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Google Cloud Next 2024 unveils Gemini-powered AI features for Workspace tools

In the Google Cloud Next 2024 conference, they unveiled updates to the Workspace suite that aims at boosting collaboration and productivity. These enhancements will harness Gemini capabilities, which will showcase Google's continuous integration of artificial intelligence (AI).

Edited By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: April 10, 2024 17:08 IST
Google Cloud Next 2024, Gemini-powered AI features, Workspace tools
Image Source : FILE Google Cloud Next 2024 unveils Gemini-powered AI features for Workspace tools

Google, a global tech giant- during its Cloud Next 2024 conference, announced a series of updates aimed at enhancing collaboration and productivity within its Workspace suite. These updates will further leverage Gemini capabilities, which reflect Google's ongoing integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into its product lines.

What are the enhancements for Gmail users?

The Mobile Gmail users will be able to enjoy the voice prompt and will further add input with the "Help me write’ function- which will help simplify the email composition on the go. Also, a new ‘instant polish’ feature will refine rough notes into well-crafted emails with a single click.

Google Docs: Improvements after the update

Google Docs has introduced a tabs feature which will help in organizing the information within the more effective documents. Full-bleed cover images will further enhance the document presentation, which has reduced the need for multiple documents.

Google Sheets: What are the new features?

Google Sheets will offer a new tables feature which will help simplify the data organization and formatting. Users will further gain access to various templates and will have conditional notifications for automated alerts which will be based on specific criteria.

Google Chat functionality enhanced

Google Chat which will integrate Gemini's AI will summarise conversations and provide automatic message translation. Group space has expanded to accommodate up to 5,00,000 members.

Google Meet updates

Google Meet has introduced an automatic caption translation in 69 languages across 4,600 language pairs. A preview of the ‘Take notes for me’ feature has also been introduced for the video conferencing platform.

Advanced AI capabilities for enterprise edition

Google has introduced a new enterprise add-on priced at USD 10 per user per month, that has integrated Gemini into Chat and Meet for advanced AI capabilities. Furthermore, the add-on will help in focusing the enhanced security within Google Drive, which supports data loss prevention controls along with post-quantum cryptography.

Google's commitment to AI-driven innovation

These updates will highlight Google's dedication to leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance the intuitiveness, security and efficiency of its products for individual users and businesses alike.


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