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Horoscope Today, October 15: Gemini will achieve success; know about other zodiac signs

Horoscope Today, October 15: Normal day for Cancer; know about other zodiac signs

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: October 15, 2023 5:15 IST
Horoscope Today, October 15
Image Source : FILE IMAGE Horoscope Today, October 15

Horoscope Today, October 15:  Pratipada date of Ashwin Shukla Paksha and Sunday. Pratipada Tithi will last till 12.33 pm tonight, after which Dwitiya Tithi will start. Shardiya Navratri is starting from today. Vaidhriti Yoga will last till 10.24 am today, after which Vishkumbh Yoga will take place. Let's continue with the horoscope.


It is going to be a good day for you. You will get some good news in terms of career. Pay attention to what your elders say, it will be beneficial for you in future. There will be opportunities for progress in business. The people who are associated with politics will get praise for their past work. If you want to buy goods, today is a good day. You will also spend a share in charitable work offer sweets to Goddess Durga. Sweetness will increase in married life. 


It is going to be a happy day. There will be benefits due to the efforts made. Due to the success of children, there will be happiness in the home. The atmosphere will remain. You will get ample support from brothers and sisters. You will have a good time with your spouse in the evening. It is going to be a good day. Your health will be good today from a physical point of view. Fold your hands in front of Mother Shailputri, the pending work will be completed. 


It is going to be a good day for you. Today you will achieve success to a great extent. You need to think with a cool head, the results will be in your favour. Today you are doing good work in society. Students will get support from seniors. Take special care of papers. Today you are worried about any health-related problem.


It is going to be a normal day for you. Today your colleagues and seniors at work will be happy with your performance and will praise you. Today any important work will be completed easily. You will easily fulfill the responsibilities given in business, father will help you. People of this zodiac sign who are involved in making idols will be more benefit than expected. Everyone in the family will be happy with your behaviour. Children will insist on spending time with their father today. Don't be careless about your health. 


Today is going to be beneficial for you. You will feel yourself in a changed role. Today you will have an important discussion, in which your participation will be significant.Gym trainer will get good customers today. Patience and understanding in every task today. Your business skills will improve and you will find yourself ahead in the professional race with a strong spirit. You will get opportunities to increase your position and income. Cardamom to mother Shailputri offer it, there will be only happiness in life. 


It is going to be a good day in the office. Your workload may increase. You will have to work overtime. Today you will get some advice from someone close to you, which will help you a lot. It will be beneficial. Mothers can prepare something sweet and feed it to their children today.There is a need to take care of the health of the elders in the house today. You will receive a gift from your spouse. Today's day for people associated with sports will bring success. 


It is going to be a wonderful day. Praise will spread like perfume to people far and wide. You will be one step near to your success. If you think carefully, everything will be fine. People doing cosmetic business will make big profits today. Today you may come across some old thing, you will feel happy. Fold hands in front of Maa Durga for progress in career. New opportunities will be available. 


Today will bring happiness to you. Today you will get the full support of luck. To move your business forward today, you will make some plans which will benefit you. You will spend time talking on the phone. You will get support from elders. Today you will complete our work very soon. Loved ones will go out together today.


Today is going to be favourable for you. Great success can be achieved. Today you want to start some new work. Take advice from your elders. The decision of any court case will be in your favour. If you want to take a loan, it is a good day. Evening time was spent laughing and joking with brothers and sisters. Your spouse can give you the good news of the arrival of a little guest today.


It is going to be a favourable day for you. You will remain focused on completing your tasks. If you invest in meaningful work, you will get positive results. Those who want to learn will learn with the help of social media. The item may need to be repaired. Today children will take more care of their parents and listen to them. Offer coconut to Maa Durga to create positivity. 


It is going to be favourable for you. Take special care to make friends with others only when you have complete information about them. Do it and understand it thoroughly. Your financial position will remain strong. Father will support you in your business. The newly married couple got a chance to go out for a walk today. Take care of the health of the elderly. Today is the day for my lovemate. It is going to be pleasant. Offer flowers to Mother Shailputri, there will be peace in the house.


It is going to be a beneficial day. Small tasks will yield positive results. Maintain focus while doing office work. Whatever responsibility you get, you will fulfil it well with your wisdom. Today we will help our friend with some work. People who are property dealers. His work will go well. You will get back the money stuck somewhere today. Students will get a chance to participate in some competitions today. Perform Aarti to Mother Durga, health will be better than before. 


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