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Highlights, IPL 2019, Match 43: Rajasthan beat Kolkata by 3 wickets

Youngster Riyan Parag (47) and Jofra Archer's cameo guided Rajasthan Royals to a thrilling three-wicket win over Kolkata Knight Riders.

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New Delhi Updated on: April 26, 2019 0:26 IST
KKR vs RR, Live IPL Score from Eden Gardens: Rahane, Samson
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KKR vs RR, Live IPL Score from Eden Gardens: Rahane, Samson build in 176 chase

KKR vs RR from Eden Gardens: The Powerplay belonged to Rajasthan despite losing Rahane just before its end, but post that, the tide completely swung in Kolkata's favour. Their spinners, Chawla and Narine, ran through the top order and allowed others to chip in and eat into the tail. All seemed lost but young Parag had other ideas in mind. He stitched a few solid stands but the main one came with Archer (Of 44) where they just scored freely. Parag departed, but Archer hung around and put the finishing touches on the win, with 4 balls still to spare. (LIVE MATCH SCORECARD)

Highlights, Rajasthan Royals (177/7) beat Kolkata Knight Riders (175/6) by 3 wickets

23.52 IST: SIX! RAJASTHAN WIN BY 3 WICKETS! WHAT A MATCH! Jofra Archer has won it for his side. Oh, this is sensational. Just sensational! He knocks this out of the park and finishes things off in style. Full delivery around off, Archer makes room and gets under this one. Launches it over the wide long off fence for half a dozen.

23.50 IST: Prasidh Krishna to Jofra Archer, FOUR! Edged and away! The Rajasthan dugout holds its celebration. There's still some ways to go. Length ball around off, Archer throws everything at it and gets a thick edge. It goes over short third man and away for a boundary.

23.41 IST: Prasidh Krishna to Riyan Parag, SIX! That's right off the middle. Is this where the tide turns in Rajasthan's favour? Short of a good length in line of the stumps, Parag swings across the line and nails the heave perfectly. It goes sailing over the square leg stands for half a dozen. 13 off the over. 18 runs needed in 12 balls.

23.40 IST: Prasidh Krishna to Riyan Parag, FOUR! Lucky runs for Parag and Rajasthan. They won't mind this at all. Fuller length ball around off, Parag throws his bat at it and gets an inside edge which goes past the leg stump and away to the fine leg boundary.

23.33 IST: Sunil Narine to Riyan Parag, FOUR! 13 already off the over. Rajasthan doing well here. Quick and on the leg stump line, Parag tickles it fine down the leg side and finds the fence.

23.32 IST: SIX! That's gone flat! What a start to the over from Archer. Short, quick and outside off, Archer plants his front foot forward and hammers it straight back over the bowler's head for a biggie. This is the boundary scored off Narine's spell so far. RR 136/6 in 16.1 overs

23.28 IST: OUT! Gopal holes out and that should be it for Rajasthan. Should be. Fuller length ball just outside off, the batsman clears his front leg and attempts to go big downtown. He doesn't time it at all, and hands a simple enough catch to Gill running in from the deep. Prasidh removes Gopal for 18. Rajasthan Royals 123/6 in 15.2 overs

23.23 IST: Nitish Rana to Shreyas Gopal, FOUR! Too much width on offer, short and flat outside off, Gopal sticks on the back foot and cuts it hard through point for a boundary.

23.18 IST: Andre Russell to Shreyas Gopal, FOUR! He's found the gap well. Extremely full and just outside off, Gopal drills it through extra cover and finds the fence with ease. RR 109/5 in 14 overs

23.16 IST: Andre Russell to Riyan Parag, FOUR! Excellently played! Shuffles right across at the very end and then paddle scoops it through to the fine leg fence. Parag holds the key here.

23.14 IST: Andre Russell to Shreyas Gopal, Russell bangs it on a length around middle, Gopal tries to defend but the ball hits the higher portion of the bat and lobs back but short of the bowler.

* Shreyas Gopal is the next batsman in.

