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India vs New Zealand, 5th ODI, Highlights: Rayudu, Chahal and Pandya script India's 35-run victory

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India vs New Zealand, 5th ODI, Live Cricket Score: Catch all the Match Updates between IND vs NZ ball by ball commentary from Westpac Stadium, Wellington at India TV Sports.

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Wellington Updated on: March 19, 2019 12:28 IST
India vs New Zealand, 5th ODI, Live Cricket Score: Chahal strikes twice to put Kiwis on backfoot
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India vs New Zealand, 5th ODI, Live Cricket Score: Chahal runs riot, India inch closer to victory

5th ODI, India vs New Zealand Live Cricket Score: Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the fifth and final IND vs NZ ODI from the Westpac Stadium in Wellington. Great recovery from India! They were struggling on 18/4 at one stage but then Shankar and Rayudu revived the innings with a 98-run stand. The former was unfortunate to get run out after a mix-up but the latter continued and added yet another useful stand with Kedar Jadhav. New Zealand bounced back towards the end by picking wickets at regular intervals but Hardik Pandya's 22-ball 45 cameo helped in pushing India's total past the 250-run mark. (Live Scorecard)

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India vs New Zealand 5th ODI

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  • 3:10 PM (IST)

    Another overseas victory for India

    Excellent win for India! They have bounced back brilliantly after suffering an embarrassing loss in the previous ODI. Earlier it appeared that the script of Hamilton will get repeated here as well when they were 18/4 but this time around, they kept their cool and did well to form partnerships in the middle overs.


  • 3:07 PM (IST)


    All over! India win by 35 runs and take the series 4-1! Kumar bangs in a short delivery outside off, Boult throws his bat at it in an attempt to slap it through the line but it takes the top edge. Flies in the air and Shami takes a simple catch at third man. The players are shaking hands in the middle now.

  • 3:03 PM (IST)


    BOOM! Henry is not going down without a fight. Back-to-back maximums. Another length ball. NZ 217/9 in 43.5 Overs

  • 3:02 PM (IST)


    This is how he bats! Pandya pitches it short and around off, Henry does well to get on top of the delivery and dispatches it over mid-wicket for a biggie.

  • 3:00 PM (IST)


    Hardik Pandya to Mitchell Santner, OUT! That is probably the final nail in the coffin. Santner stands there in disbelief.


  • 2:54 PM (IST)


     Lines up the bowler there. Shami delivers it full and outside off, slower in pace, Henry hangs back and smites it over the bowler's head for a boundary. 200 comes for the hosts.

  • 2:47 PM (IST)


    Three reds and no. 8 goes down. Astle walks back and takes New Zealand's only review with him. The googly does the trick for Chahal and he strikes in his first over of his new spell. It pitches around off and it turns back in. Astle misses the sweep and hits him on the pads. An appeal follows and the umpire raises the finger. Astle signals the 'T', more in hope though. Replays roll in and they show, Astle is stone-dead. India two wickets away and New Zealand need 59 from 55.

  • 2:44 PM (IST)

    Powerplay 3 Time!

    India can have a maximum of 5 fielders outside the ring now until the end of this match.


  • 2:39 PM (IST)

    MSD Special!

    'Isko aage thoda daal' advices Dhoni from behind the stumps and that's what Kedar does. Too full and on middle, Mitchell drives but finds the cover fielder.

  • 2:38 PM (IST)


    Kedar Jadhav to Todd Astle, There is no protection in the deep on the off side. Flighted and full outside off, Astle gets forward and drives it superbly through covers for a boundary.

  • 2:32 PM (IST)

    New Batsman on Crease!

    Todd Astle is the new man in.


  • 2:30 PM (IST)


    Brilliance of Dhoni! Wow, take a bow, MSD! The danger man departs and India inch closer to 4-1! A flighted ball landing outside off and skidding back in. Neesham tries to sweep but misses and is hit on the pads. They appeal but the umpire shakes his head. Impact is outside off. The ball then deflects behind the stumps and James comes out of the crease having no idea where the ball is. Dhoni is quick to react to the situation. Immediately picks up the ball and flicks it onto the stumps.

