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How to detect AI-voice cloned calls? Signs and safety tips

As AI voice cloning technology advances, scammers find it easier to mimic the voices of loved ones or trusted individuals, aiming to deceive individuals into divulging money or personal information. Here are a few scams and ways to protect yourself from them.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Updated on: January 10, 2024 14:06 IST
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With the rising numbers of online scammers, there is an urgent need to make a quick decision on securing and becoming aware of protecting yourself. Hackers and scammers are getting smarter and are playing with the emotions of the users and taking money from innocent users. Also, they might take over your bank account by calling you with fake details. Mentioned just a few of the scams, here we bring to you several scams which are happening across the world, and how to keep yourself safe from them.

Signs of AI voice cloning scams

Unexpected Calls: You have to be extra cautious if you receive any unscheduled calls, from your loved ones or any known colleague, specifically at odd hours. In this kind of fraud, the scammers exploit vulnerability or surprise to catch you off guard. They are using AI to modulate the voice which may fool anyone.

Urgent Requests: At times someone claiming to be a known person may demand money on an urgent basis, claiming that a loved one is in immediate financial need, and by this, the bank account will be compromised if you share the details. Scammers here will be forcing you and will create pressure to make the decision.

Unnatural Speech Patterns: As AI voice cloning is advanced, it is still not flawless. Pay attention to the unnatural pauses, odd pronunciation, and robotic speech as these may indicate a fabricated voice rather than a real person. With the help of AI- voice change, the scammers might demand money or any financial help.

Requests for Sensitive Information: If there is a legitimate entity, they will never ask for personal or financial details over the call. If you get any such call, kindly refrain from sharing the details like Social Security numbers or bank account details with the unknown callers. Connect with your official bank directly. 

Safety tips to protect yourself

Avoid Unknown Numbers: At times, allow calls from unfamiliar numbers to go to voicemail. If it sounds important, the caller will leave a message and you can return the call as per your convenience.

Verify Caller's Identity: No matter if the voice sounds familiar, do not assume that caller's identity. Make sure to ask specific questions which the real person would only know, like details about shared experiences, any personal incidents or inside jokes.

Resist immediate decisions: If the caller is putting pressure on you, make quick decisions to step back. Inform the caller that you need time to rethink and will respond soon or later. Legitimate callers will understand and respect your decision-making process, but the scammer will pressurise you.

Report suspected scams: If you suspect an AI voice cloning scam, then you need to report it to the police immediately to seek help from the authorities while taking appropriate action against the scammers.

Be Mindful of Online Sharing: Limit your personal information which has been shared online to minimise the risk of scammers who can impersonation. 

Utilize Call-Blocking Apps: Explore call-blocking apps to block unwanted calls, including those from potential scammers- and are digitally generated. These apps will add an extra layer of protection on your device to keep you against fraudulent activities.

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