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  5. Valimai star Ajith came close to being paralysed due to movie stunts, actor's doctor reveals

Valimai star Ajith came close to being paralysed due to movie stunts, actor's doctor reveals

Ajith Kumar's  Orthopaedic surgeon Naresh Padmanabhan has warned fans against imitating Valimai stunt scenes as such actions can cause serious injuries to the body. The doctor said that despite an experience of over 15 years, Ajith is prone to injuries on set while performing stunts. 

India TV Entertainment Desk Written by: India TV Entertainment Desk New Delhi Published on: March 09, 2022 10:04 IST
In Valimai, Ajith plays a cop

Ajith's Valimai is running in cinema halls now


  • Many of Ajith's fans may be encouraged to imitate the bike stunts in Valimai but his doctor cautions
  • Ajith once came close to being paralysed, the actor's Orthopaedic surgeon said
  • The doctor revealed that Ajith has suffered many injuries during his film career

Ajith Kumar's latest release Valimai has managed to do great box office business after releasing on February 24. Even though most of its business has come from the South Indian markets where it was anticipated to do well owing to the star's immense popularity, it is still praiseworthy that Ajith's stardom has proved to be magnetic even during the pandemic.

In Valimai, the bike stunts are the major attraction for the viewers. Ajith is known for his passion for biking and it all translates well on screen. Ajith plays a cop in the action film who is chasing a group of bike riders cum thieves. Inspired by the movie, many of Ajith's fans may be motivated to try such stunts in real life but the actor's Orthopaedic surgeon Naresh Padmanabhan has warned against imitating such risky actions.

Padmanabhan shared that Ajith is a bike lover but that does not make him any less vulnerable to injuries while performing stunts. The doctor also revealed that Ajith has been injured many times and even came close to be suffering paralysis. 

As per Indian Express, Padmanabhan said, "People have just seen a shot of Ajith falling in Valimai. But, about four or five times he has suffered injuries while performing stunts on a bike. He wanted to convey a positive message through his films. The message is that you can get up again even when you fall."

Sharing further that Ajith came quite close to suffering paralysis, the doctor added, “In his cervical spine, discectomy surgery has been performed at two levels. He had a bone removed from the docile spine that was putting pressure on his nervous system. On the lower back, he had suffered a fracture and he was close to suffering paralysis. A lumbar discectomy has also been performed on him. He underwent a ligament tear operation in both knee joints. He has undergone surgeries on both shoulders. He had suffered a biceps tendon tear and we had to reattach it with surgery."

Ajith's Valimai is directed by H Vinoth. The actor-director duo will be collaborating in untitled AK61 too.