  • 2:23 PM (IST)


    Neesham takes charge over Bhuvi for the maximum and NZ are back in the game with the big 13 runs over.

  • 2:22 PM (IST)


    It was on the pads and Neesha flicked it for the boundary.

  • 2:19 PM (IST)


    Lovely hands! Shami offers width outside off, Neesham rocks back and muscles it square of the wicket on the off side for a boundary. He is the danger man as far as India are concerned. NZ 161/6 in 34.5 Overs 

  • 2:17 PM (IST)


    Shami digs in a short ball around off, Neesham gets on top of the bounce and pulls it firmly in front of square leg. Shankar in the deep runs across to his left, puts in a dive but lets it right through him for a boundary. Poor!

  • 2:14 PM (IST)


    Mohammed Shami is back into the attack.

  • 2:13 PM (IST)

    150 UP!

     On the pads, it is clipped away nicely to deep square leg and the batsmen take two. 150 up for the hosts

  • 2:09 PM (IST)


    All the way! That is Neesham's favourite zone and Pandya just delivered the length he wanted. Slightly full and around off, Neesham whips it over the mid-wicket fence and it goes all the way.

  • 2:08 PM (IST)

    Drinks break!

    New Zealand need 112 runs off 102 balls with 4 wickets in hand. The Indian bowlers have done exceptionally well in the middle overs as well. They hung in there when the partnership between Williamson and Latham was blossoming and once Jadhav broke that stand, they pounced on the opportunity to create further inroads. The Kiwis still have a few all-rounders left but it's going to be a difficult task for them. Let's see how it goes...

  • 1:58 PM (IST)


    Chahal strikes again! Beautiful bowling by him. He has been flighting his deliveries but on this occasion, he bowls it a touch flatter. Also, it's the wrong 'un which has not been picked by de Grandhomme. He tries to draw forward in defense but misses the ball completely. Gets rapped on the pads, the Indians appeal and up goes the finger. Dead in front. NZ 135/6 in 31 Overs

  • 1:56 PM (IST)

    FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries!

    This one is over mid-wicket. De Grandhomme is making good use of the angle here. Is is on middle, Colin shuffles inside and then whips it over mid-wicket. Can he now make it three in a row?

  • 1:55 PM (IST)


    Hardik Pandya to Colin de Grandhomme: Picked his spot there. Saw that mid on is up, Colin gets a delivery which is a touch fuller. He goes over that region and gets a boundary.

  • 1:49 PM (IST)


    Oohhh...that missed the off stump by a whisker! A well-disguised googly by Chahal. He serves it just around off and de Grandhomme is completely at sea against that variation. Fails to keep it out and the ball goes perilously close past the off pole. Almost kissed it. Fabulous over by the leggie. NZ 121/5 in 29 Overs

  • 1:47 PM (IST)

    New Man In!

    Colin de Grandhomme is the new man in.

  • 1:46 PM (IST)


    Chahal has trapped Latham in front! A flighted delivery, landing around middle and leg, Latham tries to sweep but misses and is rapped on the pads. They appeal and the umpire agrees. Tom Latham walks up to his partner and has a chat but then decides not to take the DRS. A big breakthrough for India again and now two new batsmen are in the middle. 134 needed off 129 balls.​

  • 1:40 PM (IST)


    Good end to the over! Once again it is the googly but it is shorter in length. The batsman easily picks it off the wicket, goes back and then guides it through point for a boundary. NZ 111/4 in 27 Overs

  • 1:39 PM (IST)

    NOT OUT!

    Neesham never lifted his leg there. The googly on off by Chahal. Neesham fails to pick it. He looks to drive but ends up playing inside the line. Gets beaten. Dhoni behind collects it, whips the bails off and appeals. The umpire takes it upstairs. Replays show that Neesham has his foot grounded.

  • 1:38 PM (IST)


    An appeal by Dhoni for a stumping has been taken upstairs. Neesham is the man in question. Dhoni does not seem very confident here.