23.09 IST: OUT! Binny holes out! Once again, the shot can surely be questioned. This is Chawla's last over, you would probably think about playing him out but no, Binny has different ideas. He brings out the slog sweep but does not get it right off the middle. He goes straight to Rinku Singh at the mid-wicket fence. Chawla removes Binny for 11. Rajasthan Royals 98/5 in 12.3 overs

23.05 IST: Carlos Brathwaite to Riyan Parag, FOUR! Top edge and a boundary! Once again we see the last ball spoiling the over. 11 from it. Short and on the body, Parag is a touch late in the pull shot. A top edge is induced which goes for a one-bounce boundary in the fine leg region.

23.01 IST: Piyush Chawla to Stuart Binny, SIX! Binny has nailed the slog sweep. Into the stands. Goes down on one knee and smokes it over the mid-wicket fence.

22.58 IST: Piyush Chawla to Ben Stokes, OUT! There goes Ben Stokes and probably now, Rajasthan's chances of chasing this down, look very slim.

22.55 IST: Prithvi Raj to Riyan Parag, FOUR!

22.53 IST: Prithvi Raj to Ben Stokes, FOUR! Much-needed boundary! Stokes enjoys pace on the ball and that is what he is getting here. He makes room and Raj bangs it short. He slaps it over covers and bags a boundary.

22.50 IST: Prithvi Raj to Riyan Parag, WIDE! Prithvi Raj bowls this way outside leg. Parag lets it go. The umpire signals wide.

* The strategic break has been signaled! Probably at the wrong time for Kolkata. Their spinners were choking the runs and Rajasthan were under tremendous pressure. That was not the case though in the Powerplay as the openers were cruising along nicely. However, the game changed once Rahane fell. Samson then fell in the next over and Smith then followed. The top three who have been amongst the runs are back in the hut. Time now for Ben Stokes and the rest to step up. Kolkata on the other hand, know one wicket and they would be into an inexperienced Rajasthan middle order. Will the hosts continue to dominate or will the visitors fight back?

22.48 IST: Piyush Chawla to Ben Stokes, A dot to end the over. A back of a length delivery on off, Stokes plays it with ease. 2 runs from the over. A good one from Kolkata.

22.43 IST: Sunil Narine to Riyan Parag, DROPPED! Sunil Narine could have easily had his third. That was a dolly but he tried to take it too casually. This is floated up on off, Parag ends up chipping it to the left of the bowler who sticks one hand out but the ball does not stick.

Riyan Parag is the next batsman in.

22.42 IST: Sunil Narine to Steven Smith, OUT! The spinners have turned the game on its head. The Rajasthan skipper is walking back now. Three wickets in three overs for the hosts and two have been taken by Narine. Another batsman who has missed a straight ball. This pitches on off and skids through again. Smith looks to work it across the line but misses and the ball hits the stumps.

22.38 IST: Piyush Chawla to Ben Stokes, FOUR! EDGY! The googly and Stokes does not pick it. He looks to push at it but the ball takes the outside edge and goes past the diving first slip fielder to the third man fence. A boundary to end another successful over for the hosts.

22.36 IST: Piyush Chawla to Sanju Samson, OUT! KABOOM! Chawla strikes. The bowling change has worked wonders. The one second of hesitation costs Samson. He got himself into a tangle there. Chawla bowls the googly around off, at first Samson at first looks to play the paddle. He then realizes he picked the wrong ball and hence, looks to play it with a straight bat. His willow though hits his boot and the bat does not come through. The ball till then, sneaks through and uproots the off pole. Two wickets in quick succession and both the openers are back in the hut. Kolkata are back int he game.

22.33 IST: Sunil Narine to Steven Smith, NOT OUT! There is an inside edge! Excellent decision that from the umpire. Kolkata lose their only review. Narine pitches this one middle and gets it to straighten. Smith looks for the slog sweep but he gets a faint inside edge onto his pads. An appeal and the umpire shakes his head. Karthik reviews straightaway. Replays roll in and they show that there is a spike on Ultra Edge.

