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YouTube's battle against ad blockers goes global: Key updates

YouTube is telling users to either turn off ad blockers or subscribe to YouTube Premium for $14 a month, as it cracks down on ad-blocking software globally. The company believes that ad-blockers violate their rules, and the move aims to support content creators and maintain a free platform.

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Image Source : FILE YouTube's warning to ad blocker users: Pay up or disable

YouTube Ad Blockers: YouTube, a Google owned audio-video streaming platform, has increased its efforts to combat the use of ad blockers by users on its platform worldwide. More and more YouTube users are now encountering a warning message when they attempt to watch videos, prompting them to disable ad blockers or subscribe to YouTube Premium for $14 a month.

Reportedly, users are now faced with a choice: support content creators by enabling ads or enjoy an ad-free experience with YouTube Premium.

Over the past few weeks, a growing number of users with ad blockers have found themselves unable to view content on the platform. The company is aiming to encourage users to either enable ads or consider YouTube Premium, which also includes access to YouTube Music.

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Ad Blockers Violate Terms of Service

A spokesperson for YouTube stated that the use of ad blockers violates the platform's terms of service. They pointed out that ads play a critical role in supporting a diverse community of content creators globally, making it possible for billions to access their favorite content on YouTube.

The platform initially experimented with disabling videos for users with ad blockers back in June, a move that was described as a "small experiment" with global reach. Additionally, YouTube introduced unskippable 30-second ads to its TV app in May, and later began testing longer but less frequent ad breaks on TV.

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Farewell to 'Premium Lite'

In a recent development, YouTube also announced the discontinuation of its lower-cost subscription plan, 'Premium Lite,' after a two-year pilot period in select countries. The 'Premium Lite' plan, which was priced at $7.39 per month, offered ad-free viewing across YouTube's various apps and formats but did not include additional Premium features like offline downloads, background playback, or access to YouTube Music benefits.

This decision followed a price increase for YouTube Premium's individual plans, which now start at $13.99 per month. Family plans also saw a price hike late last year, reaching $22.99 per month.

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