  • 1:34 PM (IST)


    Kedar Jadhav to Kane Williamson, OUT! In the air... taken! Kedar Jadhav gets the big fish! Is this the game? We will have to wait and watch but it is surely a big moment in the game. The way the Indians celebrate it, just shows how crucial this wicket is. Nothing great about the delivery, it is short and on middle. NZ 105/4 in 25.4 overs


  • 1:26 PM (IST)

    100 up, 153 more required

    Kedar Jadhav to Tom Latham, The batsman has flicked the ball off his pads. One run added to the total. 100 up for the Kiwis. This is a good partnership and the game is nicely balanced at the moment.


  • 1:22 PM (IST)

    Score Update

    NZ 91/3 in 22 overs

  • 1:18 PM (IST)

    Score Update

    NZ 85/3 in 21 overs, need 168 runs from 174 balls

  • 1:13 PM (IST)

    Score Update

    NZ 81/3 in 20 overs

  • 1:08 PM (IST)


    Chahal to Latham, FOUR! Chahal drags his length short and gets the punishment. Tom Latham picks it very early, pushes his weight on the back foot and pulls it hard and flat over mid-wicket.​ NZ 76/3 in 18.4 overs

  • 1:07 PM (IST)

    Spin time!

    Chahal is into the attack

  • 1:03 PM (IST)


    Shankar to Williamson, FOUR! Consecutive boundaries! This is even better than the last one. Full and on middle, Williamson plays it with a straight bat through mid on and it races away. 8 from the over already.​ NZ 68/3 in 17.2 overs

  • 1:03 PM (IST)


    Shankar to Williamson, FOUR! Poor ball and it has been put away! Short and width on offer outside off, Williamson loves it there as he cuts it through point for a boundary. A good start to the over, they would want to make it count. NZ 64/3 in 17.1 overs

  • 1:01 PM (IST)


    Hardik Pandya to Tom Latham, FOUR! Fine shot! New Zealand will hope that this break the shackles. A shade overpitched on middle, Latham without much front foot movement drives it crisply past the bowler for a boundary at long on. NZ 59/3 in 16.2 overs

  • 12:55 PM (IST)

    Score Update

    NZ 54/3 in 16 overs

  • 12:48 PM (IST)


    Hardik Pandya to Williamson, FOUR! Not in any control though. Pandya bends his back and delivers a sharp short ball on middle. Williamson tries to pull it across the line but it flies off his gloves and goes over Dhoni for a boundary.​ NZ 49/3 in 14.3 overs

  • 12:45 PM (IST)

    Score Update

    NZ 44/3 in 14 overs

  • 12:45 PM (IST)

    Vijay in action

    Vijay Shankar to Kane Williamson, Good effort! Full-length ball again, Williamson drives it back and Vijay goes down low to get some fingertips on it. It deflects behind but misses the stumps as Latham rushes back.

  • 12:40 PM (IST)


    Hardik Pandya to Tom Latham, Misfield! There could have been a possibility of a run out there. Fuller in length around off, Latham strokes it to mid off and takes off for a run. Chahal there fails to collect the ball and the single becomes an easy one.


  • 12:38 PM (IST)

    Score Update

    NZ 40/3 in 12 overs

  • 12:32 PM (IST)

    Latham walks in with Kiwis in trouble

    Tom Latham's turn to partner his skipper in the middle. 215 needed off 238 balls.


  • 12:30 PM (IST)


    OUT! Pandya removes Taylor for 1. LBW! Ross Taylor does not bother the scorer a lot and Hardik Pandya strikes in his very first over. Did it with the bat and now starts off brilliantly with the ball. Also, this is a huge wicket as Ross Taylor has been in excellent form. He though gets a very good delivery here. It is pitched on a length around off, jags back in sharply. Taylor does not account for the movement and fails to put bat on ball. It strikes him on the pad. An appeal follows and the umpire raises his finger. He starts walking back but Williamson stops him and has a word. Rosco though continues walking back as he feels he is a goner. New Zealand 38/3 in 10.2 overs vs India (252) in Wellington

  • 12:28 PM (IST)

    Score Update

    NZ 38/2 in 10 overs

  • 12:23 PM (IST)


