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When men do the 'health talk'!

Not just women but men too are conscious of their weight, body shape, health and overall fitness.Unlike women, they do not display their regime out in open for people to notice. Instead most of their

India TV News Desk [ Updated: April 17, 2015 17:09 IST ]
when men do the health talk
when men do the health talk

Not just women but men too are conscious of their weight, body shape, health and overall fitness.

Unlike women, they do not display their regime out in open for people to notice. Instead most of their tit-bit efforts towards good health go unnoticed.

To cite, you may notice a woman on diet as she switches her meals to salads, but a man eating fruits is never taken seriously.

But according to study of Vancourt Institute of Science, men are seemingly turning more conscious of their overall well being in comparison to women in over 4 years.

There are rules for healthy living and the same apply to men too. We talked to some metro sexual (and they aren't gay!) men around the city to understand how serious are they about their health.

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This is what they said -

health tips by indian men

Image: Men Health

Gymming is not a temple-offering!

Its 7:30 pm in the evening and 30-year-old marketing professional Vedant is on his way for a run. He is an exercise fanatic and considers gym as nothing but temple-offering for the heterosexual guys.

"Lets admit it, most guys are in gym to show-off their bodies and impress others (particularly women). You want to achieve fitness, right? Then why go running to gym. All you do there is enhancing your body shape; the real fitness is something totally different."

Akshay believes fitness should be about the inner being and not the outer. "Check on your diet, go for run, indulge in activities like swimming, jogging etc that's where fitness lies," adds Vedant.

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 health tips for indian men

Image: imgkid

Food is a nutrient and not drug!

Sumit, a 21 year-old college student, is running to catch his college bus and has been just handed over a 'parantha' by his mother for a quick bite.

"You see my mother has this belief that eating healthy is everything. From this multi-grain wheat parantha to oats poha and vegetable stock soup for dinner, everything going inside our bodies must be perfectly healthy."

Most of the times, these finely prepared diet foods too end up doing damage to body! William Lamm, Head of science department at SCRC, Vancourt said, "Consider your body to be a play station, would you continue playing the same game for the rest of your life?"

Sticking to consumption of healthy food is good, but one must never get addicted to it - "Addiction of anything is dangerous, even drugs - William.L"


indian men healthy lifestyle

Image: naturalparentsnetwork

Sleep is the answer to all problems!

33-year-old Ankush Mehra works round the clock, we mean literally - he's up at 6:00 am, drops his kids at school around 7:00am, goes for jog, office, comes back home, eats and then sleeps. (Yes, sleeping for him is too a part of his job).

"My body is what is getting all the things done for me, then why I shouldn't be selfish to let it sleep for 8-9 hours?"

Compromising on sleep, can push your health out of the window, doctors worldwide voice, that sleeping is a crucial ingredient to help one's body functioning.

"No matter what, my family and me, keeps a point to let our bodies too get some peaceful time. It's like a game that I play with my kids and they love it", says Mehra.


indian men grooming tips

Work hard to look good!

Jai, a 30-year old sales professional loves to pamper himself, "For me personality well-being is equally important, I go in for facials and hair cut once a month."

Alike women, men too make efforts to ensure outer well-being. He further adds, "I keep on giving my body the best I can, be it healthy food, or planned out fitness regime. Hell, my body too needs to detoxify and why does it make me more feminine for the world."

"If women don't like being called 'masculine' when they enter gym, then why are we termed feminine when we step in to a salon?" - asks Jai.

Being healthy is all about keeping your body functioning, so when it comes to men - it holds the same importance as it does for the fairer sex.


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