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WhatsApp's Android chat interface set for colourful redesign

The latest WhatsApp beta for Android, version, features interface tweaks noted by WABetaInfo, such as an updated camera icon and revised icons for video and voice calls. However, these changes are still under development and not accessible to regular users.

Saumya Nigam Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: September 27, 2023 18:50 IST
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Image Source : FILE WhatsApp's Android chat interface set for colourful redesign

WhatsApp is undergoing a redesign of its chat interface on the Android version of the app. This redesign includes changes to the app's colours, affecting how it looks in both light and dark modes. Icons and buttons within the app are also receiving updates, alongside the introduction of a redesigned camera icon on the main chat screen.

In version of WhatsApp beta for Android, these changes were observed by the feature tracker WABetaInfo. However, these interface modifications are still in development and not available for regular users, even if they install the latest app version.

Some of the notable changes include a refreshed camera icon on the main chat screen and the replacement of the solid icons for video calls, voice calls, and the camera with outlines of the previous versions. The screenshots released by WABetaInfo showcase these new icons in both light and dark modes.

Additionally, there is a new, slightly brighter shade of green being introduced throughout the app, affecting elements like the floating action button and the WhatsApp text at the top. WhatsApp is also planning to change its iconic green bar at the top to white, which will enable the interface to turn black or grey when in dark mode.

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Earlier this year, WhatsApp shifted its chat, calls, and other tabs to the bottom of the Android app, aligning its functionality with the iOS version. These modifications to icons and colours have also been identified in the WhatsApp beta for iOS Both the iOS and Android versions of the app are expected to introduce chat filters, including categories like All, Unread, Contacts, and Groups. However, there is no specific timeline for when these changes will be rolled out to WhatsApp users on both platforms.

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