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HIT squads to be deployed in Delhi hotels during G20 Summit: Know all about this security team

The G20 summit will be held in New Delhi from September 9 to 10 which will see participation from heads of various countries as well as foreign delegations.

Edited By: Arushi Jaiswal @JaiswalArushi New Delhi Updated on: August 31, 2023 15:08 IST
G20 Summit
Image Source : REPRESENTATIVE IMAGE HIT squads to be deployed for hostage scenarios

G20 Summit:  As the national capital gears up for the G20 Summit, the government is leaving no stone unturned to ensure the security of the foreign delegates. To avoid any crisis situation, House Intervention Teams or HIT squads will be deployed in all Delhi hotels with G20 guests to deal with any hostage crisis.

These personnel will be mobilised under the specific instructions from the highest authorities in extreme situations to minimize damage and they will have the authority to take any action, including orders up to the point of causing harm or even taking someone's life during any activity to handle any situation.

The two-day G20 Summit will be held on September 9-10. However, related events, including sherpa meetings, and meetings of finance, energy and central bank deputies will begin from September 23. Ahead of the summit, beautification and infrastructure projects are in full swing. Currently, India's capital has been donning multi-coloured lights and artists are busy designing the finest illustrations on the walls alongside the route of the mega event.

Notably, the summit will take place at the newly developed convention centre at Pragati Maidan. According to the information received, at least 23 hotels across the city have been designated for the stay of delegates of the event.

What is HIT squad and how does it work

These HIT squad personnel are well-trained to deal with any hostage situation.

They get orders to shoot as soon as they see danger.

These soldiers are skilled in urban warfare and close-quarter combat. They possess the ability to swiftly neutralize terrorists in a matter of moments.

These commandos are skilled at handling hostage situations and terrorist attacks. Moreover, they are even trained to handle lone-wolf attacks.

HIT plays a vital role in the security mechanism and is capable of effectively responding to any form of attack under various circumstances.

HIT squad members are armed with weapons such as the Israeli Tavor TAR-21 assault rifle and the American Glock 17 pistol.

Some of the members will have Glocks equipped with "corner-shots", which are helpful when taking aim from different angles in a short-range battle.

These HIT commandos are equipped with snipers positioned strategically at locations for backup.

HIT commandos are trained in such a way that they are able to successfully perform their task in confined spaces to eliminate terrorists and rescue hostages.

HIT teams were formed after the 26/11 terror attacks to deal with war-like situations in closed spaces.

These commandos are trained in short-duration rescues, which require the use of smoke grenades and other equipment to create cover and hit the target in the shortest possible time.

Since confined spaces allow criminals to disguise themselves and deny access to security forces, operating in such situations requires a unique skill set. Such situations are often dark or poorly lit, and thus, rescuers must have their own light source and training in working in such conditions.

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