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WWDC 2024: This Humane AI Pin's feature will be incorporated in iOS 18

The upcoming iOS 18 update is said to incorporate the innovative Humane AI Pin technology, representing the next generation of AI, and will further offer the wearable multi-modal device which has been designed for seamless communication, capturing memorable moments, and simplifying everyday tasks.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Updated on: May 05, 2024 18:14 IST
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Image Source : HUMANE iOS 18 will borrow the Humane AI Pin feature

Apple is set to come up with the first event of the year- WWDC2024, which has been scheduled for June 10. As per the anticipation, the event will unleash the new iOS 18 operating system, and the forthcoming update will power the iPhones and iPads. As always, Apple has kept the details under the hood, and it is expected that the new announcement will further include a range of AI features.

iOS 18 borrows from Humane AI Pin

There has been a buzz regarding the upcoming OS update and it is further anticipated that the iOS 18 might feature Humane AI Pin, the next-generation AI with Humane AI Pin which is a wearable multi-modal device used for effortless communication, capturing moments, and managing everyday chores easily.

This feature further aims to simplify communication for users by condensing lengthy text messages into concise summaries on apple devices.

As per the report of Apple Insider, iOS 18 will leverage Apple's advanced AI tech for implementing text summarization. This will further employ sophisticated algorithms to identify key information within texts and enhance comprehension and efficiency for users.

Safari and Messages Integration 

Text summarization feature in the iOS 18 is expected to be seamlessly integrated with Safari and Messages, and further enable the users to summarize content from various sources like webpages and digital documents. This cross-platform functionality will further highlight Apple's commitment to a cohesive user experience.

Evidence in iOS 17.4 code

Hints of iOS 18 and its innovative features surfaced earlier this year (2024) with the discovery of a new framework called "SiriSummarization" within the iOS 17.4 code. 

The speculations are further surrounded by a complementary "Safari Browsing Assistant" that suggests a holistic approach to information management.

Offline functionality and privacy focus

Apple has prioritized its user privacy and further ensured functionality even when it is offline. iOS 18's text summarization feature is said to operate without requiring an internet connection - ensuring personal information remains secure.

What’s more?

As the official launch of iOS 18 approaches, fans are growing excited and will continue to mount the potential of its text summarization feature. 

With just the idea of incorporating the Humane AI pin, Apple will be demonstrating its commitment to enhancing user experiences which are in sync with safeguarding privacy.

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