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The Archies Movie Review: Suhana, Khushi, and Agastya are not newcomers but STARS

The film starring newcomer star kids including Agastya Nanda, Suhana Khan, and Khushi Kapoor is released on Netflix on December 7. Read till the end to get a complete idea about the film and whether The Archies is really worth watching.

Aseem Sharma Aseem Sharma Updated on: December 07, 2023 14:08 IST
the archies review
Official poster of The Archies.Photo:INSTAGRAM
  • Movie Name:The Archies
  • Critics Rating: 3 / 5
  • Release Date: December 7
  • Director: Zoya Akhtar
  • Genre: Teen Musical Comedy

The Archies revolves around the unbreakable bond shared between three main characters, Veronica Lodge (portrayed by Suhana Khan), Betty Cooper (played by Khushi Kapoor), and Archie Andrews (enacted by Agastya Nanda). Set in the fictional town of Riverdale during the 1960s India, the storyline unfolds against this vivid backdrop.

So, read till the end to know about the story of the film, star kids Suhana, Agastya, and Khushi's acting, and what the movie has in store for you. 

Story of the film

The story begins with Veronica reuniting her friends in Riverdale. Everything and everyone in the town is happy until Veronica's father Hiram Lodge eyes to build a big commercial plaza in the most popular location in Riverdale, Green Park. He along with his team persuade established local businesses, such as a salon, a bookstore, among others to relocate for the development of the town, leading to dissatification among the community. However, when Veronica's father's ambitious dream of constructing a plaza begins to materialise, her friends gradually distance themselves from her. This separation prompts Veronica to defy her father's plans, rejoining her friends to protect Riverdale, symbolising a momentous turning point in the film.

This act of rebellion and reunion showcases Veronica's steadfast loyalty to her friends and the unwavering bond that defines their camaraderie. The film beautifully captures the spirit of friendship, relationships, and loyalty amidst the backdrop of a changing town, where the characters collectively strive to safeguard their cherished town, Riverdale.

This film will surely immerse the viewers in a vibrant narrative, which weaves together themes of camaraderie and resilience against the canvas of a fictional town in the 1960s. 


In the film, debutant star kids Suhana Khan, Agastya Nanda, and Khushi Kapoor shine brightly, defying their newcomer status with exceptional performances. Despite The Archies being their debut film, these three star kids showcase commendable skills and maturity in portraying their characters parallel to the film's storyline. Their on-screen chemistry and portrayal of the characters' emotions, relationship, and unity are truly praiseworthy.

The main attraction of these three in the film was their ability to present the essence of their roles with indepthness, displaying a level of talent that completely disproves their newcomer status. Suhana, Agastya, and Khushi's performances contribute significantly to the film's authenticity and emotional depth. 

Apart from them, veterans like Alyy Khan and Vinay Pathak also steal the show with their characters. 



Zoya Akhtar's portrayal of the 1960s era in The Archies showcases her art of presenting the essence of the time. Additionally, by blending the acting skills of newcomers like Suhana Khan, Agastya Nanda, Mihir Ahuja, Vedang Raina and Khushi Kapoor with seasoned actors like Alyy Khan and Vinay Pathak, Zoya Akhtar creates a balanced and impactful ensemble.

Zoya's directorial finesse in amalgamating the abilities of both seasoned and new actors contributes significantly to the film's overall depth and quality, enhancing the audience's immersion into the world of The Archies.


Since The Archies is a teen musical comedy, the film's songs and background score are something one must be excited about. Tracks like 'Sunoh' and 'Va Va Voom', strongly connect with the film's storyline. These songs, with lyrics written by veteran lyricist Javed Akhtar, blend seamlessly, which adds depth and emotion to the story. They bind you to the characters' journeys of reuniting, partying together, and fighting for the same cause, which ultimately enhances the overall experience of the movie. The background score also plays a key element that beautifully complements the storytelling in The Archies.


Zoya Akhtar's direction in The Archies is consistently captivating, ensuring an engaging experience from start to finish. During slower moments in The Archies, the music acts as a dynamic force, swiftly reigniting interest in the film. Zoya's directorial skills keep the audience invested, while the music adds depth and resonance to the storyline. Together, Zoya Akhtar's direction and the evocative music make the teen musical comedy drama an immersive and engaging film. 

The film is, therefore, a complete package for a teen, who values relationships, friendships, and leadership during this phase.