Friday, December 08, 2023
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Saira Banu recalls Sunil Dutt visited Dilip Kumar on Eid even after meeting air crash and injuries | Photo

Saira Banu has shared a post on Instagram talking about Dilip Kumar and Sunil Dutt's friendship. She also posted a priceless candid photo of the two.

India TV Entertainment Desk Written By: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Published on: August 08, 2023 8:20 IST
Dilip Kumar and Sunil Dutt's friendship
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/SAIRA BANU Dilip Kumar and Sunil Dutt's friendship

Saira Banu recalled the bond of her husband-late actor Dilip Kumar with his friends-actor Sunil Dutt. She spoke in length about the friendship between the duo as she shared several incidents. Taking to Instagram, Saira also posted a priceless candid photo of Dilip and Sunil, where the former had his hands on Sunil who looked away. 

The note read, "I am joyous as I share stories and moments that Sahib shared and lived with people that he called friends. Sahib was known to be a lovable and caring person but only a few people knew that he was a great friend of them was Sunil Dutt."

Banu added, "Dilip Sahib and Dutt Sahab were not only neighbours but also dearest of friends. They were both great icons who did not isolate themselves in their own luxurious lives but always came to aid the film fraternity, whether it was a matter of the industry at large or some crisis. When there was big trouble and heartache Dilip Sahib and Dutt Sahab would burn the midnight lamp together and would pow-wow into finding solutions, be it 3 in the morning. or 4, whether it meant travelling to and fro to Delhi or helping victims of the civil riots in Mumbai." 

She revealed how Sunil Dutt use to bring his favourite Katori of cooked Dal to enjoy with Dilip Sahib. “On occasions of mirth and joy, it was a treat to see Sunil Ji walking down the slope into Dilip Sahib’s house to share his favourite Katori of cooked Dal that was a must for him with every meal.” 

Banu also recalled an incident when Dutt met with an unfortunate air crash on his flight back from a function in Shirpur, Maharashtra. She continued, “Once after a function in Shirpur, Maharashtra, Dutt Sahab met with an unfortunate air-crash on his flight back. He did survive it but landed at “Breach Candy Hospital.” Upon his discharge from the hospital, even the injury did not stop him from hobbling across with a walking stick to his friend Dilip Sahib's house to wish him Eid Mubarak. This was the greatness and camaraderie of Dutt Sahab.” 

"This friendship between the two goes back to a Radio Interview that Dutt Sahib did with Dilip Sahib and Mehboob Khan’s “Mother India", wherein Dilip Sahib refused to be cast as Smt Nargis Ji’s son in the same film. After that Sunil Ji was cast in the same role,” she concluded. 

Since her debut on Instagram, Saira Banu has been sharing pictures and anecdotes about herself and her late husband Dilip Kumar. Saira Banu married Dilip Kumar in 1966 and fans and supporters have always looked up to their 55 years of marriage as an eternal love story.

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