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Five cold foods to keep your dog cool this summer

Pets are equally vulnerable to heat stroke and other summer maladies. These five cold foods will aid in keeping their bodies cool.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: March 25, 2023 19:30 IST
Five cold foods
Image Source : FREEPIK Five cold foods to keep your dog cool this summer

Summer season is accompanied by scorching sunny days and intolerable heat strokes. It becomes impossible to survive without air conditioners and ice-cold foods such as fruits, lemonade, and buttermilk.

Like humans, pets are vulnerable to an array of summertime maladies and thereby need a change in routine and diet, including foods that are hydrating to keep their bodies cool.

The nutritional habits of our pets vary with the seasons and weather. Summers can be enjoyable and memorable for pets by changing their lifestyle patterns with the changing seasons. Poorvi Anthony, co-founder of JUST DOGS, suggests that proper nutritional adjustments and a few lifestyle changes can make hot summers cool and comfortable for pets.
Cucumbers are a great addition to a pet's summer diet due to their high water content, vitamins like B1, B7, C, and K, and minerals like copper, potassium, and magnesium, which help hydrate animals while providing a great source of energy for the digestive system. 
Coconut water
Coconut water is an important part of our pets' diet, as it is safe and provides them with essential nutrients such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and essential electrolytes to help them stay cool in the summer heat.
Yoghurt and Buttermilk
Buttermilk and yoghurt are both beneficial summertime meals. They contain the same beneficial bacteria and can be soothing to pets. The probiotic properties of the food are vital for the digestive health of pets.
The king of fruits, Mangoes are a great source of vitamins A, B6, C, and E, as well as crucial antioxidants, making them a great treat for pets in the hot season. Before offering this wonderful fruit to your pet, remember to remove the outer peel and the seed.
Gravy food
To make your pet's meals more palatable and hydrated, adding gravy foods to their regular diets is an excellent idea. The beneficial fats and extra water that gravy meals offer keep them hydrated and content, which is exactly what your pets need to combat the heat.
With these foods, your pets will have a wonderful summer by staying hydrated, healthy, and cool.

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