    Mohammed Shami to Colin Munro, OUT! Munro runs out of luck! Shami speeds in from 'round the wicket and serves a short and wide delivery outside off. Colin tries to slap it through the line but it catches the inside edge and cannons onto the stumps. Second wicket for Shami and Munro's poor run of form continues. Got a start today but failed to convert it into a big score. IND 37/2 in 9.1 overs. Taylor the next man in


  • 12:17 PM (IST)


    Bhuvi to Munro, FOUR! In the gap! However, Munro would have had his heart in the mouth for a while. It is on the pads, Munro flicks it uppishly. There are two fielders in the deep but it is between the two and into the mid-wicket fence.​ NZ 34/1 in 8.2 overs

  • 12:15 PM (IST)

    Score Update

    NZ 30/1 after 8 overs

  • 12:11 PM (IST)

    Score Update

    NZ 29/1 in 7 overs

  • 12:09 PM (IST)


    Bhuvi to Munro, FOUR! Once again the pick up shot gives Munro the desired result. A length ball on middle, Munro lofts it over mid-wicket and bags a boundary. Bowling too straight to him is bowling to his strengths. Needs to be on the off pole. NZ 28/1 in 6.2 overs

  • 12:07 PM (IST)

    Score Update

    NZ 24/1 in 6 overs

  • 12:02 PM (IST)

    Score Update

    NZ 20/1 in 4 overs

  • 11:57 AM (IST)


    OUT! Shami removes Nicholls for 8. Wait on, did that bird flying right across the pitch put Henry off? Maybe, just maybe. A short delivery by Shami, angling in, Nicholls tries to pull but mistimes it uppishly to wide mid on. Kedar Jadhav makes no mistake and Shami draws first blood. 235 needed off 279 balls.​ New Zealand 18/1 in 3.3 overs vs India (252) in Wellington

  • 11:53 AM (IST)


    Bhuvi to Munro, SIX! All the way! Munro may have decided to hit himself into form here. The ball though was in his zone, full and on middle, Munro picks it up and sends it sailing over the mid-wicket fence. First of the innings.​ NZ 18/0 in 2.5 overs

  • 11:49 AM (IST)


    Shami to Henry Nicholls, FOUR! Nicely timed! A length ball has been slanted into the batsman around off, Nicholls just brings a straight bat down and strokes it past the diving mid off fielder for a boundary.​ NZ 10/0 in 1.5 overs

  • 11:48 AM (IST)

    Ooooh so close!

    Mohammed Shami to Henry Nicholls, Almost a drag on! Shami gets a length delivery to cut back into the batsman from outside off, Nicholls goes back to play at it but it takes the inside edge, misses the stumps and races behind towards fine leg. Chahal makes a diving stop in the deep and saves two for India.


  • 11:45 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    NZ 3/0 in 1 over

  • 11:44 AM (IST)

    In the air!

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Colin Munro, In the air... but safe! Munro has come out with intent here. The second ball he faces tries to clear the long off fence. It is not off the middle though but hit well enough to clear mid off. Two taken. The Kiwis are underway.


  • 11:42 AM (IST)

    Welcome back for the chase

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Colin Munro, Starts off with a delivery just ahead of a length outside off, Munro goes after it but ends up getting it off the inner half towards the bowler.


  • 11:39 AM (IST)

    Hitman's record streak broken!

  • 11:38 AM (IST)



  • 11:33 AM (IST)

    The chase to begin shortly

    Once again it was a brilliant start by the Kiwi opening bowlers. Matt Henry and Trent Boult set the early tone but the back-up bowlers didn't manage to create the same kind of impact. Henry with a 4-for was the most successful bowler while Boult once again impressed with a 3-wicket haul. The pitch has a little bit of spice in it and the Indian new-ball bowlers would like to use that to their advantage. Do join us in a short while for the chase.


  • 11:01 AM (IST)

    Good recovery!

    Great recovery from India! They were struggling on 18/4 at one stage but then Shankar and Rayudu revived the innings with a 98-run stand. The former was unfortunate to get run out after a mix-up but the latter continued and added yet another useful stand with Kedar Jadhav.


