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Relationship Tips | 5 signs that show you are head over heels in love with someone

Do you catch yourself smiling a lot these days? The reason could be, you are in love with someone. We give you five signs which confirm that you are head over heels in love with someone. Know more!

Written by: Pavni Jain, New Delhi [ Published on: February 18, 2019 13:24 IST ]

Relationship Tips | 5 signs that show you are head over heels in love with someone

Thinking about someone all day long can actually mean that you are falling for someone. Though being in love can be perceived differently for every individual, but love is anyway a great feeling. Love always allow you to open up and be a better person in life. Love offers you someone who will no matter what, will understand you or at least will patiently allow you to express your feelings at best. While love may have many positive effects on a person, it is important to identify that the new changes you are going through are because of this new feeling -LOVE. So, take the cues from these signs and go and tell your potential mate without hesitating that yes, you are in love with them.

Here, we give you five signs that show you are madly in love with someone!

You can't stop thinking about them

The most obvious one but yet which is a true sign is that you are constantly thinking about that person. Intentionally or unintentionally, you keep recalling your conversations,  scroll through pictures or even seek their pieces of advice (required or not!) just to keep in touch.

You catch yourself smiling

You often catch yourself smiling these days unnecessarily and of course, this sign is justified after the first one. When you miss someone or think of them, you start smiling and believe us or not, your eyes sparkle at that moment as well.

Thinking about your future with them

Imaging and thinking about your future with them isn't a matter of worry. You can easily forecast a Happy-Ever-After future with them. Well, this sign certainly indicates that you are going bonkers about that one person!

Red is your new favourite colour

We don't mean literally, but yes, you can experience a few new changes within yourself. These could be related to anything -be it your outfit selection, food choices, or the way you spend your leisure time.

You check your phone a lot

Yes, we caught you when you were checking your phone for the 260th time in 60 seconds. Stop behaving restless and YES, you are falling head over heels with that person. So stop wasting any more time in reading this article and nodding your head in agreement at every sign we are giving you, and tell your potential mate that he/she is the ONLY one you would ever want to date in your life!

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