22.29 IST: OUT! That is as plumb as it can get! Rahane misses a straight delivery this. Narine lands it on middle and skids through. Rahane ends up playing outside the line, misses and the ball hits the front pad. An appeal and the umpire raises the finger. Rahane has a chat with Samson but then does not review and rightly so. Narine removes Rahane for 34. Rajasthan Royals 53/1 in 5.1 overs

22.26 IST: Prithvi Raj to Ajinkya Rahane, FOUR! Lovely placement! Slightly short and outside off, Rahane stands tall and guides it through point. There is a sweeper but he has no chance. 14 from the three balls now. Under pressure is the bowler. The 50 is also up. RR 50/0 in 4.4 overs

22.25 IST: Prithvi Raj to Ajinkya Rahane, FOUR! Hammered! Slightly short again and Rahane picks the length early. He transfers his weight on the back foot and pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary. RR 46/0 in 4.3 overs 

22.24 IST: Prithvi Raj to Ajinkya Rahane, SIX! SLAPPED! Slightly short and outside off, Rahane makes room and then throws his hands at it. The ball flies off the middle and over the cover fence. RR 42/0 in 4.2 overs

22.18 IST: Andre Russell to Sanju Samson, SIX! BANG! Sanju on the other hand, is dealing in maximums. Right in the slot. Full and on off, Samson lofts it with utmost ease over the bowler's head and it goes all the way. RR 29/0 in 2.5 overs

22.15 IST: Andre Russell to Ajinkya Rahane, FOUR! CLASS! Slightly short and outside off, Rahane waits for it and then caresses it through the off side. The ball races away. Dealing in boundaries is Rahane. RR 22/0 in 2.2 overs

22.11 IST: Krishna to Samson, SIX!  Smashed! Take that says Samson. Not a very bad delivery this, it is on a length and around off, Samson lofts it over the bowler's head. It did not seem off the middle but went all the way. What a way to get off the mark for him. RR 16/0 in 1.4 overs

22.10 IST: Krishna to Rahane, FOUR! Over mid on! A confident stroke that. It did not come off the middle but enough to clear the fielder there. Slightly fuller and on the stumps, Rahane lifts it over mid on and a boundary results. Second boundary for him. RR 9/0 in 1.1 overs

* Prasidh Krishna to bowl from the other end.

22.07 IST: Braithwaite to Rahane, FOUR! Up and over! This time Rahane pounces on the width offered outside off and strokes it over the cover fielder for a boundary. Rajasthan are off the mark in style! RR 4/0 in 0.4 overs

22.06 IST: We are back for the chase. The Kolkata players are out in the middle. Ajinkya Rahane and Sanju Samson will open the batting for Rajasthan. Carlos Brathwaite will start the proceedings for Kolkata. Here we go...

* WHAT AN INNINGS FROM DINESH KARTHIK! He has single-handedly taken Kolkata to a total which is surely dependable. However, Rajasthan are surely not out of the game, they won't be too disappointed with how things are at the moment.

21.50 IST: Jaydev Unadkat to Dinesh Karthik, No he does not as it is only a single but 18 from the last over. KOLKATA FINISH WITH 175! A short ball and it is on the body, Karthik goes for the pull but mistimes it towards deep mid-wicket for a run.

21.48 IST: Jaydev Unadkat to Dinesh Karthik, SIX! That is why he did not run! Karthik smashes this over the bowler's head for a biggie. 4 away now with one ball to go. Once again, it is poor from Unadkat, in the slot again and it is tonked over the long off fence.

21.47 IST: Jaydev Unadkat to Dinesh Karthik, SIX! Over long on! Into the 90s is Karthik. What a shot! Once again he is standing way inside his crease. Unadkat misses the yorker and turns out to be a hit-me ball. Karthik sends it into the long on stands. 11 runs from the first three balls.

21.45 IST: Jaydev Unadkat to Dinesh Karthik, FOUR! In the gap and a boundary! Unadkat goes full, Karthik uses the depth of the crease as he stands well in. It turns out to be a slot delivery and Karthik whips it through mid-wicket for a boundary.

21.42 IST: Jofra Archer to Dinesh Karthik, SIX! SLAPPED! That shot just shows how strong Karthik is. This is short ball and it is a slower one outside off. Karthik waits for it and then muscles it off the back foot and over covers. It goes all the way.

21.38 IST:  Rahane is taken off the field. He hurt his shoulder on the last ball, which is the reason for that. Hopefully it isn't too serious and he can come out to bat in the second innings.

