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G20 duty officer shares 3 am work experience, PM Modi reacts hilariously | Watch

Officer on G20 duty shares behind the scene story Prime Minister Narendra Modi reacts hilariously watch video latest updates

Bhagya Luxmi Edited By: Bhagya Luxmi @bhagya_luxmi New Delhi Updated on: September 23, 2023 23:47 IST
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Image Source : INDIA TV PM Modi listened to the concerns of people who served to achieve successful completion of the G20 Summit

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday interacted with "Team G20" at Bharat Mandapam. He addressed the gathering on the occasion and had dinner with around 3,000 people, who had contributed to the success of the G20 Summit. The interaction saw the participation of people who had worked at the ground level to ensure the smooth conduct of the summit. Functionaries like cleaners, drivers, waiters and other staff from across various ministries got a chance to interact with the prime minister after the successful conclusion of the Summit that was held from September 9 to 10 at the Bharat Mandapam, under India's presidency. 

Official recounted his 3 am work experience 

During his interaction, he had asked officials involved in the G20 Summit to document their experiences that, he said, may serve as guidelines for organising future events. During his interaction, a New Delhi Municipal Council (MDMC) official took the mic to recount his 3 am work experience during the world-class summit at Bharat Mandapam. He said that his biggest challenge was the beautification of significant roads through which the world leaders and delegates would reach the summit venue. 

He further shared that one day after wrapping up work he reached his home at around 3 am and knocked on the door. An inspection by the lieutenant governor was scheduled the next morning, he added. While he was knocking at the door he received a call from one of his co-workers. Through the call, he got to know that an accident had occurred due to which a group of pots were destroyed. he said that the pots were kept for the beautification of the crucial roads. Shortly after receiving the call, he turned his vehicle to take cognisance of the matter. 

Official's mother interrupted him 

Meanwhile, his mother interrupted him and said, "Fir aaya kya karne tha? darwaza khatkhatane ya apna chehra dikhane." To this, PM Modi started laughing and people clapped. He continued and said that his mother further asked him to "give the best for the country and if needed stay there for two to three days." 

Prime Minister again laughed and said "Achcha hua ki aapne darwaza khatkhataya, jiske karan maa ko bhi pata chal ki raat-raat kaam krna padta hai." 

Modi lauded their contribution

Addressing the officials, Modi lauded their contribution and the spirit with which they tackled challenges during the summit. "The credit for the success of the G20 Summit goes to all of you. I have a request to document your experiences. This will serve as guidelines for future events," Modi said.

The prime minister suggested setting up a website to document the experiences of the organisers. "Everyone can write in their own languages. How did you overcome the challenges. It can run into 100 pages and can be stored on a cloud instead of a cupboard," he said.

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