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HIGHLIGHTS IND vs SA, 3rd Test Day 2: Play called off early due to bad light after visitors lost both openers

India vs South Africa, 3rd Test Day 2: Play has once again been called off early due to bad light. India remain on top after two quick wickets. South Africa trail by 488 runs with eights wickets in hand.

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New Delhi Updated on: October 20, 2019 16:25 IST
India vs South Africa 3rd Test Live Score: Day 2 updates from Ranchi
Image Source : AP

India vs South Africa 3rd Test Live Score: Day 2 updates from Ranchi

HIGHLIGHTS India vs South Africa, 3rd Test Day 2

India vs South Africa, 3rd Test, Day 2: That is all from to our live coverage of day two of the third Test between India and South Africa from the JSCA International Stadium Complex, Ranchi. India declared the first innings on 497/9, with Rohit Sharma scoring his first-ever double century in Test cricket. While Ajinkya Rahane was dismissed on 115, Ravindra Jadeja once again impressed with the bat as he scored an important 51. Umesh Yadav provided fireworks to steer the Indian total close to 500, as he hit five sixes in 10 deliveries to score 31. Indian pacers were equally effective as Umesh and Mohammed Shami dismissed both their openers early leaving South Africa 9/2 while still trailing by 488 runs.

HIGHLIGHTS IND vs SA, 3rd Test, Day 2: South Africa 9/2 (Zubayr Hamza 0*, Du Plessis 0*); India (497/9d) at stumps

15:59 IST: Play called off early due to rain. India stay ahead in the competition after Umesh and Shami combined to remove both the openers.

15:36 IST: BAD NEWS!!! Covers coming on

15:24 IST: And just like yesterday, players are walking off as the match has been stopped due to poor light. However, there are no signs of rain unlike yesterday.

15:23 IST: Nadeem, the debutant, replaced Shami as umpires ordered for it was getting dark. And he bowled back-to-back maidens

15:11 IST: Umesh to De Kock. OUT! Viciously short delivery down the leg side. De Kock leaps to strike, takes a soft touch off the gloves and Saha takes it. De Kock goes for 4. 

15:03 IST: Shami to Elgar! OUT! Short of a length, takes a soft touch and Saha takes it comfortably. Elgar departs for duck. 

15:03 IST: Dean Elgar and Quinton de Kock are at the crease. Elgar is on strike. Mohammed Shami opens the attack. Two slip. 

14.43 IST: TEA! India declare their innings at 497/9 as Tea is taken on day two of the second Test. Rohit Sharma's double century followed by Ravindra Jadeja's fifty and Umesh Yadav's blitz helped India reach near 500 before Kohli decided to declare three runs short of 500 under the floodlights. A commanding total by India and they will now hope to hurt South Africa in the last session. Join us soon for the last session of the day!

14.40 IST: Anrich Nortje is the new bowler in the attack.

14.34 IST: Piedt to Shami, FOUR BYES! Down the leg and Klaasen fails to collect. Four more runs.

14.34 IST: Piedt to Shami, SIX! Comes down the track and goes straight over the bowler's head for a six now.

14.32 IST: Mohammed Shami is the last man in.

14.31 IST: Linde to Umesh, OUT! Finally he falls. Goes for another wild swing but this time, the ball went straight up in the air and a good catch by Klaasen going backwards. India 482/9 from 114 overs

14.29 IST: Linde to Umesh, SIX!
Straight over the bowler's head for a six. This is some serious hitting.

14.28 IST: Linde to Umesh, SIX! Pushed wide and Umesh drags it outside off and goes over long-off for a six. Just cleared Nortje at the boundary. Faf's face tells you all that you need to know.

14.27 IST: Linde to Umesh, SIX! Another maximum. Just swings his bat and way back into the stands. Third six for Umesh.

14.26 IST: Shahbaz Nadeem is the next batsman in.

14.25 IST: Piedt to Ashwni, OUT! Draws him forward and Ashwin drags his feet outside the line and Klaasen does the rest. Good stumping from the Protea keeper. India lose their 8th wicket. India 464/8 from 112.5 overs

14.20 IST: Linde to Umesh, SIX!
Two in two for Umesh now. This time a tad straighter and another maximum. Time for some fun.

14.20 IST: Linde to Umesh, SIX! Pitched up and crunched past long-on for a six. What a way to start his innings. Sheer power from Umesh there.

14.19 IST: Umesh Yadav is the next man in.

14.17 IST: Linde to Jadeja, OUT! Falls right after scoring his fifty. Ball hits the rough and Jadeja edges it and a good catch by Klaasen. India 450/7 from 111.4 overs

14.17 IST: Linde to Jadeja, FIFTY!
That's Jadeja 13th fifty. Nudged down the leg side and runs two to complete his fifty and out comes the sword.