21.37 IST: Jaydev Unadkat to Dinesh Karthik, Dropped and FOUR! But that's such a difficult chance, unfortunate Rahane couldn't hold on. Slower short ball on middle stump, Karthik pulls it over mid-wicket. Rahane in the deep runs to his right, dives and gets his hands to it, but it doesn't stick. To add to his woes, it rolls away and touches the rope.

21.35 IST: Jaydev Unadkat to Dinesh Karthik, FOUR! 4, wicket, 4 off the first three balls in this over. Poor ball with third man up. Short and wide outside off, Karthik cuts it through backward point and it is a certain boundary.

21.33 IST: Jaydev Unadkat to Carlos Brathwaite, OUT! Unadkat has the last laugh! Another big-hitter walks back without making an impact. Unadkat sticks to bowling the slower balls. Brathwaite goes for the pull but does not get it off the middle. It has more air than distance and Rahane at deep mid-wicket takes a good catch diving forward.

21.31 IST: Oshane Thomas to Dinesh Karthik, SIX! Takes full toll of the Free Hit, does Karthik. It is not right off the middle but enough to go over the fence. On the shorter side again, Karthik flat-bats it towards long on. For a second the man there feels he can stop it but the ball flies over him. The last ball spoils the over completely. 12 from it.

21.30 IST: Oshane Thomas to Carlos Brathwaite, NO BALL! Oshane Thomas oversteps! Full on middle, Brathwaite drives it past the bowler towards mid on for a run. The next ball will be a Free Hit.

21.28 IST: Oshane Thomas to Andre Russell, OUT! No third time lucky for Russell as he holds out. Just wasn't timing the ball that well tonight. Oshane Thomas gets his man. It is short and outside off. Russell again looks to drag his pull shot but it goes right off the bottom part. Parag at deep mid-wicket takes it with ease. Huge wicket as Russell could have easily taken the game away from Rajasthan.

21.25 IST: Oshane Thomas to Andre Russell, DROPPED AGAIN! Russell has another life! Smith can't believe it. Yes, this is a skier but it needs to be taken. Oshane goes short and on off, Russell looks to drag it over mid-wicket but only gets a top edge. It goes high up in the air towards point. Chopra the substitute, tries to get under it, he never seems comfortable and in the end grasses it.

21.19 IST: Jaydev Unadkat to Dinesh Karthik, SIX! That is a wonderful shot. Another six, this time it is Dinesh Karthik. Unadkat goes back to bowling a seam up delivery. Karthik stays inside his crease and whips it over the square leg fence for a biggie.

21.16 IST: Jaydev Unadkat to Andre Russell, SIX! That's out of the park! Russell has teed up here. Length ball on middle and leg, the big man makes room, adjusts and then gives it the full swing of the bat. Makes sweet connection and sends it into the mid-wicket stands.

21.15 IST: Jofra Archer to Andre Russell, In the air... dropped! Stuart Binny is the culprit. How costly is this going to prove? You just can't drop Andre Russell and this was hit straight to him. Archer almost does what he was brought into the attack to do. He bowls this one short and it is the slower one. Russell waits for it and then cracks it uppishly and flat towards sweeper cover. Binny does get two hands to it but spills it.

Strategic Break! Kolkata have done well to come back into the match and it has been the Karthik show all the way. Andre Russell has come in and will look to go for big shots. On the other hand, Rajasthan have picked the wicket of Sunil Narine but need the wickets of Russell and Dinesh Karthik to put more pressure on them. Also, Jofra Archer is back!

21.06 IST: Varun Aaron to Dinesh Karthik, FOUR! So 0,6,0,0,0,4 is how this over reads! Despite 4 dots, it still accounted for 10. Another poor ball, short and outside off, asking to be hit. Karthik does that as he slaps it square on the off side and bags another boundary. He is into the 40s.

21.04 IST: Varun Aaron to Dinesh Karthik, SIX! Outrageous this! How good are the bats these days? This is short and wide outside off, Karthik gets his bat to it, his one hand comes off as he plays the shot. The ball hits the middle and it sails over the point fence.

21.02 IST:  Varun Aaron to Dinesh Karthik, Crisply driven but to covers! Full and on off, Karthik strokes it but finds the fielder.

21.00 IST: Oshane Thomas to Dinesh Karthik, Back of a good length outside off, Karthik taps it away on the off side. Single taken.

Andre Russell is the new batsman in.