  • 10:57 AM (IST)


    Trent Boult to Yuzvendra Chahal, OUT! Run out! Full and on middle, Chahal pushes it back and Shami comes out of the crease in search of a run. Boult collects the ball and runs at his end to break the stumps. INDIA 252 all-out 49.5 overs


  • 10:53 AM (IST)


    James Neesham to Hardik Pandya, OUT! It is a legal delivery and Pandya has to walk back. He is dismissed of a full toss.


  • 10:50 AM (IST)


    Neesham to Hardik Pandya, FOUR! IND 248/7 in 48.5 overs

  • 10:47 AM (IST)


    Neesham to Hardik Pandya, SIX! Help yourself! A gift there for Pandya, a full toss on the pads. Pandya shuffles across and then whips it over the mid-wicket fence for a biggie. 10 from the first two balls.​ IND 243/7 in 48.2 overs

  • 10:46 AM (IST)


    Neesham to Hardik Pandya, FOUR! What shot and what a start to the over! Pressure right on the bowler. He lands it full and outside off, Pandya creams it through covers and it races away.​ IND 237/7 in 48.1 overs

  • 10:43 AM (IST)


    Boult to Pandya, SIX! How has he pulled that one? Was in no position. Boult digs in a short ball, angling into the batsman, Hardik jumps on the back foot, loses his balance a bit but still nails his pull shot over mid-wicket for a maximum.​ IND 232/7 in 47.5 overs

  • 10:42 AM (IST)

    Three back to back sixes from Pandya!

    IND 223/7 in 47 overs

  • 10:40 AM (IST)


    Todd Astle to Hardik Pandya, SIX. IND 217/7 in 46.2 overs


  • 10:39 AM (IST)


    Todd Astle to Hardik Pandya, SIX! That should get Pandya going! Slightly short and Hardik makes the bowler pays the price. Rocks back and pulls it over the mid-wicket fence for a biggie.​ IND 211/7 in 46.2 overs

  • 10:11 AM (IST)


    Munro to Rayudu, SIX! He has picked the bones out of that one! Brings out the slog sweep, hits it right off the meat and it sails over the mid-wicket stand. 9 from the over till now, 2 balls to go.​ IND 162/5 in 39.4 overs

  • 10:08 AM (IST)


    Trent Boult to Kedar Jadhav, 150 comes up for India with a wide! Short and down the leg side from 'round the wicket angle, an easy leave for the batsman. A good stop by the keeper. Trent was seen tumbling in his followthrough.


  • 10:04 AM (IST)

    Rayudu dropped!

    Colin Munro to Ambati Rayudu, DROPPED BY BOULT! Full and angling into the batsman, Rayudu tries to clear long on but fails to get enough meat behind his shot. Boult rushes forward from long on, tries to catch it with a dive but spills it. They cross for a run.


  • 10:02 AM (IST)


    Munro to Rayudu, FOUR! Cracking shot! Munro with his pace is on the shorter side outside off and it's asking for trouble. Rayudu camps back and whacks it through backward point.​ IND 143/5 in 37.2 overs

  • 10:01 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    IND 139/5 in 37 overs

    KM Jadhav 10(22)
    AT Rayudu 55(90)

  • 9:59 AM (IST)


    Boult to Kedar Jadhav, FOUR! Crunched! One bounce into the boundary. Jadhav hangs on the back foot, fetches a shortish ball from around off and thumps his pull shot over mid-wicket.​ IND 138/5 in 36.4 overs

  • 9:56 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    IND 133/5 in 36 overs

  • 9:53 AM (IST)


    FIFTY! Ambati Rayudu scores his 10th ODI half-century. Brings up his fifty in style and what a time to score one, his team were in dire straits at 18 for 4 but he rose to the occasion and is amidst a very good knock. He needs to continue though. His 10th in ODIs.​ India 129/5 in 35 overs vs New Zealand in Wellington.

