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Mohammed Shami's wife releases audio tape of her phone conversation, claims 'he took money from Pakistani girl Alishba'

Jahan released an exclusive audio tape of the conversation with Shami, where the cricketer has agreed that he has taken the money from the girl in Pakistan.

India TV Sports Desk Written by: India TV Sports Desk New Delhi Updated on: March 09, 2018 21:01 IST
Hasin Jahan accuses Mohammed Shami of match-fixing
A file image of Mohammed Shami and Hasin Jahan

After alleging India fast bowler Mohammed Shami of domestic violence and infidelity, his wife Hasin Jahan made another shocking revelation on Friday in which she alleged the pacer of involved in match-fixing also. Jahan alleged that Shami took money also from a Pakistani girl named Alishba, and the amount was delivered to him by a man called Mohammad Bhai, who stays in the United Kingdom.

Jahan has released an exclusive audio tape of her alleged phone conversation with the cricketer, in which he agreed that he has taken money from the girl in Pakistan. The cricketer, however, added in the alleged conversation that the money was transferred to him by his friend 'Mohammad' who lives in England.

"Shami is the one who is a liar. I feel there's a conspiracy from Shami's end. Or it could also be a conspiracy from Pakistan," Hasin was quoted by a news channel.

On being quizzed why she mentioned Pakistan in her statements, Hasin said, "Because Alishba is a girl who lives in Karachi in Pakistan. Shami calls her, books a room for her, has relations with her. Then Shami tells that Alishba also gave him money. Mohammad Bhai, who stays in UK, got money delivered through Alishba to Shami."

Hasin also went a step ahead and claimed that the 27-year-old cricketer can cheat the country in the same way he has cheated on her. "If he can cheat upon me, he can cheat the country as well," she added.

She also questioned Shami's intention asking why did her husband receive money from Alishba when he is getting a handsome amount being paid by BCCI every year.

"I have a phone recording with me where Shami has said that he took money. Who is Mohammad Bhai? What does he do? What's the connection of taking money from Alishba? Why is he giving money to Shami? When BCCI gives him white money via cheque, what kind of money is this?" she asked while levelling charges against her cricketer husband.

Earlier on Friday, the fast bowler was charged with attempt to murder in Kolkata on the basis of a complaint filed by his wife Hasin Jahan. She had alleged that Shami abused her physically and mentally and was also involved in several extra-marital affairs.

"I will contact the BCCI. My lawyer might have already contacted them," Hasin told reporters here.

She added, "If today I do not take this matter to the BCCI then other players will also get the courage to do such things. If all this is happening under the nose of the board, then they should take some action."

The BCCI had withheld Shami's contract after the controversy erupted when his wife blamed him for extra-marital affairs and domestic violence.

The 28-year old Shami has also cleared his stand on the entire episode and said the whole controversy has left him and his family "disturbed".

"The entire episode is disturbing. I don't know what she is up to. She needs to explain what has changed so much in these few days. She is suddenly levelling all these accusations on me. She is accusing of harassment. She is even accusing me of match-fixing. As far as the allegation of compromising my performance while playing for the country is concerned, I would rather die than do something like this," Shami said.

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