging device or a damaged battery. Hence, users are advised to be cautious when granting permissions to unknown apps and only provide necessary permissions for app functionality.

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McAfee's guidance mentioned the importance of critically assessing the need to grant permissions like power-saving exclusion or drawing over other apps. While some permissions are crucial for legitimate background operations, users should be mindful of potential risks associated with hidden behaviors and the impact on ad relevance.

Meanwhile, Google's Play Store has been combatting challenges coming from its vast popularity. With nearly 3 million apps and games, the platform has struggled to prevent the infiltration of malicious apps and policy-violating software. 


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