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Mars transit in Cancer: Marital life of Aries will improve; unfavourable for Gemini

The Mars transit in Cancer will be favorable for Gemini. Read to know why.

Chirag Bejan Daruwalla Written By: Chirag Bejan Daruwalla @ChiragDaruwalla New Delhi Published on: May 09, 2023 21:30 IST
Mars transit in Cancer
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Mars transit in Cancer

Mars transit in Cancer: Mars will transit in Cancer on 10 May 2023. During this time Mars will move from Gemini owned by Mercury and enter Cancer owned by Moon and stay here till July 1, 2023, will enter Leo owned by Sun. A cancer sign is called a low sign for Mars, so this transit of Mars is considered very important. Mars gives courage and bravery in personal life. These are the planets that increase our life energy. Because of these, we are able to do any work with full power and ability. Mars is the symbol of your courage and determination. It is considered to be in its exalted state in Capricorn and in its debilitated state in Cancer. According to astrologer Chirag Bejan Daruwalla, mainly the transit of Mars gives more favorable results in the third house, sixth house, tenth house, and eleventh house.


Harmony will return in your life from a marital perspective. Your working life will flourish with a steady increase in your income and all your worries about your career will be dispelled. You may need to take extra care of your parents during the transit of Mars. If you are planning to buy a new vehicle, you can buy one. There can be an atmosphere of unrest at home, so try to keep your personal and professional life in check.


The transit of Mars will be good for you in many respects. Your reputation will increase in society. Some of your opponents will try their best to dominate you but you will be able to defeat them. You can go on a short-distance trip. Try to avoid any unnecessary controversy. Don't overdo anything else it can cause harm.


Hoarseness will increase in your speech and due to this the work done by you can get spoiled. By speaking bitterly to anyone, you can get out of his mind, due to which the tension in the relationship can increase and its negative effect can be seen in the workplace as well. Refrain from being overly aggressive as it can increase tension with family members. Spend some time in solitude for yourself and wake up your willpower. During this transit, talk to family members in a balanced amount. Some tough challenges may come up in business. From the point of view of health, it will be necessary to take some care during this time. Pay attention to food. People doing jobs will get the fruits of their hard work.


This is the low zodiac sign of Mars. There can be a decline in health due to the effect of this transit. Problems related to blood impurity, anemia, or blood pressure may have to be faced. Anger can increase in your nature which can harm you. You will come in a hurry and do many things quickly, for which you may have to repent later, so stay away from such things. Be careful in talking to your spouse, otherwise, tension in the relationship can increase due to unnecessary arguments. However, this transit will prove to be favorable from an economic point of view. Will be able to get success in important works. Money will increase and your position in the job will start to strengthen. Students will get positive effects from this transit. No matter what situation comes in front of you, you will face it firmly.


If your dream is to go abroad for studies, then this wish can be fulfilled by the transit of Mars in Cancer and you can get a chance to study abroad. This time can increase tension in married life. There will be a possibility of continuous increase in expenses which can bother you and this can increase the burden on your financial condition. If any debate or court case is going on, then the decision may come in your favor. During this, your mental stress will increase. You will be busier in connection with work and you may have to travel more. You should also take care of your health during this transit.


Your financial problems will be solved and your expenses will come down. Your financial plans will be successful during this transit and you will get benefits in your financial life. There will be good profit opportunities in business as well. You will also get an opportunity to spend quality time and group with friends. You will be tough on your opponents. You will be able to achieve a lot during this transit. This transit will bring intensity to love relations.


Mars will make you strong in the workplace but you should avoid clashing with anyone. The habit of unnecessarily fighting with someone may result in loss. It will be necessary to strike a balance between family life and professional life and avoid unnecessary arguments in both areas. You may be assigned a new position due to which your rights will increase. Tension can increase in love relationships. Students' attention will be more on sports and other activities during their studies. If you are a sportsperson, then the transit of Mars in Cancer will give you a good position and will prove to be helpful in making your sports a profession.


This transit can result in long and tiring journeys. Some tension may rise between you and your father. You have to keep trying to maintain good relations with them. Negligence towards their health problems can be harmful, so take care of their health. There may be a change in job or you may also be transferred. Try to handle relationships with siblings. You can also say good or bad to any of your friends. Try to persuade them because friends are hard to come by. Students of higher education should concentrate on their studies by avoiding haste.


As a result of this transit, you have to be careful while driving, otherwise, some kind of accident may happen. Arguments or tensions may increase with the in-laws. In married life, the transit of Mars in Cancer can increase stress and you may have to face health problems. Financially, some challenges will come in front of you, but there will also be chances of getting money suddenly. You can get some long pending ancestral property. People will misinterpret your words and there may be some problems with your father's health as well.


Due to the influence of this transit, it is natural for tension to increase in married life. You yourself also have to control your anger. There will be chances of progress in business, but you have to take care that things do not go wrong with the business partner. The condition of the job will be in your favor. You will get good results from tough work. To remove the hindrances in education, students should pay full attention to their studies and avoid talking here and there.


Your performance in the workplace will be appreciated and you will be recognized for your work and efforts. There will be a slight increase in expenses, but it will be compensated by the improvement in your financial condition. Family life will continue as before. There can be differences with the maternal side. It would be wise to avoid the wrong company. You may have to undertake many big corporate trips which will be beneficial. Everyone conspiring against you will fail during this transit.


This transit will be financially beneficial for you. There may be an increase in your revenue. There are chances of change in job. You can go abroad for studies. Court-related cases can be resolved in your favor. Any auspicious or auspicious work can be done in the house. Students may have to face some challenges in their studies.

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