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Timex and Netflix collaborate: Launch Stranger Things Special Edition Timex Collection

Timex and Stranger Things on Netflix brought in the nostalgic elements collection of 1980s Cult Classic Watches from the Timex Archives. The new launch is indeed part of a new collaboration with Netflix.

Saumya Nigam Edited by: Saumya Nigam Noida Updated on: June 29, 2022 13:38 IST
Timex, Netflix, collaboration
Image Source : INDIA TV

Timex and Netflix collaborate

Timex Group, a global watchmaking company for over 165 years has announced its collaboration with Netflix and has released a special edition collection with Netflix's Stranger Things. 

The Timex x Stranger Things collection is claimed to bring two cultural phenomena which will turn the watch world Upside Down- which is the exact theme of the popular series on Netflix. The new collection has been launched just after Season 4 has been released. 

Stranger Things is rife with retro throwbacks from the 1980s, has suspense, and a lot of things which will give a thrill to your Netflix experience. The special edition collection from Timex, a number of explorations from the Timex archive has resurfaced with three classic cults from this iconic era—Timex Camper, Timex Atlantis, and Timex T80.

India Tv - Timex, Netflix, collaboration

Image Source : INDIA TVTimex and Netflix collaborate

Shari Fabiani, Sr. Vice President of Brand Marketing and Creative Services at Timex Group said, “With the Timex x Stranger Things collection, two cult franchises join forces to create a capsule that is intrinsic to this pop culture moment. Through rich storytelling and ageless design, these special edition styles proudly resurrect one of history’s most expressive decades that transcends through all generations.”

The watch face will have the Stranger Things graphics across all three styles within this otherworldly collection. Sported by Lucas Sinclair in the forthcoming season, the original Timex Camper now permeates the shadows with an ominous INDIGLO backlight and hidden image. The two digital watches, Timex T80 and Timex Atlantis, which made their first debut around the time of Will Byers’ mysterious disappearance in 1983, feature a customized alarm with the Stranger Things melody. 

Viewers may have already spotted Sheriff Hopper’s Timex Atlantis in previous seasons—an iconic watch Timex has rereleased in his honour. Things really start to get eerie once the clock strikes 3:00 pm, revealing a backward number 3. 


The Timex x Stranger Things capsule is available in three styles

  • Camper (40mm) INR 7,495
  • Timex T80 (34mm) INR 8,995
  • Timex Atlantis (40mm), INR 7,495. 

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