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Vastu Shastra: These are the best plants to keep at home for wealth and prosperity

Vastu Shastra believes that trees and plants can provide amazing benefits to homes. Money, snakes, rubber, jasmine, and other plants are among the most beneficial.

Edited By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: March 28, 2023 11:40 IST
Vastu Shastra
Image Source : FREEPIK According to Vastu Shastra, these are the best plants to keep at home

Green plants make one's surroundings more pleasant, fresh, and beautiful. Additionally, according to Vastu Shastra, there are numerous plants that have amazing advantages besides purifying air.

Vastu Shastra believes that keeping plants at home is beneficial f as it eradicates negative energies from the environment and attracts good vibes. It also preserves the balance and flow of energy and enhances family health. Here is a list of plants that are best for to keep at home.


Vastu Shastra believes that bamboo (Dracaena braunii) was an auspicious plant that could bring happiness, fortune, notoriety, tranquillity, and money to your home or office desk.

Snake plant 

Vastu Shastra  mentions that snake plants are a powerful source of reviving energy, as they increase oxygen flow, create a calm environment in the room when placed close to the window, and purify the surroundings.


The jasmine plant, according to Vastu Shashtra, is a fragrant herb that offers a mood-lifting effect due to its pleasant aroma. It promotes sleep, eases stress and anxiety, and attracts good energy and fosters love in a relationship. It should be put indoors, close to a window that faces south; if outside, it should face east, north, or northeast. 

Peace Lily 

The Lily plant symbolizes love and harmony, which can help to get better sleep and avoid having nasty dreams. Keeping it in your bedroom helps with insomnia or difficulty getting enough rest.

Banana plant 

The banana plant is seen as one of the greatest plants for homes. It is believed to represent Lord Vishnu and is worshipped on Thursdays. According to Vastu, a banana plant should be placed at the northeast corner of the home.


The jade plant is believed to bring wealth, stability, and strengthen friendships and should face the Southeast.

Rubber plant

Rubber plants are believed to bring luck, prosperity, wealth, and success. Keep the rubber plant facing southeast.

It's important to place plants according to Vastu Shastra, as they can also have negative effects and draw ill luck.


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