  • 9:50 AM (IST)


    de Grandhomme to Rayudu, FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries! Coming to the ball now. Rayudu again uses his feet, it is bowled on his hips, Rayudu pulls it once again and this one races to the square leg fence. Two boundaries to end the over, the second better than the first. A good one for India as 9 comes from it.​ IND 129/5 in 35 overs

  • 9:49 AM (IST)


    de Grandhomme to Rayudu, FOUR! The wicket has fallen but India will continue to look for the boundaries. Rayudu dances down the track, Colin though is smart enough to bang it short. Rayudu though is smarter as he pulls it all along the ground, through backward square leg for a boundary.​ IND 125/5 in 34.5 overs

  • 9:46 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    IND 120/5 in 34 overs

  • 9:41 AM (IST)

    India five down now

    Kedar Jadhav's turn to bat.

  • 9:39 AM (IST)


    Colin Munro to Vijay Shankar, OUT! RUN OUT! The last thing India would have wanted. That is probably the only way this 98-run stand could have been broken. Timely for New Zealand as the two were looking to up the ante now. Also, they will be delighted to see the back of Shankar as he was really playing well. A huge mix-up has brought about his downfall. Munro lands it on middle, Shankar pushes it towards mid-on. Vijay Shankar is run-out for 45. India 116/5 in 31.5 overs vs New Zealand in Wellington

  • 9:35 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    IND 113/4 in 31 overs

  • 9:34 AM (IST)

    A few afterthoughts

  • 9:33 AM (IST)

    Nice outfit from earlier!

  • 9:31 AM (IST)


    Munro to Rayudu, SIX! All the way! Releases all the pressure that was building in this over. Rayudu uses his feet and gets it in his arc. He swings, connects well, it goes high up in the air and over the mid-wicket fence.​ IND 109/4 in 29.4 overs

  • 9:28 AM (IST)


    Mitchell Santner to Vijay Shankar, FOUR! Poor delivery and punished! Santner is on the shorter side with his length. Shankar gets deep inside the crease and cracks it through point. 100 up for India!​ IND 103/0 in 29 overs

  • 9:26 AM (IST)


  • 9:24 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    IND 93/4 in 27 overs

  • 9:15 AM (IST)

    Halfway mark

    IND 88/4 in 25 overs

  • 9:15 AM (IST)

    Taylor act

    Mitchell Santner to Ambati Rayudu, Good stop, Taylor! A loopy one, full and outside off, Rayudu tries to loft it over covers but it spins away and catches the outside half of his bat. Flies over backward point and Taylor from short third man gives the chase. Pulls it back near the fence and they take two.

  • 9:13 AM (IST)

    Spin time!

    Mitchell Santner has been inserted into the attack.

  • 9:08 AM (IST)


    de Grandhomme to Rayudu, SIX! This is what he tried in Colin's previous over but missed. Has nailed it this time. Looks good when they come off.​ IND 78/4 in 23 overs

  • 9:07 AM (IST)


    de Grandhomme to Rayudu, FOUR! Easy pickings! Good length delivery sliding down the leg side, Ambati neatly deflects it off his pads to fine leg for a boundary.​ IND 72/4 in 22.5 overs

  • 9:06 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    IND 67/4 in 22 overs

  • 8:56 AM (IST)


    Neesham to Rayudu, FOUR! Pulled and pulled nicely! Short and on the body, it sits up to be hit. Rayudu swivels and pulls it through backward square leg and into the fence.​ IND 55/4 in 19.3 overs

  • 8:55 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    IND 50/4 after 19 overs

  • 8:49 AM (IST)


    Neesham to Shankar, FOUR! Shankar seems to be very strong on his pads. Neesham bowls a cross-seamer, it's full and on the pads, Vijay leans across and flicks it behind square leg for a glorious boundary.​ IND 48/4 in 17.5 overs

  • 8:42 AM (IST)


    40/4 and there ain't much to say! It was the repeat telecast of the last ODI as the Indian top half faltered against moving balls. Shankar and Rayudu are trying to revive the innings and are amidst a 22-run stand. India will hope that this pair continues for as long as possible. For the Kiwis, they just need to maintain the same intensity in the middle overs and keep chipping away at the wickets.