20.56 IST: Jofra Archer to Dinesh Karthik, OUT! Sunil Narine run out (Varun Aaron). Kolkata have lost their fourth wicket. KKR 81/4 in 11.3 Overs

20.54 IST: Jofra Archer to Dinesh Karthik, SIX! Karthik is on the charge here. This is a fantastic shot. Didn't look like it would go all the way. Back of a length on the hips, Karthik moves inside the line and just flicks it over square leg for a maximum.

20.53 IST: Shreyas Gopal to Sunil Narine, SIX!

20.52 IST: Shreyas Gopal to Dinesh Karthik, FOUR! Make that 18 from the 4 balls bowled! Karthik gets a gift this time and he puts it away. A full toss on off, DK strokes it through covers and the ball races away.

20.51 IST: Shreyas Gopal to Dinesh Karthik, FOUR! MISFIELD AND FOUR! Poor, just poor from Binny. Whereas, for Kolkata, they now have 14 from the first three balls. It is full and on the stumps, Karthik whips it through mid-wicket. Binny in the deep, looks to pick the ball up but fails to do so and lets it through for a boundary.

20.50 IST: Shreyas Gopal to Dinesh Karthik, FOUR! EDGY BUT KARTHIK WON't MIND! 10 from two balls for him. This is tossed up nicely on off, it pitches and then turns away. KArthik looks to defend but the ball takes the outside edge and goes to the third man fence.

20.48 IST: Shreyas Gopal to Dinesh Karthik, SIX! Short ball and it has been hit into the stands. A much-needed biggie and it is also the first of the game. It sits up to be hit, Karthik goes vack quickly and pulls it over the mid-wicket fence. This should get Karthik going, Kolkata will hope so.

20.46 IST: Jaydev Unadkat to Dinesh Karthik, BEATEN! Beauty of a delivery. On a good length and outside off, Karthik looks to defend but misses it due to the away movement on this one.

20.45 IST: EDGY FOUR! No, it is not a maiden. Narine gets off the mark in streaky fashion. Slightly and outside off, SN looks to cut but only manages an outside edge. It goes past the first slip fielder the ball races away to the third man fence. Still a top over though, 4 runs and a wicket from it.

Strategic break. Rajasthan have done well to take three wickets and have bowled tight line and lengths to restrict Kolkata from scoring runs. Varun Aaron has taken two wickets and has applied the brakes on scoring.

20.41 IST: Shreyas Gopal to Nitish Rana, OUT! Gopal gets his first and Rana, who had got a start, departs. It is another googly outside off, it is slightly shorter in length. Rana goes back and tries to cut but ends up hitting it uppishly to the man at point. Aaron takes it nicely. Kolkata slip further.

20.33 IST: Riyan Parag to Nitish Rana, FOUR! Amazing shot. Short and outside off, Rana makes room and cuts it hard through point for a boundary.

20.30 IST: Jofra Archer to Dinesh Karthik, On a good length on off, Karthik blocks it off his back foot. Kolkata are 32/2 after 6 overs. Good over from Jofra Archer. Just 1 run from the over. A good Powerplay for Rajasthan where they have taken two wickets and restricted them from scoring big.

20.28 IST: Jofra Archer to Dinesh Karthik, On a good length on off, Karthik blocks it off his back foot. Kolkata are 32/2 after 6 overs. Good over from Jofra Archer. Just 1 run from the over.

20.26 IST: Jofra Archer to Nitish Rana, Length delivery on leg, Rana looks to flick but gets hit on the pads. The umpire gives it as a leg bye. It goes towards the leg side for a single.

20.25 IST: Jofra Archer to Nitish Rana, Very good delivery again! Length and around off, it pitches and then moves away. Rana hangs his bat out and gets beaten.

Dinesh Karthik is the new batsman in. Jofra Archer is into the attack.

20.21 IST: Varun Aaron to Shubman Gill, OUT! Aaron strikes again! This is just a top, top delivery. Unplayable! Aaron bowls the slower one and it starts from way outside off. It comes back in a long way and very late. Gill fails to adjust and ends up playing outside the line. The ball takes the inside edge and then hits the stumps behind. This is an excellent comeback into the team for Aaron. Because of him, Rajasthan are on top at the moment.