14.14 IST: Piedt to Ashwin, FOUR! Strays down the leg and swept for a boundary

14.09 IST: Linde to Jadeja, FOUR! Picks the length outside off and slog sweeps it through mid-wicket for a boundary.

14.02 IST: Linde to Jadeja, FOUR! Goes round the wicket and bowls down the leg and Jadeja sweeps it for a boundary.

13.48 IST: Ravichandran  Ashwin is the next man in for India at No.7

13.45 IST: Linde to Saha, OUT! That's a great comeback from Linde. Saha stretches forward to defend but the ball goes through the gate and hits the timber. Linde gets his second wicket and drinks is taken. India 417/6 from 103.3 overs

13.44 IST: Linde to Saha, FOUR!
Pushes down the leg side and Saha just plays the lap sweep for a boundary. Bad bowling.

13.42 IST: Ngidi to Jadeja, FOUR BYES! Bangs in short but off direction and it bounces off the turf and goes for four runs as Klaasen fails to grab it despite a full stretch dive to his right.

13.34 IST: Nortje to Saha, FOUR! A welcome boundary for India. Pitched up and little width on offer and Saha takes the invitation and crunches it through covers for a boundary.

13.27 IST: Linde to Saha, 400 UP! Pushed towards covers for a single and that brings up their 400.

13.01 IST: Excellent over from Nortje, Saha looking a bit uncomfortable against his pace

12.45 IST: Spin back into the attack. George Linde is on now.

12.35 IST: Ngidi to Saha, FOUR! Extra bounce and goes through the vacant slip area for a boundary. First runs of the innings for Saha.

12.28 IST: Wriddhiman Saha is the next man in.

12.28 IST: Rabada to Rohit, OUT! Short and he goes for the pull once again but this time sends it straight to deep fine-leg and his 212-run innings comes to an end. He falls right after scoring his maiden double century in Tests. India 370/5 from 88.1 overs

12.24 IST: Ngidi to Rohit, SIX!
On the rise and despite deep square-leg being present, he goes for the big hit and clears him easily. Some form he is in.

12.23 IST: Ngidi to Rohit, SIX! 200! Short and pulled away for a maximum. What a shot and way to reach his double century. His first in Test cricket and fourth across formats. 

12.12 IST: Another maiden from the other end. Rohit gets his chance again now.

12.19 IST: Rabada to bowl from the other end.

12.15 IST: Players are coming on to the field for the second session's play. Rohit, who is stranded on 199*, will take strike. Ngidi will bowl for South Africa.

11.36 IST: LUNCH! Another session to India. Rohit remained stranded on 199 but Rahane did complete his 11th Test century and once he fell, Jadeja provided good support to the Mumbaikar. India go to lunch on top at 357/4 from 85 overs. Join us in a while for the second session of the day, which will be extended by 30 minutes!

11.32 IST: Rabada to Jadeja, FOUR!
Outside off and plays it in between slips for a boundary.

11.24 IST: Nortje to Rohit, FOUR! One more ball wide outside off, loads of room and Rohit cuts through point for a boundary. 5 runs away from a maiden double century.

11.23 IST: Nortje to Rohit, FOUR! Anrich Nortje takes the new ball from the other end but bowls it wide and Rohit gets an edge through the vacant slip area for a boundary.

11.22 IST: Rabada to Rohit, FOUR! Stays off line and on his pads and eased away for a boundary. Easy as you like.

11.119 IST: The second new ball has been taken.

11.13 IST: Piedt to Rohit, FOUR! Full and wide and driven through the covers for a boundary. Moves into the 180s Rohit.

11.12 IST: Piedt to Rohit, NOT OUT! South Africa make a desperate attempt to get a wicket but following a DRS call from South Africa, ball tracking shows ball has pitched outside and therefore can't be out. South Africa lose a review.

11.11 IST: Interestingly, South Africa have not gone for the second new ball. They're continuing with their spinners.

11.00 IST: Linde to Rohit, FOUR! Short, wide and cut away for a boundary. Easy pickings for a batsman, who is batting in his 170s.

