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Introducing the all new TurboTronn 2.0 - Save money on your miles!

Edited By: Brand Content New Delhi Updated on: January 03, 2024 11:52 IST
TurboTronn 2.0 - Save money on your miles!
Image Source : TATA MOTORS TurboTronn 2.0 - Save money on your miles!

Tata Motors Commercial Vehicle introduces the new TurboTronn 2.0, an advanced technology engine that will give you a bang for your buck. This state-of-the-art engine has quickly become very popular since its launch this year. 

The 5 litre TurboTronn 2.0 engine is said to be the engine that gives you the highest mileage in its category. It is highly reliable and is a powerhouse that will perform to its highest ability. The TurboTronn engine was made to help cut fuel as well as maintenance costs so businesses in India reach higher peaks of success with every delivery. 

In industries such as logistics, the utilization of this fuel-efficient engine holds the potential to significantly reduce overhead costs for companies. Given the current peak in fuel prices, which shows an upward trend each year, an engine of this nature proves to be a boon for businesses in this sector. Particularly for delivery vehicles covering extensive distances, the importance of a reliable engine cannot be overstated. These vehicles operate throughout the night on continuous journeys, leading to challenges such as engine overheating and low oil pressure. Recognizing these critical factors, Tata Motors commercial vehicle has pioneered advanced engine technology in the development of TurboTronn 2.0.

Key features of Turbotronn 2.0: 

  • 200 times Peak Firing Pressure. This efficiently reduces fuel wastage. 
  • 2000 bars High Pressure Fuel Injection System. The high air quantity and low fuel quantity allows low wastage of fuel. 
  • State-of-the-art Turbocharger with Internal Aerodynamic design and Electric Actuator. The turbine speed is controlled and the turbocharger is protected from any unnecessary wear and tear. Excess gas is diverted and this protects the turbine wheel. 
  • 4 Valves per Cylinder. This improves the breathing room for the engine by letting air and fuel enter while efficiently expelling exhaust gases. Multiple valve designs are smaller and lighter than the usual 2-valve designs, making it easier to reach higher engine speeds. 
  • Electrical Oil Thermostat. The presence of this thermostat prevents the oil from reaching the cooler until all of it has reached working temperature. It also allows the engine oil to reach working temperature quickly so the vehicle is ready to run in a shorter time. 

So, how do these features benefit your vehicle? 

The superior acceleration and gradient capabilities contribute to an enhanced driving experience, providing improved mileage and superior torque in lower gears. The advanced diagnostic strategy for fault code management offers an added advantage by swiftly addressing any arising issues.

Tata Motors commercial vehicle has rigorously tested the TurboTronn 2.0 to establish its robust performance across diverse duty cycles. From traversing deserts to navigating potholed roads, the engine has proven its durability and reliability. This comprehensive testing underscores Tata Motor's commitment to delivering a long-lasting and dependable product.

From a business perspective, investing in such a reliable engine becomes a strategic move to ensure timely and hassle-free deliveries. The TurboTronn 2.0 stands out as a testament to Tata Motors' dedication to providing a durable and efficient solution for businesses relying on transportation.

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