20.18 IST: Varun Aaron to Shubman Gill, FOUR! You need not run for that, that has once again gone to the fence like a tracer bullet. Aaron bowls this where Gill loves it. Short and outside off, Gill cuts it past point. Boundary!

20.15 IST: Oshane Thomas to Shubman Gill, FOUR! That has flown across the outfield! No chance for the third man fielder! Once again Thomas is guilty of providing width outside off. Gill guides it past point and the ball gets to the fence in a jiffy.

20.12 IST: Varun Aaron to Nitish Rana, EDGED BUT JUST WIDE! Don't think it would have carried too. Aaron bowls another excellent slower one outside off, Rana once again goes after it tentatively. An outside edge is produced. The ball though goes wide of Stokes at first slip. Third man does well to stop it with a dive. Couple taken.

20.07 IST: Oshane Thomas to Nitish Rana, FOUR! Talk about using the pace of the bowler, Rana did that extremely well there. There was a little width on offer outside off, Rana just opens the face of the bat and guides it nicely through point. The ball races away. Rana is off the mark!

Oshane Thomas to bowl from the other end.

20.06 IST: Excellent first over from the comeback man Varun Aaron, he got the big man and provides the perfect start to Royals at Eden. KKR 4/1 in 1 Over

20.05 IST: Varun Aaron to Nitish Rana, FOUR LEG BYES! Kolkata are underway! Errs in line there does Aaron. He bowls it on the pads, Rana looks to flick but misses. The ball brushes his pads and races down to the fine leg fence.

Nitish Rana is the new batsman in.

20.03 IST: Varun Aaron to Chris Lynn, OUT! LYNN CHOPS IT ON! Aaron draws first blood and that too on the third ball itself. He is pumped and why not? He has got the dangerous Lynn.

20.01 IST: Varun Aaron to Chris Lynn, Excellent start by Aaron. He gets this one to come back in late, very late. It pitches on off and then jags back in. Lynn at the very end gets his bat down in time, it hits the inside edge and then onto his pads.

20.00 IST: Varun Aaron will start the proceedings for Rajasthan.

19.59 IST: We are all set to begin. Carlos Brathwaite rings the bell and Rajasthan players make their way out in the middle. Chris Lynn and Shubhman will open the batting for Kolkata.

19.42 IST: Kolkata skipper, Dinesh Karthik, says it has got a lot of grass covering and it should be good for batting and they have picked the team according to that. Mentions they need to get the best out of the players who are doing well. Informs they too have two changes as Prasidh Krishna and Brathwaite comes in for Harry Gurney and KC Cariappa.

19.41 IST: Rajasthan skipper, Steven Smith, says it looks a nice wicket and he is happy to play on this wicket. Mentions there have been positive signs, their top four is doing well with the bat and he hopes they can cash in tonight as well. Informs there are two changes Oshane Thomas comes in for Dhawal Kulkarni and Varon Arun for Ashton Turner.

19.40 IST: Playing XI are out of both teams

Kolkata Knight Riders (Playing XI): Chris Lynn, Sunil Narine, Shubman Gill, Nitish Rana, Dinesh Karthik(w/c), Rinku Singh, Andre Russell, Carlos Brathwaite, Piyush Chawla, Yarra Prithviraj, Prasidh Krishna

Rajasthan Royals (Playing XI): Ajinkya Rahane, Sanju Samson(w), Steven Smith(c), Ben Stokes, Riyan Parag, Stuart Binny, Shreyas Gopal, Jofra Archer, Jaydev Unadkat, Oshane Thomas, Varun Aaron

19.30 IST: Rajasthan Royals win toss, opt to bowl against Kolkata Knight Riders at Eden Gardens.

19.27 IST: Both teams have arrived at the Eden Gardens.

Hello and welcome to our live blog. The TOSS will take place at 7.30 PM IST and play will commence from 8.00 PM IST. 

Brief Preview: His job safe for now, skipper Dinesh Karthik will be praying for a turnaround in the fortunes of a struggling Kolkata Knight Riders, as they meet Rajasthan Royals in the IPL on Thursday. KKR have suffered five defeats on the trot, exposing their over-reliance on Andre Russell, and Karthik has copped criticism for not promoting the big-hitting West Indian up the order.

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