10.52 IST: Ravindra Jadeja is the new man in. Once again... ahead of Wriddhiman Saha.

10.52 IST: Linde to Rahane, OUT! Finally a breakthrough. The 267-run stand for the fourth wicket as finally broken. Bounces a tad bit more, Jinks looks to guide it through the vacant slips but gets an edge and Klaasen catches it this time around. No mistakes made. India 306/4 from 75.3 overs

10.46 IST: Piedt to Rahane, FOUR! Dances down the track and goes inside-out for another boundary.

10.45 IST: Piedt to Rahane, FOUR! Comes down and slams over mid-wicket for a boundary. 300 comes up for India.

10.45 IST: Piedt to Rohit, FOUR! Picks the line easily and over covers for a boundary.

10.39 IST: Piedt to Rahane, MISSED CHANCE! Once again skips down the track but misses the line but Klaasen fails to grab the ball and missed the opportunity to stump him out.

10.38 IST: Piedt to Rahane, FOUR! Dances down the track and thumps it over the bowler for a boundary.

10.28 IST: Piedt to Rohit, FOUR! Round the wicket and Rohit reverse laps it for a boundary. Runs are coming thick and fast for India now.

10.26 IST: Dane Piedt into the attack. Looks like SA are looking to get to 80 overs and take the new ball.

10.24 IST: Linde to Rohit, 150! Guided down straight for a single. His 3rd 150+ score in Test cricket and second of the series.

10.22 IST: George Linde into the attack.

10.22 IST: Century for Rahane. First in India since 2016 and 11th overall.

10.18 IST: Nortje to Rohit, FOUR! Short and wide and clubbed through point for a boundary. Nears his 150 now.

10.13 IST: Ngidi to Rohit, FOUR! Once again. Another boundary. This time through the gully region. Just guided it past the vacant area for another bundary. Third of the over.

10.11 IST: Ngidi to Rohit, FOUR! Stands tall, catches the ball on top of the bounce and looks in total control as he punches this one off his back-foot for a boundary.

10.11 IST: Ngidi to Rohit, FOUR! ​Once again the bowlers strays down the leg and Rohit obliges with a boundary.

10.05 IST: Ngidi to Rahane, FOUR! Short and touch wide, Rahane cuts away with ease for a boundary. Moves into striking distance of a century.

10.00 IST: Rabada to Rohit, FOUR! Bad ball from Rabada. Strays down the leg and full and Rohit is not letting that go easily. Flicked with ease for another boundary.

09.54 IST: Ngidi to Rohit, FOUR! A touch short and Rohit paddles it off his hips for a boundary. This also takes the partnership past 200 runs between the two.

09.52 IST: Lungi Ngidi has been handed the ball over Nortje.

09.49 IST: Rabada to Rahane, FOUR! Pitched up, looking for the reverse swing, Rahane leans forward and drives it through the covers for a boundary. He has looked in fantastic touch so far.

09.42 IST: Rabada to Rohit, FOUR! Driven past the bowler for a boundary. First runs of the day for Rohit and he starts off with a boundary as well.

09.36 IST: Nortje to Rahane, FOUR! Pitched up but little width on offer and Rahane drives it through the covers for a boundary. First of the day for Jinks.

09.35 IST: Anrich Nortje to bowl from the other end.

09.33 IST: Rabada starts with a maiden over.

09.30 IST: Kagiso Rabada will begin proceedings on Sunday, Rohit Sharma to take strike. Here we go!

09.28 IST: The players are coming out for second day's play. Key will again be to see out the first-hour cautiously and then attack. Rahane is just 17 runs away from his century and Rohit will aim to kick on from where he left off yesterday.

09.15 IST: The setting for the day. It remains overcast in Ranchi and showers are possible too but for the time being, there is no rain and play is scheduled to start on time.

08.55 IST: To get Virat Kohli out was unbelievable, says Anrich Nortje on maiden Test wicket

Kagiso Rabada was the pick of the attack with 2/54 in 14 overs, while Nortje (1/50 from 16 overs) picked up the wicket of India skipper Virat Kohli. [Read full story here]

08.40 IST: Shahbaz Nadeem rewarded for consistent showing in domestic cricket: Rathour

About 14 hours after he was drafted into the squad in place of an injured Kuldeep Yadav, the 30-year-old from Jharkhand was handed a Test cap by skipper Virat Kohli before the start of the game. [Read full story here]

08.30 IST: Weather:

The temperature for the day is expected to hover between 24 and 28-degree Celcius throughout the day in Ranchi with a chance of thunderstorms around 2 PM in the day.

Brief preview: Rohit Sharma continued his sensational run as a Test opener with his third hundred of the series, allowing India to regain control of the proceedings after a top-order collapse in the third and final game against South Africa on Saturday. With India reduced to 39 for three, Rohit (117 batting off 164 balls) and Ajinkya Rahane (83 batting off 135) shared an unbeaten 185-run stand to stage the home team's remarkable recovery. [Read full preview here]

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