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Tech tips: Here's how to activate incognito mode on your phone's keyboard

When typing sensitive information, using Incognito mode can provide users with peace of mind. This feature shields data from potential exposure and helps ensure a sense of security.

Edited By: India TV Tech Desk New Delhi Published on: August 21, 2023 22:04 IST
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Image Source : PIXABAY Steps to enable incognito mode on your phone's keyboard

In a digital age where privacy is paramount, one app that's becoming synonymous with safeguarding sensitive information is the keyboard. With the bulk of our typing containing passwords, OTPs, and other confidential details, it's no wonder that the Incognito mode is finding its place in keyboard apps.

In a world where keyboards act as channel for our personal information, the introduction of Incognito mode offers a vital layer of protection. This feature ensures that the data we input remains hidden from prying eyes. From passwords to OTPs, even copied items are saved in the keyboard's clipboard. This is where the utility of Incognito mode becomes evident.

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The native keyboard apps, like Gboard on Android, Apple Keyboard on iOS and iPadOS, and Microsoft's SwiftKey, now offer Incognito modes. However, each has a unique implementation.

Gboard and Apple Keyboard automatically activate Incognito mode when you switch to Safari or Chrome, respectively. Notably, the colors of the keyboards change as well, with Apple Keyboard adopting a sleek black appearance and Gboard featuring a distinct border around keys.

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SwiftKey, on the other hand, provides manual control over its Incognito mode. Users can activate or deactivate it as desired. This is achieved by tapping the hamburger menu at the keyboard's top right corner and selecting the Incognito icon. The visual indicator of this mode is SwiftKey's shift to a dark black hue.

Incognito mode provides users with peace of mind when typing sensitive information. By shielding data from potential exposure, it ensures a sense of security. Whether automatic or manual, the Incognito mode proves that keyboards can also be guardians of our personal information in an increasingly interconnected world.


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