  • 8:32 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    IND 37/4 in 14 overs

  • 8:29 AM (IST)


    Neesham to Shankar, FOUR leg byes! Neesham bowls a gentle loosener, it's full and angling down the leg side. Shankar fails to flick but it clips his pads and runs wide of the diving keeper for a boundary at fine leg.​ IND 32/4 in 13.1 overs

  • 8:25 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    IND 27/4 in 12 overs

  • 8:23 AM (IST)


    Trent Boult to Vijay Shankar, 4 Byes. Well left by Shankar. A 143.5 kph shorter one around off, Shankar leans back at the last moment and drops his wrists to allow it through. It just keeps on shooting off the surface and Latham has no chance of collecting it, even with a jump. Bonus runs for India.​ IND 26/4 in 11.3 overs


  • 8:16 AM (IST)


    Boult to Shankar, FOUR! This will give him immense confidence. A good length ball on middle, Shankar doesn't commit himself too much forward and just uses his wrists to work it past the diving short mid-wicket fielder for a boundary.​ IND 22/4 in 9.5 overs

  • 8:15 AM (IST)

    India in a rut

    Vijay Shankar strides out to the middle.

  • 8:13 AM (IST)


    Boult to Dhoni, OUT! Death rattle! MS Dhoni is on his way back to the pavilion and it's a body blow to India. Beaten for pace and movement. An inswinger around off, Dhoni maybe tried to take his pads away from the line and then block it. But his willow comes down late. The ball sneaks past his defense and breaks the stumps and a million of Indian hearts.​ IND 18/4 in 9.3 overs

  • 8:07 AM (IST)

    Review time!

    Matt Henry to MS Dhoni, NOT OUT! Yes, it is going down with the angle. A huge appeal for an LBW ha been turned down. MS Dhoni is the man in question. It looks like it will be going down with the angle.


  • 8:06 AM (IST)

    Score Update

    IND 17/3 in 8 overs

  • 8:05 AM (IST)

    MS Dhoni to the rescue

    Who will bat next? MS Dhoni it is. India missed him in the last match. He can provide that solidity in the middle under tough conditions.


  • 8:01 AM (IST)


    Henry to Gill, OUT! In the air... gone! Henry gets another and once again the Kiwis are all over the Indians. Henry lands it just behind a driving length around off. Gill looks to drive it on the up but is a touch early into the shot. The ball also does not hit the middle and it lobs towards short covers. Santner there takes a good low catch. Another poor outing for the youngster and just like the last ODI, India are three down for nothing.​ IND 17/3 in 7 overs

  • 7:59 AM (IST)


    Henry to Gill, FOUR! Wow! Top class! A shot that any batsman would be proud of. Full and on middle, Gill gets his bat down in time and hits it right off the middle through mid on. Need not run for those.​ IND 17/2 in 6.4 overs

  • 7:57 AM (IST)

    India in trouble

    Ambati Rayudu walks in at No.4. India in early trouble here.

  • 7:55 AM (IST)


    Boult to Dhawan, OUT! Gone! Boult strikes with a short ball. One apiece for the Kiwi opening bowlers now. It's outside off, Dhawan tries to play the upper cut probably but it flies in the air towards third man where the fielder is quite square and catches the ball safely. Matt Henry never looked like dropping that one. Both the openers back in the hut without doing much damage.​ IND 12/2 in 5.5 overs

  • 7:52 AM (IST)

    Off the mark

    Matt Henry to Shubman Gill, Off the mark is Gill. On the shorter side, Shubman stands tall and works it through mid-wicket for a brace. IND 10/1 in 5 overs


  • 7:52 AM (IST)

    First ball

    Matt Henry to Shubman Gill, Overpitches around off, Gill drives it from the middle of the bat towards extra cover. That will make the new batsman feel good.


  • 7:51 AM (IST)

    Gill time!

    Shubman Gill walks in next at number 3.


  • 7:46 AM (IST)


    Henry to Rohit, OUT! BOWLED 'EM! What a ripper to get rid of the Indian captain. He though can be blamed for the lack of foot movement but take nothing away from the delivery. Henry goes fuller this time, it starts around middle and then begins to shape away. Rohit with his feet rooted to the crease, looks to put bat on ball. He ends up playing inside the line, the ball whizzes past the outside edge and hits the off pole. Big wicket this and New Zealand strike early. Just the start they would have wanted. Back-to-back failures for the Indian skipper.​ IND 8/1 in 4.1 overs

  • 7:44 AM (IST)


    Boult to Dhawan, FOUR! Boult errs in his line. Serves it down the leg side and Dhawan easily nudges it to fine leg for a boundary. First of the match!​ IND 8/0 in 3.2 overs

  • 7:39 AM (IST)

    A maiden from Boult!

    After 2 overs IND 1/0

  • 7:39 AM (IST)


    Trent Boult to Rohit Sharma, Shout for an lbw! Not given. Boult lands it on a length around leg, Rohit tries working it around but misses. He is hit on the pads, they appeal but the umpire shakes his head. Two noises there. Kane Williamson doesn't get convinced by his bowler. No DRS taken. Replays show that it hit Rohit first on the front pad and then on the back pad. Clipping the top of leg stump, the replays show later on.


  • 7:38 AM (IST)

    Boult from the other end, remember him?

    Trent Boult to bowl with the second new ball from the other end. He was the tormentor-in-chief in the previous game and would love to produce something similar again.


  • 7:37 AM (IST)

    After 1 over IND 1/0

    Matt Henry to Rohit Sharma, A single to end and India are off the mark! Could have been a lot more had it not been a good effort in the by Nicholls. Slightly short and there is width on offer outside off, Rohit stands tall and slashes at it. It goes to the left of the fielder at point. The fielder there dives to his stronger side and makes a half-stop. The man from third man mops up. A single taken. Good tight over to begin with by Henry, however, not a lot of movement for him. He did not get a lot in the last game as well though.


  • 7:37 AM (IST)


    0.5 Matt Henry to Rohit Sharma, JAFFA! Not a lot you can do with that. It is angled into the batsman at first. Rohit has to play at it, he tries to defend with minimal foot movement. The ball though pitches, beats the outside edge and goes agonizingly close past the off pole.


  • 7:36 AM (IST)

    0.1 over

    Matt Henry to Rohit Sharma, Right on the money to begin with, no swing on the first ball though. Good length and on off, Rohit gets right behind the line and keeps it out.


  • 7:36 AM (IST)

    All set!

    We are all set for the action to begin! The Indian openers, Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan make their way out to the middle. Matt Henry has the first new ball in hand and he will be bowling to the Indian skipper. Two slips in place. Here we go...


  • 7:35 AM (IST)

    Pitch report -

    Sunil Gavaskar and Scott Styris standing near the playing area inform that the boundaries on the sides are shorter than the straighter ones so the teams will probably bowl fuller than shorter. Scott mentions the grass on the pitch has been trimmed a little and he reckons that it looks a good one to bat on as there should be medium bounce on this surface. Ends by saying there won't be a lot of swing here and hence, the wicket should suit the batters.


  • 7:34 AM (IST)

    Captain's speak

    Indian skipper, Rohit Sharma, says it looks a good pitch, there is some moisture on it but they want to test themselves. He hopes to put up a good show after a humiliating loss in the last game. Informs they have three changes as Dhoni, Shami and Shankar come in for Karthik, Khaleel and Kuldeep. Mentions they did not have a lot of time after the first game but they will have to read the conditions better and learn from their mistakes. Further adds that had they got close to 200, the story might just have been different in the last ODI. Reckons the average total here is around 240 but if they bat well, they can get close to 300. Ends by saying that they need to assess the conditions and then take it on from there.

    New Zealand skipper, Kane Williamson, says they were looking to bowl first and make use of the early moisture. Informs they have made just a single change as the injured Guptill misses out and Munro comes in. Further adds that he is not sure whether the ball would swing here or not but it generally does at the start. Ends by saying that it is difficult to predict what a good score will be, so they will try to limit India as much as they can.


  • 7:07 AM (IST)

    Dhoni back for India!

  • 7:04 AM (IST)


    India win toss, opt to bat first in Wellington

  • 6:57 AM (IST)

    Good morning!

    Hello and welcome to our live blog of the 5th ODI between New Zealand and India to be played at Westpac Stadium in Wellington.


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